Dezi’s First Time pt. 2

Me sure wants to fank everypawdy dat fawt me was a bwave kitty. Mommy sez we learn way more fwum da udder kitties wound us than peeps wealize. Back then me fawt da cawpet monster (vacuum) was a fun toy till me saw sis Lexi run fwum it da furst time. Suddenly me wunnewed whevver or not me was posed to run too. Eventually me did, and now when da cawppet monster makes an appearance me heads fur cover just like sissy. So me watchin’ her dwive da chair was actually teachin’ me too.

Yes, we eventually left da pawdee box room dat meownin’ and me didn’t play wiff da beepy buttons anymore dat day. Me duz still play wiff ‘em every once in a while tho’. MOL anyways, since me was playin’ wiff da buttons mommy ‘cided it was time to stawrt twainiin’ me to dwive da chair. Me was finally big enough to reach da knobby fing (joystick) and old enuff to pay ‘tention fur more than a few seconds.

dw Dezi selfie 

So it all stawrted one day after bwekky. Sis Lexi and me was kinda layin’ wound and just takiin’ it easy. Mommy went and sat in da movin’ chair and called fur me to come and join her. Me was enjoyin’ a little baff time, but mommy was callin’ me and she had been so good to me and saved me, so me moseyed over to her and da chair and rubbed hers leg and stawrted purrin’. You know dat purrin’ fing weally makes our hoomans melt. Mommy actually sez it’s hers favowit sound in da world.

Anyways, mommy reached down and picked me up and sat me in hers lap. Me kept wight on purrin’ and stawrted massagn’ hers legs and tummy and nuzzlin’ wiff meez nose. This is sumfin’ me had dun since da furst time me met mommy. She was so soft and sweet smellin’. But unlike da udder times, mommy repawsitioned me to sit on one of hers legs. Da one closest to dat knobby fing on da awm of da movin’ chair. So me crawled up on da awm and stawrted makin’ da chair beep. Pawently dat wasn’t what mommy had in mind cuz she picked me up and put me back on hers leg and held meez paw.


dw DnLwheelchair2
We don’t have any fotos of dat time cuz we didn’t have anyfin’ but a 35mm camera and mommy kuldn’t always afford film. And we didn’t have a puter to put them in eever.

Mommy gently pulled on meez paw towards da Knobby fingy and then she put meez paw on one of da beep buttons and gently pushed it til it beeped one time. And then she took meez paw away. 1 beep mommy? Weally? it beeps lots more than dat me fawt. But mommy seemed to be happy wiff just da one beep. What seemed like furever of mommy holldin’ me back, she finally put meez paw back on da beep button and pushed and sed, “turn it off”, and da chair beeped again, only once.. We did this quite a few more times till mommy fawt me was getting’ westless and meez focus was gone. And mommy let me jump down and head off fur a minute wiff sis Lexi and a baff. Mommy got outta da movin’ chair and sat down in da sittin’ chair and sed, “there’ll be lots more days to practice.” Stay tuned fur more of d stowry.


As we do every weekend, weez joinin’ up wiff Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Pawade blog hop.



Till da next time…………………….Be Blest!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi