Dezi’s First Time…

Behind the Joystick


Well me learned not to be fwaid of da wheelchair last time me wrote. It didn’t happen overnight but mommy sez me was a quick learner. Wight mommy?



You’re right Dezi.. You were a very quick study. You enjoy pleasing me so much, that you catch on to things in no time at all.


Me fawt today me wuld tell ‘bout meez furst ever twainin’ lesson. Weez never ever told ‘bout da furst time me had a lesson have we mommy?


No sweety we haven’t.


Well meez gunna tell it today. Me was still small. Anypawdy who knows Ragdolls knows we mature slower than udder kitties, but me had also been da runt of a litter of 11 and deaffly ill when me furst came to mommy. So me was gwoin’ slowly in da beginin’. Anyways me had gotten rid of those ole worms and gotten healffy and me was a curious little fing. Not unlike most yunguns, me was in, on and up to everyfin’. Me of course had been watchin’ sissy all these days, weeks and mumffs and us kitties like any udder species learns by watchin’.


You need to clarify that you don’t just learn from watchin’ sweety but also physical training.


Okay mommy, you just did. But meez gunna talk ‘bout da watchin’ kinda learnin’ today okay?. So me had been keepin’ a close eye on sis Lexi. Me fawt she was da gweatest fing since tweats. Me hadn’t discovered catnip yet. OMC Me wanted to be just like sissy, so me wuld twy to follow her wound and me wuld bug her and twy to get her to show me how to do what she was duin’. She wasn’t always patient wiff me in da beginin’. She had alweady been fwu da helpinn’ twain a kitty dat had gone to heaven, and me finks she was fwaid me wasn’t gunna stay wound eever, so she just didn’t wanna be bovverd. But mommy kept weassurin’ her dat me was healffy and was gunna stay wound, so she gave in and got more gentle and let me hang out and watch. Sumtimes she wuld motion fur me to twy fings too. You know a tail flip or a look. We kitties don’t always meow at each udder. We have all kinds of ways to communicate.


Furgive da beamer eyes, this is one of those 35mm fotos mommy scanned to da puter.
Furgive da beamer eyes, this is one of those 35mm fotos mommy scanned to da puter.

So me wuld watch her every meownin’ when she put hers mouff on da knobby of dat movin’ chair and make it move mommy and me and her to da pawdee box room. Me likes to go, even ifin it’s only fwum one room to anudder. So one meownin’ when we got to da pawdee box room and mommy got outta da chair fur udder fings, me hopped back up in it and sat down. Me was too small to reach da knobby fing wiffout mommy in da chair tho’, so me cautiously climbed up on da awm where da knobby fing was and balanced meez selff and laid down. Me extended meez paw and stawrted touchin’ da awea wound da knobby fing and fings stawrted beepin’. Seems there’s also buttons where dat knobby fing is too, and they beep when you push ‘em. Me intially jumped when da beeps stawrted, but bein’ yung and curious me jumped wight back up there and settled in fur more “play”.

 dw DnLsleeping

Sissy laid on da counter and watched me and mommy was gwinnin’ so big me kuld see hers teefies. They seemed to be weally happy wiff me. So me kept makin’ dat chair beep. Guess dat’s not zactly what me was posed to learn, cuz eventually mommy sed, “That’s enough baby. No more beeps okay.” And sis Lexi jumped down into da chair and moved me off da awm of da movin’ chair. Hmmmmmm, da beepin’ makes mommy happy, but not too much beepin’. Meez gunna have to fink this one over a while.

 dw DnLwheelchair2

Meez gunna stop fur da day,, but tune in next time fur more of da stowry. Mommy has a doctors pointment today, so weez’ll visit as much as we can, and get caught up tomowwo. Hope you all have a gweat day.


Till da next time……………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi