10 Things To Look For In Kitties Mouth

Cats, Kittens, Elder Cats, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls lend me your ear.

Dezi with head back and mouth wide open

Dezi datz a bit dramatik don’cha’ think? 

Well sissy what me has to say is very purrtant. You oughtta know how purrtant it is.

I do lil sis I do. So habz at it. 

Fanks Lexi. Me wants to tell ya’ ‘bout Pet Dental Health Month today. You might be missin’ sum signs dat your pet be givin’ to let ya’ know they have a purroblem in their mouth. Furst let me tell ya’ da types of dental disease dat might be affectin’ your pet. We are not postin’ fotos cuz of their graffic nature and sum of our readers can’t handle it. To see fotos of da conditions listed below, click here.

1.  Periodontal Disease

2.  Tooth Resorption

3.  Feline/Canine Stomatitis

4.  Alveolar Mucositis

5.  Fractured Teeth 

Lexi lating on bed with mouth wide open

Parently Dental Disease is at da top of da list of things affectin’ your furry furmily member. Sis Lexi started losin’ her teeth when she was about 5 years old. Dat is not normal. She was basically born with Periodontal Disease. Her furst VET kuldn’t ‘splain it any other way, cuz even afur she had teeth she had red swollen gums. Over da years mommy and many VETs tried to help sissy to no avail. Till she started losin’ her teeth. With each lost tooth, da swellin’ and redness disappeared. We animals can survive and even thrive without our teeth. So long as we’s not havin’ to hunt and kill our own meals. Obviously sissy duz better with wet meals than dry, but wet meals be better fur her and most of us (specially kitties) anyways. Da typical symptoms of Periodontal Disease are:

1.  Bad Breath (trust me, you’ll know it. Tuna breath dusn’t hold a candle to disease breath)

2.  Unwillingness to eat

3.  Yellow Deposits on teeth

4.  Avoiding hard/dry foods

5.  Drooling

6.  Pawing at da face, ‘specially round da mouth

7.  Gums which bleed easily

8.  Red or Swollen Gums

9.  Pus round da teeth

10.  Missing or Broken teeth


Sumtimes kitty will rub their cheeks and mouth area on a hard surface or corner to help alleviate da pain. And sumtimes an unwillingness to eat is another purroblem altogether. Recently there’s been a lot of talk ‘bout Whisker Fatigue in cats. Me had this purroblem. But not anymore. Me won a Dr. Catsby’s feedin’ bowl from CK’s 10K give away and it arrived in time fur dinner last night. Dat was da furst meal in me’s whole life me sat and ate till it was all gone. Fanks CK and Dr. Catsby. Sissy wants a new bowl now. An unwillingness to eat can be a symptom of quite a few issues. Cats shuldn’t and can’t go without eating fur long periods of time. So ifin kitty is refusin’ to eat and it’s been more than 36 hours, get them checked out. Sum things are much easier to solve than others. Bad breath can also be caused by da foods we eat. Everypawdy knows ole tuna breath which goes away after a while or a new meal. But da bad breath of Periodontal disease dusn’t go away like tuna breath. As fur Droolin’, sissy and me both do dat when we luv on mommy and get all x’cited. Da drool dat goes with Periodontal disease is likely to happen any time, specially when kitty tries to eat. 


You know it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Ifin you suspect sumfin’ be wrong with kitty then it’s always bestest to make an appointment with your VET. We may not purreciate da trip, but our mouth and bodies will thank you. Periodontal Disease unchecked can lead to major health issues and can lead to death. Da toxins released into da body can affect all our major organs.


Are ya’ gunna tell ebberpawdy how to help kitty avoid Dental Diseases Dezi?

Yep sissy, me’s gunna do dat right now. Mommy sez it’s oh so purrtant to Know your kitty. When pawssible you shuld be lookin’ in kitties mouth at least once a week to check things like our breath. And what do our gums look like? Are they red and swollen or a bright purretty pink? Keep in mind dat sum kitties have dark spots on their gums cuz of their color pattern, but there shuld still be sum pink gum you can use as a guide. Whenever pawssible you shuld brush kitties teeth. Do Not use human toothpaste fur your pets!!! Ifin ya’ just can’t brush kitties teeth, there are purroducts on da market to help with kitties dental health; from treats to supplements. We don’t care fur da dental treats here, so mommy uses a supplement dat she adds to me’s food called Perio Support. It’s made by VetriScience. We met them at BlogPaws last year and they were gracious enuff to send us sum to try. It must be tasty cuz me eats it right up. It’s a powder dat mommy sprinkles over me’s noms. And of course have your VET check kitties mouth at their annual check up. A healthy mouth can go a long way to helping kitty stay healthy and happy.

Dezi with tongue out and toothbrush in paw

Me’s gunna wrap it up fur now. It’s time fur me to brush me’s teeth.


Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green


How do you help your pet have a healthy mouth?

Is brushing part of your regimen?

What treats or supplements do you use?


Till da next time……………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

25 thoughts on “10 Things To Look For In Kitties Mouth

  1. Thanks for this impawtent information, Dezi. Dental problems can cause a lot of pain and other bad things to happen to cats. Thanks for the info about whisker fatigue too. Love Andy

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for reminding us with all that great info about our teeth.

    Hope we do not have to loose ours…Pipo has resorbed one and had one removed. Minko just gets the inflamed gums…but not so much lately. Thankfurly!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We know how important dental health is here since I lost all my teefs last November. I went many years with bad teefs but the vets didn’t diagnose my stomatitis until Mommy and Daddy insisted something was not normal. I feel so much better now that my teefs are gone! Glad you’re spreading the word on dental health. Concats on your win too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. A lot of things can go wrong in a cat’s mouth. Excellent post. You look so cute brushing your teeth 🙂 Snowball has resorption so she now only has a couple teeth left. XO

    Liked by 1 person

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