Is It Bacon? #ChewyInfluencer

Meowllo everypawdy it’s another miserable Monday. You know it’s not Monday’s fault nopawdy likes her, she just happens to mean da furst day of da work week fur so many; and it’s da getting’ up and goin’ to work dat peeps not like. So we blame it on Monday. It’s kinda like dat time you knocked over a favorite vase and broke it and blamed it on your (fur) sib. Okay, so maybe it’s not just like dat, but hey, it’s close enough. 

Sweet Dezi on cat tree
Meowllo everypawdy, sit back and relax and let me tell ya’ a story.

Speakin’ of workin’ me has some great treats to share with ya’ today. Me luvs Chewy and as pawrt of their blogging family me gets to try out all kinds of new things each month. Me luvs me’s Primal freeze dried noms, so when we saw Primal treats on da list of goodies this month, we jumped all over dat. Mommy ordered up da Primal Treats Pork Nibs. Me luvs da Primal freeze dried pork noms, so this seemed like a furgone conclusion. Now these pork nibs are more of a jerky than me’s freeze dried food. Da nibs are small and bite sized fur kitties and small dogs. And me would call da texture…chewy. They’re not hard but they’re also not soft. They cannot, me repeats, cannot be crumbled and added to food as a topping or reconstituted with water.

 Primal Pork Nibs Treats for dogs and cats

Da ingredient list is short and sweet…literally. MOL They contain Pork Heart, Honey and Sea Salt. They are made from pork raised in da U.S. without antibiotics or added hormones. Primal says: da Pork Nibs are a single source protein snack, grain and gluten free with no preservatives. These treats are good fur both cats and dogs. No need to buy two different treats. They must be refrigerated after opening and served within 14 days. Ifin ya’ leave them out of da fridge they must be used up in 3 days to purrvent spoiling. They come in a 4 oz. bag fur $12.99.

 Dezi sniffing the Primal Pork Nibs treat bag

Me knows you all wanna know what me thought about da Primal Pork Nib treats, don’t ya’? Well initially me thought da smell comin’ from da bag was heavenly. Me couldn’t wait till mommy finally got da bag open. She got a couple pieces out and offered them to me. Me buried me’s whole face in mommy’s hand sniffin’ those pork hearts. And then me finally took a bite. And me chewed and chewed and chewed and suddenly spit it out. When me spit it out me looked up at mommy. Mommy said da look on me’s face was purriceless, but she has no idea what happened.

 Dezi sniffing treats in mommys hand

Me finally ate a couple of pieces later dat day, but me wouldn’t touch ‘em again after dat. Me thinks they would make a great dog training treat. And of course there are kitties dat like chewy jerky treats. And these would be purrfect. They have a great ingredient deck and don’t contain any of da questionable stuffs. Fur dat me gives ‘em a paw up. Mommy liked da limited ingredients too and dat they were small bite sizes dat she wouldn’t have to break or cut. But cuz me wouldn’t eat them they’re not somethin’ she would buy. So only 1 thumb up from mommy too.

Primal does have several different types of treats and most are limited or single source proteins, so me’s sure you could find somethin’ to suit you. As always, Chewy offers speedy free shipping on all orders of $49.00 or more and speedy flat rate shipping on all orders less than $49.00. They also have a convenient auto ship program so you never run out of your pets favorite food, litter, treats, or supplies; and you can always skip, cancel or delay. Well it’s time fur me’s mid meownin’ nap, so me will see ya’ later.



Disclaimer: We received compensation in exchange for our honest opinion. Neither or Primal Pets are responsible for the opinions expressed. We only share products we use or have tried ourselves and think would be of interest to you our readers and friends.

Do you like jerky treats? 

Do you like pork?

Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


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