Sun Puddle Sweet Sun Puddle

Da sun was shinin’ thru da clouds when we woke up this meownin’ It was a glorious sight. Weez had rain and gloomy skies fur da longest time now. Me didn’t think da sun was ever gunna shine again. But here it is. Cuz of da gloomy weather we haven’t really had much goin’ on here. Me is much calmer durin’ da storms now, so we have been purrlayin’ and workin’ on all da stress relievin’ stuffs we told you ‘bout last week. Ifin you missed our de-stressin’ post you can read it here.

Dezi bathes on Fandago cat tree while enjoying the sunshine

Mommy’s case manager was here yesfurday to recertify her fur another year. She’s posed to have sumone who comes out and helps clean da house, run errands, and dat sort of fing. But da peeps in our area don’t wanna work cuz parently they can make more money on welfare. We live in a very small rural community and peeps from da bigger town don’t wanna drive all da way out here, or can’t afford too. There’s been a kupple times da agencies did find sumpawdy but there was purrsonality conflicts or they didn’t like cats. One girly was lergic to cats and when she showed up to work and me came out to check her out, she ran outta da house scweamin’. (shakes head) So ridiculous. Anyways, Oklahoma has finally adopted a purrogram dat wuld allow mommy to have control over who gets hired and how much money they get paid (within’ da State limits of course). Weez really ‘cited ‘bout this and hope to be able to find sumpawdy soon. You know Lexi and me can’t work da carpet monster, washin’ machine or mop. Thank Catness. MOL 

Lexi sits on Fandango cat tree while enjoying the sunshine

Don’t furget to enter our give away fur your very own refillable catnip toy from Imperial Cat. Click here to see your choices and enter. Dat’s ‘bout it fur our middle of da week ketch up. Stay tuned fur more fun and education in our next posty. Me has to go now and find one of those sun puddles afur they go away again. 


Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

35 thoughts on “Sun Puddle Sweet Sun Puddle

  1. Well we did have some sun puddles of the gloriously warm kind earlier this week, but not today, it snowed all the day long…sigh…too bad they don’t send our peeps someone to shovel them out, MOL! It took both of them over 2hours…
    Meowmy did the unthinkable today…she used that fursucking noisy monster befur she helped pawppy shovel…sheesh, we hate that thing…though meowmy says it should even be used more often OMC!

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