Science Meets Treats

It’s time fur anudder weview. We awe so fankful to all da peeps we met at BlogPaws and bein’ able to work wiff ‘em and twy out so many pawsum purroducts. Da ones weez gunna tell ya’ ‘bout today is sumfin’ everypawdy can use. Vetriscience is a gweat company dat makes pawsum supplements. Weez got to twy out several of these supplements over da last mumff. Da furst one meez gunna tell ya’ ‘bout is called Perio Support. It be fur kitties and doggies and helps wiff dental healff. It be furmulated by VETs to contwol plaque furmulations and purrmote gum healff. It dusn’t take da place of VET cleanings but is to work in conjunction to purrmote good dental healff. It comes in a 4.2 ounce powder dat yous spwinkle over yous kitty or doggies food. And it tastes good. Even picky me likes it. As you know weez always tell da twuff, so mommy didn’t give much to sissy since she dusn’t weally have teefies. Mommy gave her a little, but ‘cided she alweady adds so much to sis Lexi’s noms and she dusn’t weally need it, so she left it to me to weview. Me gives it 4 paws up. It tastes good and pawently might help me keep meez teefies longer than sissy did. Mommy sez it’s weally easy to use so she luvs it. 2 fumms up fwum da hooman.


Da next purroduct meez gunna tell ya’ ‘bout is GlycoFlex. This be a feline joint support tweat. Altho’ they do make them fur da doggies too. They contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Antioxidants and Perma Mussel. Da purrpuss is to help cushion joints, purrmote cartilage building and alleviate discomfort caused by natural daily activities. They be a soft chew so they be easy to chew. Me didn’t take these cuz me dusn’t need them wight now but sis Lexi dus. So she was da one dat twied these. Sissy, what did yous fink?


I’z like ‘em Dezi. I’z habz eatin’ deez in da pazt, but day beez refurmulaydid and tayzt eeben better. Mommy maykz shur too gibz ‘em wiv minez meel soz day doent upset minez tummy. Cuz doez ingreedintz kin habz dat affekt. Day beez a fish flayber which weez not git a lot ov soz I’z gibz ‘em 3 pawz up.


Yous knocked off a paw fur da upset tummy pawrt wight sissy?


Rite Dezi.


Fanks sissy. Da last purroduct me wants to tell ya’ ‘bout mommy had weal high hopes fur. It’s called Composure. Can ya’ guess why mommy wanted them to work? Yep dat’s wight, she hoped it wuld calm me down when da stowrms come or da lawn cwu comes or any of da udder fings dat scare me. Da Composure furmula comes in tweat furm and liquid furm and fur kitties and doggies. We got da tweat furm and me wuldn’t touch ‘em. Well they can’t work ifin ya’ don’t eat ‘em, wight? Mommy even cwumbled ‘em up and twied addin’ ‘em to meez noms. And dat was a no go. Me wuldn’t even eat meez noms. MOL They be safe enuff to give everyday or just when needed, but yous gotta eat ‘em. They be a soft bite sized chew. But me didn’t twy them at all so me has to give ‘em 4 paws down. We twied to get Buddy to eat one, but even hims wasn’t goin’ fur it. Mommy sed she wuld luv to twy da liquid furm but da tweats get 2 fumms down fwum da hooman too. Ifin me won’t eat ‘em they wuld be a waste of gween papers. So we twied sum gweat fings. 2 outta 3 home runs ain’t bad.


Weez weceived these purroducts in exchange fur our honest opinion. Obviously it didn’t affect da outcome and Vetriscience isn’t wepsawnsible fur da content of this post. As always, we only bwing yous purroducts we have twied or use ourselves and fink wuld be of innewest to you.


Till da next time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi