June Is Finally Over

WooHoo!!! It’s finally Furiday!!!

Dezi lays on top of the liberty tree

What does dat mean sis Dezi?

It means it’s da end of da week and da start of da weekend Raena.

I still don’t know why you’re so excited sissy?.

(Dezi feeling a little perturbed looks over at Raena)

Cuz Raena, humans really luv weekends. Anyways, it doesn’t matter why, just be x’cited okay?!  

WooHoo sissy, WooHoo!!! (Raena says while wiping her paw across her face making sure no breakfast remains on her face fur)

 RaenaBelle site on the liberty tree

So, da manager was finally back in da office and mommy was able to turn in our lease recert. papers. But nuffin’ with this lady is ever dat easy. So what shoulda taken all of 2 minutes max, had mommy tied up fur almost an hour. And no, we haven’t signed da lease yet. She puts these sticky notes all over everythin’ dat says must be faxed to da office ( all proof of type papers). So mommy had to be sneaky with Social Security in order to have them fax her proof of income to da office back in May. Well yesfurday da manager says, she never got dat letter and can’t send our recert papers in till she gets it. Oh and da letter Social Security sends out every year dat says how much mommy’s gonna make each month isn’t good enuff, they have to have da one S.S. sends out now; so our recert papers aren’t complete.

Once they are, da manager will fax all dat paperwork off to da home office and they go over it and decide how much rent we pay and send it back here fur mommy to sign. In da meantime, da manager comes down today and gives mommy a 30 day notice dat our rent will increase to $572.00 next month. Hmmft, Mommy doesn’t even make dat much money a month, and da manager knows she’ll be gettin’ da letter from Social Security in a few days. ‘Course then she calls mommy from da office and asks fur da rent cuz she’s gonna go outta town till da 11th and wants to depawsit da check befur she leaves. Well we get paid on da 3rd. Usuallly ifin it’s on a holiday or da weekend, we get paid da Furiday befur. Dat’s usually, but there’s always da exception, so mommy is always sure to check befur payin’ anythin’ to make sure, cuz we can’t afford any fees. So, any purrayers you can spare dat our rent doesn’t go up and da rest of this mess goes smoothly would fur sure be purreciated.

Raena poses while playng with the flying toy

As most of ya’ know da manager doesn’t like mommy and has a doggy dat she lets run wild. Even tho’ there are leash laws and da lease says all pets must be on a leash. And da law even came out and gave her a warnin’ ‘bout leashin’ her dog and not tyin’ him/her out or lettin’ him/her roam freely. But she’s one of those peeps dat thinks da law and rules don’t apply to her, so she didn’t pay attention. Well, while she held mommy captive turnin’ in our recert. papers; she told mommy dat a coyote came ‘round da other meownin’ and got Molly while she was standin’ there watchin’. At da time we didn’t know who Molly was, but come to find out Molly is da managers dog. Well let me tell you, da lack of emotion makes mommy wonder how much of dat is true. Not dat we don’t have coyotes and other wildlife dat could easily take out any of da “pets” dat reside here. It’s just dat da whole complex woulda known da minute it happened ifin it had been one of us. And mommy would be a mess; and there would be a dead coyote or dead mommy one. Da manager was so matter of fact, you’d’a thought it was somethin’ she saw on teevee elebenty billion years ago.

 Dezi and Raena play with the PetSafe Flitter

Oh yeah, me almost furgot. Da hospital finally kicked Mr. W out and he came back home yesfurday. So mommy’s all ours again. No more trekkin’ up to play with and feed Buddy twice a day. Me’s thinkin’ we oughtta have a pawrty. But did Mr. W offur to pay mommy anythin’ fur da last 2 months she’s spent takin’ care of Buddy, checkin’ his mail, and getting’ his bills and checkbook to him at da hospital? Nope, not a dime. Even tho’ mommy kept tellin’ him he would have to pay anypawdy else and mommy gave Buddy special canned noms he never gets lessen she’s carin’ fur him. But, he did hire somepawdy to come clean his ‘pawrtment a couple times. We know cuz mommy had to let them in. Anyways, mommy told him, never again. He took advantage of her good will and luv of animals, and she just said next time he’d just have to fork over cash cuz her good will has dried up. MOL

 Dezi and Raena play with the fly toy

Whew, Dat’s a lot goin’ on. No wonder mommy has purrsonal summers. Me’s a little hot under da purrverbeal collar meself. MOL  Well bein’ Furiday dat means it’s also time fur da Pet Parade with Rascal and Rocco and all those super co hosts.  This is also Independence Day weekend here in da States. Since da 4th is on Monday dat means most of da fireworks will occur over da weekend. ‘Member to keep your pets inside durin’ this time and purrvide them a quiet place to escape all da festivities ifin they want. Booze ain’t on da approved drinkin’ list of your furries, so keep all dat to yourself and make sure any pawrty foods are appropriate. Or better yet, give your furry their own treats and foods along with purrlenty of fresh water. And purrlease, Don’t drink and drive or play with combustables (fireworks). How’d ya’ like me’s use of da big word there? Purretty good huh?

 Pet Parade banner new

Me’s gonna wrap it up now and see ‘bout getting’ me some nip. Come on Raena, mommy purromissed to take us fly fishin’ and get some fotos to enter in our Pawlympics event. Don’t furget to send us your “Fly Fishin” fotos. Check out our Pawlympics posty here fur details and da link fur all da Pawlympics events. There are some great ones.  

Raena plays with the flying toy

Check me out. I’s got da moves, huh?


Till da next time……………………………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and RaenaBelle  

26 thoughts on “June Is Finally Over

  1. That sounds so messed up with that office manager! Dad is going to send Mom A an email about this junk.
    Raena you are sooo photogenic. Dezi you are too and together this kitty blog with have man cats hearts beating all over the world MOL
    Love you all
    Timmy, Dad and Family

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Raena Belle you am the cutest! So furry thankfuls you gotted a forever Mommy and a forever sisfur Dezi!!! You iz in the bestest hands…. not like some weird managers who dont haz any ideas where their doggy am.

    Purrz and stays safe… weze purrin dats all dis renting mess sorts out fur you… dat’s all silly thinking you haz moneys when dats manager just needs a different proof paper stuffs

    -Katie Kitty Too and Mitchel the Foster Kitty.
    Do stops by and meets Mitchel.. Him would loves you… He likes kitty kisses

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That office manager sure is mean…..she shouldn’t have that job if she’s going to treat everyone so poorly. Hopefully the lady is WRONG about the rent increase – no doubt she’s just giving your Mom a hard time! We hope that the holiday is QUIET for you all with no scary noises. We hope you two girls are getting closer every day and will be a wonderful team for your Mom!

    Hugs, Sammy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s just givin’ mommy a hard time. It’s pawssible our rent will go up, but they can’t legally charge us more than mommy makes. Be safe and have fun.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  4. I see the office manager is still after Mommy. I hope it all gets worked out.
    Have a safe and Happy weekend sweeties.
    Love you all so very much. Lots of hugs and kisses.

    Liked by 1 person

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