Did Somebody Say Catnip?

Oh meowllo. Me was just sittin’ here watchin’ Raena. Let me tell ya’ dat girl has more energy than da energizer bunny. Me knows me told ya’ dat befur, but it’s da truth. She just doesn’t stop. And me knows me’s posty is late, mommy says there’s so many fotos to edit and not enuff time in each day. Mommy did want me to address an email we got regardin’ Raena and da play pen. No, Raena does NOT live in da play pen. She weighed a pound and a half after spendin’ a week in our house and eatin’ some good groceries. She weighed much less when mommy picked her up. She was too tiny to get into da litter boxes and had spent her furst 6 weeks of life in a kitty crate, so even our small apartment was overwhelmin’ fur her. And so fur her purrtection and safety, mommy set up da play pen fur her. Me would never hurt her, but me wasn’t da happiest kitty girl in da world da day she arrived, and mommy had to go up and feed Buddy, so da play pen was da purrfect place fur her. As you can see by da bulk of da fotos, she’s got free reign of our house. We would like to thank you all fur supportin’ us and luvvin’ Raena.

 Dezi lays in floor and watches Raena

Dat bein’ said, Raena discovered Dougie last night. Me doesn’t think she’s figgered out what he is or dat she ain’t ever gonna be able to get to him. Me’s sure Dougie is hopin’ dat tank is kitten proof. Anyways, mommy’s been tryin’ really hard to get at least one foto of all her “fursts”, but she was laffin’ so hard at Raena pawin’ at Dougie’s tank dat she furgot to take a picture. Let me tell ya’ Raena’s a big camera ham. She luvs havin’ her foto taken. And speakin’ of fursts, mommy has always bought da new kitty a little mousey from da pet store. Several of da pet stores carry this itty bitty mousey dat says, “my first mouse” on it. Well, since we don’t have a pet store here and da one in Ardmore has a bug purroblem so we don’t shop there; then Raena didn’t get her “my first mousey”.

Dezi eats while Raena watches
Go play Raena, me’s eatin’.

As you all noticed she is a tiny little thing, so most of our toys are too big fur her. Now don’t get me wrong, she sure ‘nuff tries to play with them, but ifin she ever gets her mouth on somethin’, she can’t move it cuz it’s too big and heavy. So after watchin’ her play dat furst night, mommy sent an email to awnty Ellen of 15 and meowing askin’ her ifin she would make Raena a little toy of her own dat would be Raena sized. Well we received said package da other day, and OMC awnty Ellen sent some of da bestest made with luv toys; and she even made Raena her very own nip mat. Well, da general rule is dat kittens aren’t affected by catnip ‘til they’re ‘bout 6 months or older. So mommy planned to take a couple of fotos of da nip mat and then put it away fur Raena till after she has her big girl surgery.

 Raena bunny kicks her made with love chicken leg

Of course you all know there’s an exception to every rule. You know there are kittys out there dat don’t even like catnip. Can you believe dat? A kitty not likin’ catnip. Dat has to be a sacrilege of da kitty book of norms. Anyways, sure ‘nuff there are kittys dat never enjoy catnip. But let me tell ya’ dat ain’t RaenaBelle!!! As soon as mommy put dat nip mat down, Raena started goin’ nuts. She scooted ‘round and rolled ‘round till she found da openin’ where da nip be inserted and started droolin’. And then she found da toys and started bunny kickin’ like crazy. Oh me cats she looked so funny. She had those tiny legs just a goin’ to town and rubbin’ her cheeks all over dat toy.


Raena on her first nip mat

 Raena bunny kicks her made with love fish

Hey Dezi I thought you was gonna let me tell ‘bout mines new toys. Mommy said dat I could do da tellin’. 

Raena discovers cat nip in her made with lovs catnip mat
Hey Dezi, what’a this paw-mazin’ smell?

Well then get to tellin’ Raena, and don’t furget to say thank you.

Raena rolls around in her catnip mat
This is sooooooo good

 Okay. Well guess I oughtta start with dat fank you. Fank you awnty Ellen, I luvs mines new toys and dat nip mat is pawsum. I’s ‘posed to be too young to understand ‘bout this catnip stuffs but let me tell ya’, dat mat and those toys smelled better than mines dinner plate. And dat’s sayin’ somethin’. I got 2 fishys, a ball, a tube and a chicky leg. And I had a blast playin’ last night. Come to think of it, I’s gonna go play right now. Fanks again. Big RaenaBelle hugs comin’ your way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yes, thank you awnty Ellen, those toys will keep her outta me’s fur, at least fur 5 minutes. Well me’s gonna go now and see what mischief me can find.

 Dezi starts down the cat tree

Till da next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Do you (your kitty) like catnip?

Do you (your kitty) purrfur silvervine?

How old were you (your kitty) when you first noticed cat nip affected you?

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and RaenaBelle      

70 thoughts on “Did Somebody Say Catnip?

  • Well, I’m glad you liked my Loulou comment but I don’t see it on this nip blog and I was unaware that you comment on comments sometimes! Let me know if my comment is not getting through. That kitty is SOOOOOOOO cute. But I know that Dezi knows she is queen and it’s nice to have a little joker around, too. (Make that Princess)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me replies to most comments unless they are from blogspot blogs, and then sometimes me replies to those as well. Me thought your comment was here, me will have to check me’s other folders. And yep, me guesses havin’ her ’round ain’t so bad after all.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  • Wow! That is all mes can say! And yes, wes always puts babies in a play pen, when wes gotted jo jo she was teenie tiny like Raena and with the hairy slobbery sisters, it was safer than letting her loose if we was not around. And mes does not like nip as much as mes used too. Mommy thinks its cause my sense of smell is going (like my eyesight and my hearing). Sigh! its tough being a old girl. Silvervine, and honeysuckle does nothing for me either, but Kozmo loves them!
    Sending yous guys lots of kisses

    Liked by 1 person

  • Wow, a precocious kitty liking the nip so young, MOL!
    She likely didn’t evfur smell anything that delish at her birth home,MOL!

    How sweet of Aunty Ellen to send those toys and nip mat!
    She does make paswsome toys fur sure. We have a few here and love them, too.

    What blue eyes Raena has, OMC! She is such a beauty. And you too Dezi, you are furry purrty too:)

    We like nip, the organic kinds tantalize us best. We have nevfur tried silvervine or valerian. Minko is the biggest nip fiend here, he even ripped open a nip tea bag meowmy was going to use fur herself…sigh…

    We reacted to the nip around 4 months …Our angel Suki went nutzo ovfur the nip at about 10weeks!

    You are a busy den now, Tee-hee! No boredom, MOL!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Dezi, that’s awfully nice of you to share your post with Raena. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of that in the future. And Raena, you’re such a cutie! My kitties love the mat and nip toys that we won from Ellen. She makes the best toys! Hugs!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fank you. Yes, mommy insists we learn to be generous and share everythin’ here. Me doesn’t really mind tho’, it means we get better stuffs sometimes. And yes, awnty Ellen makes da bestest made with luv stuffs.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena

      Liked by 1 person

  • She is so cute! I’d glad her eye seems better. Most nip toys don’t affect me but occasionally I’ll go nutz over a nip toy. I prefer to eat it. I like valerian best. I really loved those toys I reviewed a few weeks ago but like yourself, I’ll always tell the truth in reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

  • You are such a precious baby Raena and I love the pictures of you playing with your loot! And as for the comment you left on the infamous cat tent…Mudpie is full grown and still plays with it everyday!

    Liked by 1 person

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