Friday Hijack

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. It’s Toss Up/Surprise Furiday and sis Dezi said I’s could take da lead. Isn’t she just da bestest sissy ever? …What’s dat mommy? She didn’t actually say I’s could take da lead? She was tryin’ to tell me to leave her alone so she could eat? Well isn’t dat da same thing? Ifin she’s eatin’ she obviously can’t be here to blog right? …It isn’t da same thing? Well it should be. And who cares, I’s here now and she isn’t. MOL  So anyways, I’s takin’ da lead today.

 Raena laying across pounce tou

It’s been kinda crazy ‘round here this week. Mommy’s had to clean up all da mold from da a/c leak dat still isn’t fixed. Seems da maintenance man didn’t show up this week cuz he worked 3 days last week and dat was 2 more than he wants to work. Da office be closed today, so you know what mommy’ll be doin’ Monday, don’cha’? I’s wouldn’t wanna be da manager dat’s fur sure. You’ll get a clue why Service Cat Monday. Anyways, not sure how much more there is to clean and dry, but it’s lots of fun fur me. Things strewn everywhere…it’s like a kitty playground. Altho’ not sure dat’s what mommy intended. She sure does a lot of hissin’ at me. 


Wooooooops Gotta go eat mines brekky now. See ya’ in a minute. 

 Dezi atop the Liberty cat tree

       Raena, ya’ can’t just hijack da bloggy anytime you want. What ifin me had somethin’ special planned fur today?

Well did ya’ sissy?

       Well, No. But dat’s not da point. It’s me’s bloggy, me was here furst, and me’s da elder cat and Queen of da house.

 Raena laying on the pounce toy

Well sissy, I’s didn’t wanna say anythin’ but since ya’ brought it up… You have been lookin’ a little tired lately. And ya’ might wanna ask mommy ‘bout her beauty tricks fur getting’ rid of those bags unner your eyes.

       RaenaBelle!!! Furstly, dat’s not very nice. But more purrtantly, me’s a cat. Me doesn’t get bags under me’s eyes. And ifin me’s tired, dat would be your fault fur not lettin’ me nap. Didn’t you get da memo? Kittens, dat’s you, are ‘posed to sleep ‘tween 16 – 18 hours a day. 

Oh Catness sissy, I’s might miss somethin’. 

 Dezi laying on the liberty cat tree

       Trust me Raena, you ain’t gonna miss anythin’. We live ‘round a bunch of old folks like mommy. Da most excitement dat happens ‘round here is when da ambulance pulls in and everypawdy’s tryin’ to figger out who it’s fur.

Is dat da noisy thing with all da fun colored lights?

 Pet Parade banner new

       Yes Raena, it’s da noisy thing with all da lights. And me knows, you really like it. Anyways, we’s gotta go finish our brekky. You know what mommy says, “no treats unless you eat all your meal.” But befur we go, we’s joinin’ up with Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co-hosts fur da weekly Pet Parade. Tell everypawdy bye Raena.

See ya’ll later…or sooner ifin I’s can hijack da bloggy again.

 Dezi and Raena in a tiled frame

       Raena…(shakes head) Da kids’ head is as hard as a rock. We’ll be ‘round to visit just as soon as we can. Hope you all have a pawsum weekend.



Dezi: Vibrant Blue

Raena: Navy Blue 

Till da next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle