Paw Lickin’ Good

Well da weekend’s almost here again. And weez hopin’ sumtime this mumff to meet anudder of our awnties. Weez so ‘cited we can hawrdly wait. Weez’ll tell ya’ all ‘bout it whan it happens. Fur now weez got a yummy nummy tweat to tell ya’ ‘bout today.


We was so ‘cited to get our weview box this mumff cuz inside was sum fureeze dwied tweats fwum nun udder than Weruva. Yous al know how much we like da fureeze dwied tweats and dat we wecently learned all ‘bout da yumminess of da Weruva noms; so we fawt fur sure these tweats was gunna be pawsum. They be called Paw Lickin’ Chicken. And yep, they leave off da “g” just like we do, so we felt a kindwed spiwit. (MOL) And they have a canned nom called Paw Lickin’ Chicken dat we luv, luv luv. So we kuldn’t wait to sink our teefies into them. OKay maybe me kuldn’t wait to sink meez teefies into ’em, and sis Lexi was hopin’ to gum ’em. They came in a tall cylindwical cawrd board tube dat contained 1.91 ounces of fureeze dwied chicken bites. It took mommy a few minutes to figger out how and which end to open, but she got it open no purrawllem. And me was standin’ by to twy whatever she bwought outta dat tube.


Me likes a teeny tiny bite so mommy had to bweak a few apawrt fur me. They easily bwoke wiffout fallin apawrt and makin’ chicken dust. Altho’ mommy sez they wuld be easy enuff to cwumble over noms fur a little topper ifin yous wanted too. Da only ingwedient in ‘em is…..Chicken, and not just any pawrt of da chicken, but boneless, skinless, white chicken bweast. Oh yummy, our favowit. Da whole tube be 200 kcal so each tweat be less than dat and a gweat source of purrotein. And sis Lexi needs da high quality purrotein wiffout all da junk. So mommy luvs these tweats and gives ‘em boff fumms up fur ingwedients. They also make a tube of fureeze dwied Blue Water Whitefish and they boff be on sale wight now fur $9.99 each. Mommy finks dat’s a little much fur da size, but she sez da tube keeps them fwum bweakin’ up so much so yous not buyin’ a tube of half chicken powder; and da tube be purretty much filled up to da top. So one fumm up fur packagin’ and cost. So what do da cats fink, wight? Dat’s what yous weally wanna know, isn’t it?



OMC We luvved ‘em and kuldn’t get enuff. They tasted weally yummy. Just as good as da canned nom by da same name. And they was easy enuff fur sissy to gum ’em so she didn’t swallow them whole. Me had severwal and aasked fur more. Sissy ate a few and she came beggin’ mommy fur more too. We even shared a few wiff Buddy and hims almost swallowed them whole, he liked ‘em so much. So eight paws up fwum our house and 4 paws up fwum Buddy. These tweats was a weal winner. And you know what else? These tweats can be given to da doggies in yous life too. After all it’s JUST Chicken bweasts. Fanks Chewy and Weruva.


Ifin yous lookin’ to twy these yummy tweats or any of da udder pawsum fings Chewy carries, paw here. You can set up an auto-delivery plan wiff Chewy so yous never run outta yous favowits or just get a one time shipment. You can change yous auto-delivery schedule and contents anytime up until da day afur it ships. And yous never stuck wiff anyfin’ yous kitty or doggy won’t eat or use, cuz Chewy has a money back guarantee on everyfin’. So yous can order wiff confidence. And they offer a flat rate shippin’ on all orders unner $49.00 and furee shippin’ on all orders $49.00 and up. And their Customer Service peeps awe available 24/7 and be da nicest peeps ever. They be da old fashioned kind dat still believes da customer is always wight. Mommy sez it’s hawrd to find such these days.


We weceived these tweats furee in exchange fur our honest opinion. As always weez only tell da twuff and we only bwing yu purroducts dat we have twied or use ourselves and fink wuld be of innewest to you our pawsum furiends.



Till da next time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi