Blest Sunday Introducing…

Meowllo everypawdy and welkum to another Blest Sunday. We do hope we were able to help some of ya’ out with our article on vaccinations. Mommy whispered sumthin’ ‘bout it bein’ close to time fur me to be seein’ da VET fur dat very thing. Anyways enuff ‘bout dat, it’s Blest Sunday today and as always we are feelin’ mighty blest. Sissy has been eatin’ and keepin’ it down fur a few days straight now. She even had a little rumble wiff a nip toy or two last night. Thanks to awnty Anonymous mommy has coffee, and me’s feelin’ great. And we have all of you. Is dat not blest?

Lexi in ommy's lap getting love with a side glance

We are also part of da Chewy Blogging Family which allows us to try lots of pawsum foods, treats and occasional toys and groomin’ purroducts every month. Now this month we were asked ifin we wuld like to take a 30 day challenge with a new cat food. It’s only available in kibble so mommy told sis Lexi and me absolutely not. You know me’s not sure me is ever gunna get another piece of kibble in me’s life. But dat’s okay, me’s quite happy with da noms me’s eatin’ now. But mommy got to thinkin’ ‘bout poor Buddy, and decided he shuld take da challenge. He kuld certainly use sum good high quality noms, so a few emails later and Buddy’s all signed on. Then me got to thinkin’ dat we have some new furiends dat may not know Buddy, so me thought we shuld take today to tell ya’ a little ‘bout him.

Buddy looking straight into camera in sit pose

Almost 7 years ago now Buddy showed up at our partment complex lookin’ all skinny and raggedy. He was scroungin’ ‘round in da snow lookin’ fur food and warmth. Me had joined mommy and sis Lexi 3 months earlier, and he wasn’t much bigger than me, so we guesses him to be about me’s age. Well our ‘partments have a limit on how many animals are allowed purr apartment and so we kuldn’t take him in. But of course mommy was sharin’ our noms with him and had made a little make shift shelter on our porch so he kuld get outta da cold. And then a few days later mr. W came wheelin’ up to our door holdin’ dat cute little scroungy stray and grinnin’ from ear to ear.

Buddy in full sun on floor

Da furst words outta mommy’s mouth was, “Are you gonna keep him?” Yep mommy’s known fur getting’ right to da point. Anyways, mr. W sez, “I don’t know. I don’t have anything for a cat.” Well of course mommy wasn’t gunna let dat stand in da way of da scroungy little stray getting’ a home. Me had just graduated to da big pawdee box, so mommy grabbed up me’s kitten box and a baggie of noms and sum litter and sed, “Now you do. This will get you through a week till you can get to the store to buy him some supplies. He needs to go to the VET as soon as possible to make sure he’s healthy, and you need to think about having him neutered in a couple of months.” Yep, mommy done had it all planned out and was makin’ sure da little scroungeball had a furever home.

Buddy in hallway in sit pose

Now me had been checkin’ all this out from da window and me kuld see da bewilderment all over mr. W’s face. He sat there in his wheelchair with da kitty in one hand and a litterbox full of supplies in da other and looked at mommy as ifin to say, “I just wanted to show you the kitty.” But mommy wasn’t lettin’ up. She saw dat face too, but pushed on and sed, “What are ya’ gonna call him? He needs a name.” Mr. W just kept lookin’ at mommy with his mouth wde open. And then mommy sed, “Now you won’t have to be alone. You’ve got a little buddy that needs you.” Mr. W and da scroungeball wheeled off to their own apartment. We didn’t see or hear from them fur da rest of da day. When da next day rolled ‘round, mr. W came wheelin’ up da walk to da door yet again. And yep, you guessed it, he had named da little scroungeball Buddy. Mommy became much like a godmother to him, cuz she was da purrson mr. W came to when Buddy needed his claws trimmed, and to apply da ear mite treatment da VET gave them, and to take him to da clinic fur neuterin’ and to take care of him when mr. W’s away. He goes to da hospital a lot; mr. W not Buddy. He sez they have great food and he doesn’t have to have ‘partment inspections ifin he goes to da hospital in a month. We can’t confurm dat last one cuz dat’s not been our experience, but dat’s what mr. W sez. Mommy calls Buddy her third kitty. He just doesn’t live with us. So this 30 day challenge was purrfect fur Buddy.

Dezi in mommy's lap close up getting love

When we were all younger, Buddy used to come down fur play dates and birthday parties. But as we’s all gotten older, we don’t all enjoy bein’ together as much anymore, so now we have short visits when we go fur strolls and such. You know dat ole territory thing we cats feel. Anyways, dat’s a little ‘bout Buddy. You’ll be seein’ him here a few times this next month tellin’ ya’ ‘bout how he’s doin’ with this 30 day challenge, and now you’ll know who he is. You’ll have to stay tuned to find out more about this new food. In da meantime, be good to each other and have a Blest Sunday. And we’s joinin’ da Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies.


Till da next time……………………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi with Buddy

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