Grumble, Rumble, Mumble

Meowllo everypawdy, can you believe this year is half over? Time just flies by these days. We’ve been havin’ storms all week long so you all know where me has spent most of me’s time. But wait, yesfurday da skies were alit and rumblin’ really, really loud. No crashes or booms, just a loud rollin’ rumble. Sounded a lot like a Harley Davidson motorcycle or a blown muffler. So me didn’t ‘zactly know what to do. Should me hide? Should me go ‘bout da day like it’s nothin’? Finally me decided to consult mommy.

Dezi close up on arm of chair
Hey, Mommy?

Mommy, is dat there noise thunder, me asked?

Honey, it ain’t nothin’ you need to worry your pretty little head with. I won’t let anything hurt you. 

Yes, me knows mommy, but is dat thunder? Me needs to know whether me needs to hide or not.

Well Dezi you know I want you to stay out here in the open with me. Thunder or no thunder. I won’t let anything get you.

Thunder or no thunder huh? So does dat mean it’s thunder? 

Yes Dezi it’s thunder. But it’s been rumblin’ now for hours and you’ve slept right through it. So just because you’re awake now doesn’t mean you need to hide. It didn’t get you while you napped, and it’s not gonna get you now. 

Dezi rests her head on the scratcher for a nap

Hmmmmm You may be right mommy, but everypawdy knows me hides when it storms.

Well sweet Dezi, you know what? 

What mommy?

You don’t have to be known as a hider. You could change what everybody knows and be the kitty girl that isn’t afraid of the storms.


What was dat???

 Dezi leans on scratcher and looks at camera

Nothin’ darlin’.

(Dezi scurries and slinks her way behind the chair)

Yeah mommy, me will give dat bravery stuffs more thought. In da meantime, ifin ya’ need me, me will be behind da chair. And as long as da skies are grumblin’, don’t call me. Me will let ya’ know when me’s available, okay?. Me knows you’re purroud of me fur hangin’ out as long as me did. Maybe da rumblin’ ain’t so bad, but when da sky starts talkin’… it’s time fur this girly to get outta Dodge, wherever dat is. You can just read me everypawdy’s postys and me will yell me’s respawnses, okay mommy?

But what about the pictures Dezi? You won’t be able to see any of your friends pictures if you’re hidin’ out behind the chair?.

Well mommy, me doesn’t think they changed much over night. Me will see them when da storms stop. Now, we need to get to visitin’ mommy, cuz da lights keep flickerin’. We may lose power today. Me hopes da sun is shinin’ on you all.

We posted da video below awhile back, but me has lots of new furiends dat may not have seen it. Ifin ya’ ever wondered what me sounds like then listen up. Mommy calls it a meweek. A cross between a meow and a squeek.  MOL

Ifin ya’ can’t see da video, click here to watch it on YouTube.

Till da next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Dezi = Blue 

Mommy = Black

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


33 thoughts on “Grumble, Rumble, Mumble

  1. Oh precious girl, you can hide if you want to. I have a furfriend named Buhbee that goes under the bed to “read a book” when noises bother him so maybe you say that you are just reading a good book in your hiding places. LOL!
    Please stay safe in all that rumbling and storming.
    Love you sweet Dezi and Mommy. Hugs and kisses.

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  2. I love your meweek – very sweet. I am glad we don’t get many thunderstorms around here because I am a big baby and whine every time it thunders.I probably make the cats more scared in doing that, but it is a bad habit I can’t stop. I hope the storms stop soon. XO

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  3. We are going to get some storms here later and maybe in the next few days as well, Meowmy says we need the rain that comes with all the noise, but we too wished that it only rained with no noise. And here its even noisier, cause dog-guy barks at all the thunder, we think he is trying to make it go away, but truth be told we wish he would hide with us, MOL!

    Your mew-eep is unique!!
    We have not got any videos, but Minko & Pipo both have some funny sounding meezer talk.

    Hope you get some nicer weather soon…meanwhile stay warm, dry and safe.

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  4. dezi….we canna heer yur moovee coz de pea see we iz on iz like a vaccuum & it sux, but we gived it 984 paws up for actshun !! oh, N we due knot like stormz either….in fact, gram
    paw dude used ta hide in de hall way like they tell ya ta due in a drill ~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

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  5. Oh Dezi….your Mom will protect you from everything she can but one thing she can’t stop is that nasty thunder! She’s with you though so you’re not alone…..just be brave until that noise stops!!

    Hugs, Sammy

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