Chatting Cats: Hunting With The Cousins

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s gotta tell ya’, that chatter box mommy calls a teevee, sure has some great shows. I’s seen kin folk of all kinds this past week. I’s saw a leopard, a cheetah and of course, mine’s favorite, the lions. 


 Dezi lays atop the cat tree



          Raena, you know those cats aren’t really our cousins, don’t you? 


 Raena watches tv.

Hey, wait up, I’s wanna play too.



What do ya’ mean sissy? Mommy says they are our cousins, and I’s sure she knows more than you ‘bout those kinds of things. Besides, I’s unnerstand everythin’ they’re sayin’. Ya’ know, they meow just like us. Don’t you ‘member how worried that leopard was when we were sick? She was chuffin’ to beat the band. 


 Raena watches leopard on tv

What’s that ya’ say Ms. Leopard? Y, Fanky fank ya’. We’re feelin’

much better now.



          Yeah Raena, me members all that chuffin’, but me’s bettin’ she wasn’t chuffin’ fur us. 


 Raena watches cape buffalo on tv while laying in the chair

Yep, looks purretty tasty to me.



You can think what you want sissy, but I’s sure she was chuffin’ fur us. And then, I’s even joined the hunt. Did you see me? We hunted a giraffe, a buffalo and even a deer of some kind. 


 Raena watches lions on tv while laying in the chair

So, what’s our plan? How are we gonna take down that big old buffalo?



          Sure you did Raena. And what was mommy hollerin’ the whole time? 


 Raena watches tv

I’s got this!!! I’s’ll come in the front here.



Was mommy hollerin’ sissy? I’s didn’t hear anythin’; I’s was so involved in the hunt. Ya’ know you’ve gotta focus or you’ll slip up. I’s sure didn’t wanna be the reason we messed up and didn’t ketch our prey.


 Raena wstches lions on tv

Great job we did there Mrs. Lioness. Where can I’s get a bite from?



          Oh Raena… (Dezi rolls her eyes and shakes her head


 Raena watches the lions eat their kill

Hey, where’s I’s s’posed to fit in?



But, you know what sissy? They wouldn’t share the kill with me. After all the help I’s gave ‘em, they wouldn’t let me have any of that giraffe or the deer thingy. I’s just know I’s would’a liked ‘em. You know how much we like the odd purroteins. Chickens schmickens, give me giraffe any old day. 


 Raena gets close to the TV

Yeah, that monkey don’t look so scary to me.



          What would you know ‘bout girafe RaenaBelle? We’ve never had anythin’ like that. Granted, me agrees, we might really like giraffe ifin mommy was to serve it up on our plates. Me will leave the huntin’ and killin’ to our lion and tiger cousins. Ya’ know Raena, now that we’re feelin’ better and it’s startin’ to cool off outside, maybe we can meow mommy into takin’ us fur a stroll and getting’ you away from the chatter box. Maybe some day you’ll learn ya’ can’t actually eat anythin’ ya’ see there. 


 Dezi sits in front of tv with giraffe horn on her head

Wha’d’ya’ think I’s look like with giraffe horns?



Like you know ya’ can’t actually eat the pizza you keep pawin’ at? I’s wonder ifin any of our furiends enjoy the chatter box? I’s know a lot of them like to watch bird tv from their windows. But, they fur sure ain’t seein’ all the action we do. Anyways, goin’ fur a stroll sounds like fun sissy. Altho’ watchin’ the chatter box is great fun too. Let’s go see what mommy’s doin’ and get her in the shower so we can go out. I’s’ll race ya’.


Till the next time………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue 


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


RaenaBelle and Deztinee      

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