And Away We Go

Hope everypawdy enjoyed our happy posty. It was a long day and mommy didn’t get da chance to help me visit anypawdy so looks like weez’ll be duin’ sum ketchin’ up today. Da wevver did cool off sum fur us this weekend, but again wiff da busy hooman stuffs we didn’t get to go fur a stwoll. Mommy did purromise we wuld this week sumtime tho’, so all’s good. Well sis Lexi told sum of hers twainin’ stowries last so me fawt me wuld fwo in one of meez stowries.

 dw DnL wheelchair

Fwum da look of da foto above you wuld fink me had no fear of dat massive wheelchair wuldn’t ya’? Well da twuff is me hadn’t seen it move when dat foto was taken. So da furst time it moved…OMC yous shulda seen me run. Me was down da hall so fast me was like white lightnin’. Back in those days nuffin’ scared me fur long tho’ so just a few seconds later me was peekin’ wound da corner and down da hall to see just what was goin’ on. Da chair had stopped movin’ by then and me headed wight back up da hall and over to da chair where mommy sat watin’. She picked me up and held me close and dat chair stawted movin’ again. Me alweady has big eyes, but mommy sez dat minute they was big as saucers.

 dw-Baby Dezi

Me was still too little to learn to dwive then, but mommy sez pawrt of twainin’ is getting’ used to sumfin’ dat yous wuldn’t normally have anyfin’ to do wiff. Most peeps wiff wheelchairs who have pets of any kind twy to teach da animal to avoid da chair. It’s not weally hawd to teach dat since us animals seem to have a sixff sense ‘bout these fings and weez twy to avoid them. And dat’s a good fing cuz they awe heavy and kuld easily bweak a tail or paw ifin da furry was too get runned over. So pawrt of meez twainin’ was not to run away but to get used to da movin’ chair while makin’ sure me didn’t get hurt. No tails danglin’ down to get caught in da wheels and such. Anyways mommy took me on a ride wound da pawrtment and then outside to check da mail. Me settled down purretty quick and stawrted purrin’. Mommy sez dat’s when she knew me was gunna luv learnin’ to dwive da chair.


When we got back in da house me didn’t wanna get down. Mommy pawrked da chair and told me dat me kuld go and play, but me didn’t move. Me wanted to go fur anudder ride. Mommy finally gave up and she got up and put me back down on da seat and left me there to nap. We continued to take rides wound da house and outside when da wevver was clear. Since me was born in November and came to live wiff mommy then, it was winter time and we had snow and ice quite a bit dat year. So on da purretty days when it was dwy outside mommy wuld bundle up and we wuld go fur short rides. Me got more and more comfurtable wiff da chair each time we went fur a dwive. By da time me was finally big enuff to stawrt learnin’ how to dwive, me luvved da chair. Stay tuned fur meez next posty and find out how twainin’ went.

And we have a winner to announce in our PetSafe FroliCat Pounce give away. Can we have a dwumroll purrlease…And da winner is…………awnty Ellen Pilch and da 15 and Meowin’ gang. Concatulations to you all.


Till da next time………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi