Scratch It Cat It

Well it be time fur anudder fun Chewy weview. Lissen up cuz this weview is ‘bout a pawsumly fun toy, piece of furniture, necessity. We was so ‘cited when we saw this dat we bugged mommy constantly till it got here. We fink every cat needs one. And in fact every cat duz need at least sumfin’ like it. What is it yous ask? Y it’s a scwatcher dat’s what. But not just any scwatcher, Noooooo. It’s da Catit Bench Scwatcher. It’s made of a high quality corrugated cawdboard and it even comes wiff a bag of nip. Not dat yous need da nip fur enticement, but hey, weez wuldn’t say no eever. MOL Mommy sez it was a bit bigger than her actually spected which is a good fing cuz as you all know we be purretty big kitties. When it furst awwived sissy and me was nappin’ so mommy put it up till we kuld boff be awake to see it.


After dinner mommy bwought it out and stawrted takin’ da plastic wrap off it. Sissy and me boff watched attentively anicipatin’ dat moment when she finally set it on da floor. Mommy gwabbed da camewa wiff one hand and da Catit bench wiff da udder and leaned over to set da scwatcher tween da two of us. Sissy was da furst to hop wight on it and stawrt scwatchin’. No catnip needed. Well me didn’t wanna miss out on da foto shoot so me stawrted rollin’ wound next to her and lookin’ all cute and stuffs. And da flashy box just kept on flashin’. Sissy was so enjoyin’ dat scwatcher dat when me looked up at mommy me saw those happy tears runnin’ down hers face. Me went over to mommy and rubbed hers legs and she sed, “Oh sweety it’s okay I’m just so happy that you and Lexi are so happy and love each other so much.” Me meowed to mommy and so did sissy. We was telliin’ her dat weez do luv each udder and weez luv hers bunches too.


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Da Catit Bench scwatcher is 19 inches long and sturdy enuff to hold at least 30 pounds. We know dat cuz dat’s what me weighs and meez laid on it purrlenty and it’s not bwoke yet. MOL Da cawdboard be gweat quality and will last a good long time. We know dat cuz weez been scwatchin’ it up a stowrm and it still looks bwand new. It looks gweat and wuld go wiff just ‘bout any décor. And as ya’ know ifin yous have a cat, yous HAVE to have a scwatcher. You actually need more than one, but this wuld be a pawsum place to stawrt. Specially ifin yous kitty is a horizontal scwatcher dat luvs da corrugated cawrdboard. Meez typically a vertical cawrpet or sisal scwatcher but me luvs this little bench so much meez been givin’ it a good work out too. Me did however tell sissy dat since she liked it soooooo much dat she kuld call it hers. And anytime she wants it, me will gladly get off of it and let hers have it. No fightin’ over it goin’ on here. So we give it a massive 4 paws up. Sowry Buddy, no sharin’ this one. But we do know dat hims wuld luv it too. And hey, it only costs $7.99.


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So what’s mommys take on da Catit Bench scwatcher? She luvs it too and luvs how much we luv it. She also luvs dat da purrice be affurdable. And she sez da quality faw exceeds da purrice. So 2 fumms up fwum mommy. Overall this was a weal winner. Fanks Chewy and Hagen da makers of da Catit purroducts. Chewy has lots of udder gweat stuffs on their website so yous oughtta go and check ‘em out. They also have gweat purrices and very weasonable shippin’. And every order is shipped Fed ex. All orders over $49.00 ship fur da furee and you can get yous furries favowits on auto delivery so you never run out. You can make changes to or cancel yous auto delivery at anytime. And yous even save a little by orderin’ sumfin’ on auto delivery. We have our noms and litter on auto delivery and mommy sez it’s a blessin’. So what awe ya’ waitin’ fur? Head on over now. Just click here to check out all da pawsumness of


We weceived da Catit Bench scwatcher in exchange fur our honest opinion. Dat didn’t sway us one bit. Chewy nor Hagen awe wespawnsible fur da content of this posty. And as always we only bwing you purroducts we use or have twied ourselves and fink wuld be of innewest to you.


Weez been teasin’ ya’ fur a bit now ‘bout a surpwise dat weez kuldn’t tell just yet. Well…come back tomowwo to find out just what dat surpwise is. Weez’ll be tellin’ all ‘bout it. And as me told ya’ yesfurday weez’ll get back to twainin’ stowry postys next week. Weez gunna be meetin’ up wiff one of our awnties today, so weez’ll be ketchin’ up on visitin’ tomowwo.


Till da next time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi