Dezi Inches Forward

OMC We had spections and exterminations today, so mommy was awake half da night repawsitionin’ our water fountains, toys and nip mats and cleanin’ da litter dust and twacked wheat. And then da manager wrote hers up fur da windin’ wisteria bein’ wound round 6 inches of our outside rail. It’s always sumfin’ wiff this woman. Anyways, on wiff da twainin’ posty. Dat’s what yous came here to read isn’t it? Weez got severwal emails tellin’ us they enjoyed these stowries and dat they had a few laffs over our last few posties. Our wespawnse was a meowsy big fank you, and ifin they fawt those was funny they haven’t read anyfin’ yet, cuz meez twainin’ was comical to say da least. At least dat’s what mommy sez. She sez no udder kitty has had tawinin’ sessions as innewestin’ as me. Meez not sure ifin dat’s a compliment or not, but me luvs mommy so me dusn’t mind.


We left off Monday wiff me havin’ moved da chair a few inches. Let me tell ya’ ifin yous not steady and holdin’ on dat initial jerk will fwo ya’ fur a loop. It might even fwo ya’ outta da chair. Fankfully mommy had a hold of me so me didn’t go anywhere. Anyways, da next day (member, wepitition, wepitition, wepitition) after bwekky mommy called me over to da movin’ chair again and up into her lap. Well as you know me luvs mommy and lap time, so me ran wight over and up me went. Mommy gave me a little luvvin’ and told me what a good girly me was and then she sed da magic words, “Push the button baby.” Me just luvs hearin’ dat chair beep. So me stood up on da awrm and weached over and pushed da button till me heard a beep and saw da lights make a rainbow. Mommy put one of hers hands wound meez middle and da udder on meez head and gently pushed meez head toward da joystick. Me membered da day afur and bit down on it afur mommy kuld telll me too. Mommy sed, “Okay, honey, we’re gonna take a little ride, so hold on.” Me bit down a little hawrder and mommy gently pushed meez head furward.


Weez jerked furward and then back a bit but me stood meez ground and we inched furward. And when me sez we inched, me means we inched. Me didn’t quite unnewstand it. Da chair moves a lot faster when sis Lexi’s dwivin’ so what’s goin’ on me wunnewed?. Me was gunna have to meow at sissy ‘bout da speed fing, but fur now we kep inchin’ furward. It took like a billion gazillion minutes but we finally made it to da edge of anudder room. We stawrted in da dinin’ room and stopped at da edge of da livin’ room. Member now our pawrtment is very small and da dinin’ room, kitchen and livin’ room awe all togevver, so we only went ‘bout a distance of 1 1/2 feet. And dat’s hooman feet mind ya’. Sis Lexi had been sittin’ in da livin’ room watchin’ us, but as we got closer to da livin’ room she jumped up and dashed down da hall a bit to watch. Me weally didn’t know why, but me wuld soon figger it out.

 dw Lexi watches

When we got to da edge of da room da chair just stopped. Me was still pushin’ on da joystick but nuffin’ was happenin’. Me wasn’t sure what was goin’ on, but mommy stawrted luvvin’ on me so me soon furgot and stawrted purrin’ and enjoyin’ meez luv fest. Sis Lexi came back to da livin’ room and took her place back in da sittin’ chair and stawrted a baff. Mommy told me how purroud of me she was and what a gweat job me did and me got down and stuck meez tail up high and stwutted wound meowin’ a bit and showin’ off. Me had dwove da movin’ chair and didn’t get scared. WooHoo Chair twainin’ session was over fur da day and mommy pawrked da chair to chawrge and joined Lexi and me in da livin’ room. Sissy and me had sum mutual gwoomin’ time and mommy gave us boff luvvin’ and told us how special we boff were and how much she luvved us. Stay tuned fur meez next stowry. Me learns ‘bout da need fur speed.


dw Dezi struts
We didn’t have a camewa back then, and even tho’ this is blurry mommy fawt yous might wanna see meez tail high stwut.

Till da next time………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi