Chatting Cats: Remembering A Snow Fall

MeOWwwww  RaenaBelle, did you see the snow yesfurday? Me thought we might not get any since it was stormin’ and rainin’. But it was so cold the raindrops turned to snow drops mid air. 


Dezi looks out window from cat tree




          Really sissy? The cold can make rain turn to snow?  


Raena sits pretty on the cat tree




What? Uh…sure it can Raena, didn’t you see it?  


          No, I’s was too busy snugglin’ with mommy. Is it still snowin’? Do ya’ think mommy will let us go out and play in it? 


Raena gets lap loving




Nah, Fankfully the snow’s stopped fur now and the sun’s come out. Mr. Sun ain’t doin’ anythin’ to warm us up, but at least he’s makin’ the snow melt. The weather guessers had furcasted 8” of snow plus an inch of ice. Fankfully, they were wrong as usual. As fur playin’ in it, let me tell ya’, it’s not as fun as it might sound Raena. Me ‘members me’s furst time in the snow. A long time ago, me thought me just had to go out and see it. So, mommy wheeled us outside and me accidentally pushed the joystick on the wheelchair furward and we fell off the sidewalk and right into that cold white stuffs. Me couldn’t get in the house fast enuff. Me’s sis Lexi laffed at me furever ‘bout that. 


Dezi lays on cat scratcherSee the bottom of that box behind me? Mommy says

it’s our new scratcher lounger.




          Really sissy? You made mommy fall into the snow? 


Not on purr-puss Raena, it was an accident. Trust me, that was the last thing me wanted to do. (Dezi goes back to eating her breakfast to distract her from the memory of falling in the snow)


Dezi eats her freeze dried cat food




          What did it feel like sissy? Was it soft?  


Can’t you see me’s eatin’? (Dezi thinks back to that day when she was just a small kitten who ended up in the snow with mommy A and the wheelchair falling on top of herTo be honest Raena, me doesn’t ‘member that much ‘bout it. Me just ‘members it was cold and me wanted to go back inside where it was toasty warm and safe. Me feels so bad fur the kitties that have to live out in all that cold. 


          I’s do too sissy. I’s so wish every kitty could have a happy and luvvin’ furever like we do. It’s a new year and I’s gonna purray that more kitties find homes than ever befur.  (Raena jumps up on the back of mommy A’s chair and begins to take a mid morning bath) 


Raena bathes atop the chair back




That’s a good idea Raena. Me will join ya’. Meowin’ of the new year, we’re gonna be pickin’ up where we left off with our Service Cat Furiday posty’s startin’ February 1st. So, we’d like to remind ya’ to send us your questions and article suggestions. You can do so via our Contact us page or sendin’ us an email at: We’ll be delvin’ deeper into Nutrition and the foods we kitties do/should eat, as well as takin’ a look at the food/feed available on the market. We hope you’ll join us.  


          I’s fur sure can’t wait sissy. I’s been doin’ lots of research to get ready. I’s even heard mommy sayin’ we were gonna be tastin’ some new foodables so we can meow the truth. I’s gonna go link us up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Furidays. Will you play with me afterwards?  


Dezi lays on cat scratcher




We’ll see Raena. Me could use a nap right now.  


Till the next time…………………………………………………Be Blest!!!  


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

26 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: Remembering A Snow Fall

  1. All of us kitties here have not had to be out in the snow…though years and eons ago, Angel Toki ran outside once, looking for grass…yup, grass right after a big blizzard…anypaws, he saw that the snow was level with the porch, and so in his kitty mind, that meant faster access to grass. Yup, he was obsessed! Well, that snow was a huge drift, and he landed in ti, and all four legs were stuck! He looked to bewildered, it was kind of funny…would have made a fun video…he didn’t try to sneak outside for a long time after that, MOL!

    I, Pipo am content to watch that white stuff from my comfy warm cat tree. Sometimes I try to paw at the flakes that land on the windowpane and slide down…and I had heaps of fun with the snowflake decoration that petcretary crocheted and hung up…she didn’t think I would touch it…and it has never been up in that window before due to Angel Minko’s antics wth just about anything.

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    1. Yeah Pipo, snow can look fascinatin’ to a kitty who’s never been out in it. but, once we touch it, we never wanna do that again. And, it’s nice to hear you still like to play. We’re still waitin’ on your purrize to arrive so we can send it to ya’. Sorry, orderin’ from China ain’t always a good idea. MOL Big hugs

      Luv ya’

      Dezi and Raena


  2. We’ve had very little snow so far this year. But when it does come, we’re glad to watch it from inside our warm and safe house. Hugs to you both, and to Mommy, too!

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  3. Snow can stay far away, kitties! As for outside cats, they are used to the weather, and really need mostly liquid water, and a place to tuck away from wind and precipitation. But of course, they’d be safer inside!

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