What’s A Spa Day

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me RaenaBelle. It’s been a very eventful and wet week here. Wet both inside and out. By da way, our fotos today have nuffin’ to do with da posty, they’re just fur fun. As most of ya’ know, we had a little issue with da a/c leakin’ and da maintenance man findin’ dat we had a small leak in our hot water heater tank on Tuesday. So Wednesday da plumber and maintenance man both arrived…emptied handed. Not a tool between ‘em. Well not countin’ da flashlight app on da maint. mans fone. (shakes head) So anyways, they both huddled in da hall closet and da plumber announces dat da hot water heater has no leak. What purrobably happened he ‘splained, was dat when da maint. man poured water in da a/c trough to check it’s drainin’ ability, he likely spilled some of dat water on top of da hot water heater and then touched da pipe with hims wet fingers, thus makin’ it appear like a small leak. It would be laughable ifin it didn’t show how ignorant they are.

 Raena trying to hide with the treats she spilled all over the floor

 This was da scene when mommy got home from da doctors da

day I’s couldn’t go. Those were some delishus treats

in da full empty 4 ounce container.


Da plumber did recommend dat da a/c pea trap be fixed asap or this could be a real purroblem. And then of course he stated, dat wasn’t somethin’ he could do (no license to work on a/c’s). And they both headed out da door. Mommy hollered at da maint. man and asked when he would be back to fix da a/c issue and he said, “I’ll let her (da manager) know you’d like that fixed in a timely manner”. Are you kiddin’ me? Don’t worry, mommy’s gonna stay on ‘em till it’s fixed. And ifin she has to call da home office to get it done, then so be it. Most of da cawrpet has dried and what hasn’t, mommy’s keepin’ an eye on. After all, we don’t want mold.

 Raena sitting iat her box while giving an angry look

 Grrrrrrrrrrrr This is mines angry face and similar to da one mommy

made when da maint. man left. MOL


As fur da outside, it’s been stormin’ all week long. Sometimes da sky rumbles so long it seems it’s gonna last furever. Mommy seems really happy cuz everytime da storm starts sis Dezi comes over to her fur some extra luvvin’. Pawrently befur I came here sis Dezi hid out durin’ da storms. Don’t know what she was so ‘fraid of, it’s just a little noise. Okay, so sometimes it’s a lot of noise, but still, it’s just noise. I’s just glad I’s could be a good influence on her. (Raena snickers quietly) 


Dezi:        Hey pip squeak! Me’s da influencer. Me’s da older sisfur and it’s me’s job to be an example fur you. Me’s not hidin’ out cuz you don’t, me’s not hidin’ out to show you dat it’s okay and you’re safe. Me’s not afraid of nuffin’!!! (thinks to herself) Yeah, dat’s it, me’s bein’ a good example fur you. 

 Dezi on the small brown tree looking up

Raena: And you are sissy. You’s a great example. Speakin’ of teachin’, mommy made me a ‘pointment fur a spa day next month but she won’t tell me what it means. Lady peeps seem to luv spa days, but I’s not really want mines claws painted, so what else do they do?


Dezi:        Uh…(Dezi thinks back and gets a little nervous)  Well Raena, every little girly and little tommy boy goes fur a spa day once in their lives. Don’t worry, you’ll get lots of treats and luvvin’ and maybe even some bacon afterwards.

 Raena watches tv

 Hey, I’s seen dat bacon stuffs on da teevee befur.

(mommy deleted da commercial and added bacon

cuz we don’t know da rules)


Raena: Bacon Dezi, really? I’s hear all our furiends talk ‘bout it but I’s never had any. Is it good?


Dezi:        Oh yes Raena, it’s delishus.


Raena: Oh Dezi I’s sure hope mommy gets da money fur mines spa day. She says it’s gonna run ‘bout $65.00, and fankfully is not at our regular VETs office. I’s wouldn’t have called any trip there a special day. Ifin you can help send me fur mines spa day I’s sure would purreciate it. You can donate to our paypal at: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com  Mines ‘pointment is October 8th, ifin we get da green papers. Mommy says sis Dezi smells me changin’ so it’s time. I’s not have a clue what dat means, but I’s guess ya’ll do. Anyways, I’s gotta go. Mommy’s a little upset with me cuz I’s not eatin’ good. She just restocked our noms and I’s turnin’ mines nose up at it all. She doesn’t have any more money to buy anythin’ else, so she’s not sure what to do. Maybe some purrayers would help. Fank you all fur your purrayers and help.

 Dezi overlooks her realkm from the top of the Liberty cat tree

 Me’s just gonna watch da storms from here.



Dezi:       Raena don’t furget it’s Furiday and we join Rascal and Rocco and their pawsum co hosts fur da weekly Pet Parade. We do fank all of you fur your luv and support. And fank you fur your purrayers. We hope you all have a great weekend. We’ll be ‘round to visit ‘tween da storms.


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 

Till da next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!





Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Deztinee