Spay And Neuter What’s It All About

Mr. Sunshine!!! Where are you? Lady Spring!!! Me thought you was comin’ early? Oh, meowllo everypawdy how ya’ doin’? Member all dat purretty weather me had reported ‘bout? Well it went away and Old Man Winter came back with da colds, da storms and all. Mommy had been tellin’ me it was comin’ but me kept remindin’ her dat da weather guessers was sayin’ just da opposite. So Tuesday night when da sky started rumblin’ and lightin’ up like Cristmas trees mommy ‘splained to me dat da weather guessers must not know old man Arthur-Itis like she does. Me told mommy she needed to quit hangin’ out with old man Arthur-Itis cuz all he ever brought round was bad news, pain and yucky weather. Mommy agreed with me but sed he was an innerloper, an uninvited guest dat showed up whether you wanted him to or not. Bein’ da Southern Belle me is, me thinks dat’s just rude.

Dezi laying on the floor in front of the fireplace

It iz rude Dezi, but old man Arthur-Itiz visits most of us az we get older. I hiss at him and old man Winter ever year and yet they still come back.

Lexi enjoys a new nip toy on 2-23-2016

Well sissy me thinks sumpawdy shuld teach him sum manners. And dat’s all me’s gunna say ‘bout it fur now, cuz in all da stormin’ and cold we missed World Spay day.

As ya’ know we believe in spayin’ and neuterin’ your anipals. As with any medical purrcedure there’s a little controversary surroundin’ da when it can/should be done. Mommy remembers a long time ago when VETs recommended waitin’ till an animal was 6 – 8 months old or da females had their furst heat cycle afur altering. She even remembers a time when they thought it was good to let a female have 1 litter afur bein’ spayed. (shakes head) Fank Catness we know better today. With so many unwanted anipals in da world, da last thing we need is a bunch of kitties and puppies bein’ born to respawnsible pet owners. Anyways, in recent years spay and neuters have become commonplace in very young animals. Da new requirement seems to be dat da anipal in question must be 6 weeks old and weigh 2 pounds. This purrcedure is technically called a Gonadectomy and refers to the removal of the sex organs or gonads in both female and male animals. Spaying a female animal means dat da ovaries and usually da uterus are removed. Neutering a male entails removal of da testicles.


ASPCA clip art
ASPCA clip art

Neutering is about more than just de-sexing an animal. It can also alter some of da behaviors exhibited by in tact animals. Fur instance, neutered animals no longer feel da need to breed and pass along their genes and thus rarely exhibit territorial behaviors such as spraying, fighting or caterwauling. The medical benefits of neutering an animal include, reduced risk of mammary gland tumors, testicular cancer is eliminated, a decrease in da risk of prostrate disease and ovarian and uterine cancer is reduced or eliminated; especially ifin done before da furst heat cycle. And of course it does away with the vicious cycle of propagating and adding to da nummers of unwanted animals in shelters and rescues. As with any surgical purrcedure there are risks. But da benefits far outweigh those risks in most cases. Ifin you have any concerns da bestest thing to do is talk with your VET.


World Spay Day is an annual campaign by da HSUS and Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association to bring awareness to spay/neuter fur companion, community and street animals. But every day can be Spay Day as far as we’re concerned. Ifin you have trouble comin’ up with da funds to spay or neuter your furry furiend, check with your local shelter. More offen than not there is a low cost clinic dat can help you out. Even we have one about 35 miles from us. Mommy used to volunteer a lot; and me was spayed there many years ago now. Me was 6 months old at da time of me’s spay and sis Lexi was a bit older. But only cuz she was so tiny and her VET wanted to cut down on da risks of surgery by allowing her to gain weight afur goin’ unner da knife. Ifin him only knew. Sissy hasn’t seen those tiny days in a long time. MOL  Mommy purrsonally isn’t a fan of da Gonadectomies and purrfurs da 6 month time line, but we encourage you to talk with your VET ifin you have any concerns. Spay, neuter and adopt. Words to live by.



Contrary to some beliefs, neutering does not make your pets lazy or gain weight. Your anipal will stay active as long as you continue to purrvide stimulation. And a propurr diet and play life will keep your pet healthy and weight appropriate. Me’s gunna go now and try to find Mr. Sunshine. Or maybe me will just take a nap by da lectric fireplace.

Dezi looking back from the window on the cat tree licking her lips

What are your thoughts on early spay/neuters (Gonadectomy)?


Till da next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

References: Miriam Webster Dictionary (Definitions) and da ASPCA website (World Spay Day definition and clip art)             

35 thoughts on “Spay And Neuter What’s It All About

  1. Suki was less than 6 months when she had her operation. But it was very necessary. She had gone into her first heat and sat at the window meowing loudly like a crazy cat all day when Mommy was at work, and the landlady said get her fixed or move out! Sasha was fixed as soon as the vet said okay (3-4 months). Brandi was a rescue, so she was about a year old and the rescue group had her operation taken care of before she came to Mommy. Me too. Did we have babies? We honestly can’t remember. That’s kinda sad. We hope if we did they weren’t left out on the streets like we were!

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    1. There are always exceptions to any rule Quinn. And mommy wuld break her 6 month rule ifin needed. It’s just a guideline dat she goes by. We’s hope you didn’t have any babies too and fur sure we hate it when babies are left outside to fend fur themselves. We’s just glad dat you found yous mommy and she found you.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Lexi


  2. Spaying and neutering is so important! It helps keep pets healthy and happy while living with humans. It also keeps them from creating more pets whose lives will hang in the balance due to overpopulation. I’m glad to see you ladies spreading the word! 🙂

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  3. When I was an early teen I got a cat as a birthday gift. No one explained the “birds and bees” to me, and she had a little of kittens. I saved my own money to pay for her spay–$47. She lived to be 19.

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  4. I wish you could come to read this post to some people here with 180 decibel. Although we often have low price neuter/spay days at the vet ($$ 25 male/ $$35 female) and nearly fre chipping, the people ignore it… and then they “dispose”the kittens a cruelty way… think some of us still ive in neander valley on that front :o(((

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