Hello Chest of Drawers

Well as purromised weez gunna be tellin’ a Service cat twainin’ posty today. Furst tho’ me wuld like to ask fur yous continued purrayers fur sissy. It’s been an up and down kinda weekend. Okay on wiff da stowry.


Faynk you fur da purrayerz.

You know twainin’ dusn’t happen overnight and there’s lots of oopsies along da way. So weez not mind dat yous laff and find our stowries funny. Most of da time even we fawt they was funny at da time and fur sure now. So dat bein’ sed, meez last posty had me dwivin’ mommy and me into da dwesser stead of da pawdee box room. It’s weally purrtant dat me learns to dwive to da pawdee box room cuz mommy needs da wheelchair most in da meownins when she wakes up and can’t move. Ifin yous just joinin’ us me wuld like to splain to and wemind ya’ why it is mommy can’t move in da meownin’. See hers pain medicine wears off duwin’ da night and she sleeps half layin’ and half sittin’ and dusn’t move. Mommy has a little of da westless leg cwamps but she dusn’t turn or roll over in da night. She wakes up in da same place and pawsition as she went to sleep in. So when da meds wear off hers joints and muscles stawrt “fureezin’” up wesultin’ in hers not bein’ able to move. Any of ya’ dat have any sperience wiff awfur-itis will kinda unnewstand this. Mommy basically has severe awfur-itis in hers whole body.


So, after meez oopsy sis Lexi took over and got mommy to da pawdee box room and then to da kitchen to fix our bwekky. After bwekky we had a little cat nap and played sum. When tweat tiime came mommy called me and sis Lexi back to da bedroom where she sat waitin’ in da movin’ chair (wheelchair). At furst me didn’t fink anyfin’ ‘bout it cuz sumtimes mommy sits in da movin’ chair duwin’ da day. Like when she needs to take out da twash or check da mail or even when she has to take care of Buddy fur Mr. W. So me jumped up in hers lap and sissy jumped on da bed and we waited fur our tweats. Mommy seemed a little stingy wiff da tweats but twuff is we get purrlenty. So when mommy put da bag in da little pocket on da awrm of da chair me stawrted to get down. But mommy had udder plans.


Mommy gently stopped me fwum runnin’ off and stawrted tellin’ me to turn on da chair. She pawsitioned me by da power awrm and lifted meez paw up towards da joystick. Me turned and looked at sissy still layin’ on da bed and havin’ a little baff, and then looked back at da joystick. Me pawed at da buttons on da movin’ chair and it finally beeped. It beeped a lot of times actually but mommy kuld see da wainbow of lights fwu meez neck ruff so she told me to bite da joystick. Mommy kuldn’t see da second wainbow of lights but she had turned da chair down to da slow settin’ afur callin’ me and Lexi to her so she was sure we was gunna be takin’ it slow and easy. She gave meez head a gentle push to da joystick and me bit down on it. Mommys hand rested softly on meez back wight behind meez head. Me pushed da joystick and we inched furward and stopped. We was on da cawrpet and da slow mo was just too slow. MOL So mommy weached ‘wound me and pushed da speed button one time. It wuld still be slow, but hopefully this wuld get us goin’.


Mommy gently pushed meez head and me bit da joystick again and pushed. We jolted a little and inched furward again. Da jolt caused me to put meez paws up on da power panel and me accidently turned da chair off so we came to a joltin’ stop again. Mommy told me to turn da movin’ chair on again, and me pawed at da buttons. Now ifin yous ever had a good look at meez paws yous will notice they be HUGE and me has lots of tufts of fur on ‘em. Even when me was a little kit meez paws was quite lawrge and those buttons be weally small and weally close togevver. So yous guessed it, meez turned on da movin’ chair but me also turned up da speed. And when me pushed da joystick furward we shot off like gweased lightnin’ toward da pawdee box room. Sumhow da fwunt wheels had turned a little and we stawrted turnin’ and headin’ fur da big chest of drawers sittin wight next to da pawdee box room. Me kuldn’t see everyfin’ since meez head was down, but me kuld see da bottom of dat chest getting’ closer and closer and mommy was yellin’, “Dezi stop!!! Dezi, let go of the joystick!!!” Did me lissen? Nope, me just pushed hawrder. And suddenly…BOOM CWASH BANG There we was up close and purrsonal wiff da chest of drawers. Mommys knees was pinned and there was nowhere to go.


Finally me let go of da joystick and looked wound. OMC We was so close but me still hadn’t gotten mommy to da pawdee box room. Sissy had quit bathin’ and was lookin’ at mommy and me wiff hers big ole gween eyes. Meez sure she was shakin’ hers head at me. She even let out a meow and me was sure she sed sumfin’ like, “Dat kidz nebber gunna lern. I’z nebber gunna git anee help rownd heer.” Me mewed back and mommy backed us away fwum da chest and back to da bed facin’ da pawdee box room again. Me looked at mommy and mewed, “Weally mommy? Don’t yous fink weez oughtta quit fur da day?” But it seemed mommy wasn’t payin’ tention to me at all. Stead she was tellin’ me bite da joystick again. Meez gunna stop here fur today, but stay tuned fur da next twainin’ posty and find out what happened next.


Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi