Blest Sunday

It’s Blest Sunday, and weez not da only ones feelin’ blest today. So is our neighbor cat Buddy. Why yous ask? Well yous all know what mommy found when hers took care of Buddy dat last week and yous all know dat mommy wasn’t gunna let it go wiffout havin’ words wiff Mr. W. So when hims got home mommy laid into him but good. We kuld almost hear her yellin’ back down at our pawrtment. Mr. W dusn’t unnewstand anyfin’ but yellin’. HIms a gwuff old twuck dwiver dat finks only of hims selff. Now bein’ a twuck dwiver didn’t make hims selfish, but it did teach hims how to eat cwap outta cwap so hims finks nuffin’ of feedin’ Buddy da same way.

 dw Buddy5

Mommy was there fur Buddy, so we didn’t tell ya’ ‘bout da hooman mess she found. So a lot of ya’ fawt we shuld tell him fings like hims wuldn’t wanna dwink outta a dirty glass, etc. But dat’s da fing. Hims duz all da time and finks nuffin’ ‘bout it. When mommy went up da furst day, there was a new tub of mawgarine open on da counter wiff gnats all stuck in it. There was a pan on da stove wiff gwease and a burned sausaage. And da dishes on da “dwyin’ towel” what was posed to be clean had dwied foods still left on ‘em. Now fur yous sake and ours weez won’t leave da kitchen in our tellin’ ’bout hims. But hims was plannin’ on bein’ gone 4 days. And when he got home da mawgarine was gunna be used on those still dirty dishes, and who knows ’bout da sausage. But we can tell ya’ dat da skillet wasn’t gunna get washed afur bein’ used again.


Anyways, mommy had hers talk wiff Mr. W and hims huffed wound fur a few days. And then finally on Furiday hims stwolled up to da door and asked mommy ifin hims took her to da pet store and gave hers gween papers wuld she buy what hims needed fur Buddy. Hims has purrlenty of gween papers to take care of Buddy purropurr hims just dusn’t like to spend ‘em on anypawdy but hims selff. So mommy sed, “Sure, but only if you don’t complain about the cost and you buy what I tell ya’.” Hims agweed so yesfurday they went to da city to da pet store and Buddy got sum new clean fings. Mommy will have to yell at Mr. W purretty wegular or those new clean fings will be ruined and lookin’ like da old stuffs in no time, but fur da moment, Buddy be a blest kitty boy.


 dw Dezi kong2

We awe blest too. Weez have a mommy dat duz take good care of us. And weez have all of you dat help hers when we need sumfin’ she can’t affurd. We wanna say a meowsy big Fank You to meez fellow scout Cat and awnty Lisa fur donatin’ to sis Lexi’s care fund. Da fundaraiser is sill up as sis Lexi’s CKD is ongoin’ and she will need continued tweatments, medicines VET visits and noms. Ifin you can help, purrlease click here to donate. All monies donated go toward sis Lexi’s care. She’s feelin’ gweat wight now and eatin’ good and playin’ and luvvin’ mommy and me. And we wanna keep her dat way as long as pawsible.

 dw Lexi kong9

We hope yous been enjoyin’ weadin’ ‘bout meez twainin’ to be mommys Service cat, and weez’ll be writin’ more ‘bout dat in future posties. We also have sum reviews and fun Flat Scout stowries comin’ up too. So as you go ‘bout yous day, just stop a minute and count yous many blessings.


Till da next time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi