Service Cats: Will Raena Ever Learn to Drive

Hey Raena, do you know what today is?

Dezi and Raena with nip toy

          Is it another holiday sissy? I’s luvs these holidays; they’re so much fun.

 Raena hugs Dezi while she lays on the brown cat tree

Get off me Raena. Me doesn’t want a hug right now. 

But I’s luvs you sissy.



No silly, it’s Service Cat Monday. And the furst one of the new year.


          Well, what are we gonna talk about; mommy crawlin’ all over the house? You know, I’s not big enuff to give her a ride, or even let her hold onto mines tail so I’s could pull her from room to room.


Yeah, that wasn’t really the plan Raena. Me isn’t big enuff fur that either. Mommy’s more than a little peeved at the wheelchair peeps. They billed fur brand new wheelchair batteries a few months back, but mommy thinks they gave her used ones. She thinks that cuz they’re already dead and won’t hold a charge. Then to top it all off, they ain’t comin’ out to replace ‘em till next week. What do you wanna bet they rebill fur new batteries again? In the meantime, mommy’s been crawlin’ around since Thanksgiving.

 Raena sits in mommys lap and massages her

          At least we can massage her arms so she can use them to pull herself along in the mornings. I’s even gave her head a whacky paw this morning, to keep her from hittin’ it on the bedside vanity.


You did at that Raena. ‘Course now she probably has a headache. That means more head massages today.


          I’s already gave her one after brekky sissy. Ya’ reckon she’ll want another?

 Dezi snuggles in mommys lap

And lots of cuddly snuggles



Yep, me’s sure of it. She’s also having some teeth problems, that are makin’ her sinuses act up so she can’t hardly breathe.


          Is that why she’s so hot too sissy?

Dezi and Raena chat in the chair

Yeah sis, she’s runnin’ a fever. Hopefully it’ll go away soon. (no, mommy doesn’t have any dental insurance and there’s no community type programs she qualifies for. She needs dentures to get rid of all the problems once and for all.) Anyways, we hope to get new batteries fur the wheelchair soon, so mommy can start training Raena to drive. It’s about to get real interestin’ here. So we hope to have lots of adventures to share with you all this year. And remember, ifin you have any training questions, or just feline questions in general, let us know. You can ask in a comment, email or email via our contact page. Our contact page sends an email directly to us and is totally private. That means nopawdy sees what you write but us. Ifin you’ve missed any of our Service Cat posts, you can check them out by clicking the links below. Me’s gonna go give mommy another massage now. We’ll be by to visit as soon as we can. We hope you all had a pawsum Mew Year.


Till the next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Deztinee and RaenaBelle

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55 thoughts on “Service Cats: Will Raena Ever Learn to Drive

  1. Oh, My:(
    We hope your Mommy isn’t too sick. Bad teeth can really give one a lot of pain not to mention other troubles too. Sending big purrs and pawyers for hea;ng and lessening of pain…
    And sheesh, those WC batteries, We have some peeps where petcretary works, that have lots of issues with theirs too…sigh…hope the next set do the job properly.

    Take care! MIAOW!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We sure hope the batteries come soon, they are new ones this time and they do not charge for them. We are so sorry your mommy has to scoot on the floor, but we know you two sweeties are watching over her and taking care of her. We have her in our prayers that all gets better and that she can get her teeth taken care of. Hugs and nose kisses

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fank you. We sure hope da battery peeps come soon. Raena’s chompin’ at da bit to learn to drive. MOL Fanks fur da purrayers, they’re always welcome and always needed.

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  3. dezi N raena…whitefish waves frum uz and copee & paste…. anda happee new yeer two ewe all ♥♥♥ ; sneekin round blog land two day iz gettin tuffer bye de minit… de food gurlz place oh employ iz ta blame… we wanted ta say hope de new yeer bringz everee one lotz oh happee nezz & health & perch samichez ~~ !!! ♥♥♥ ☺☺☺ { pee ezz….de food servizz gurl iz still lurnin ta drive afturr all theeze yeerz… ~~~~~~~~~ !!! }

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gosh! Yous guys sure knows how to takes care of your Mommy! Yous is really good at it too! mes has apologized to chomping holes in Mommy’s hand at the vet’s. The pain medication is helping..mes feels more comfortable and Mommy says mes has not cried in my sleep the last 2 nights. Mommy is going back to work tomorrow…mes going to miss her waiting on mes hand and foot!
    Thanks yous for your purrayers. Mes is purraying for yous guys too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fank you Nellie. We’re so glad you and your mommy are doin’ better. And we really purreciate da purrayers. We’ll keep sendin’ ’em up fur ya’ll too. Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


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