Chatting Cats: What Side of the Bed did You Wake Up On

Hey everypawdy, it’s me RaenaBelle. I’s comin’ to ya’ live from the Three Belles Ranch. Let me tell you, it has turned yucky and cold here. It got so cold yesfurday that mommy actually turned the heater up to 67°F. As most of ya’ know, sis Dezi and me have a lot of fur. In some places it just goes on furever. But, bein’ Ragdolls, we don’t have that extra paddin’ known as an undercoat, so we can get quite chilly at times. Fanky fankfully, mommy’s lap is always warm and we have a heated mat. Mommy even put the ‘lectric blanky on the bed the last time she changed the sheets.  


Dezi and Raena play on cat tree




          She may have put it on the bed Raena, but she sure is bein’ stingy ’bout turnin’ it on. Me doesn’t think she’s turned it on once. 


I’s don’t either sissy. But, ifin we get ice and snow like the weather guessers are furcastin’, surely she’ll turn it on tonight. 


          Ifin she doesn’t, you better be purrpared to share the mommy warmth RaenaBelle. Me needs to cuddle too ya’ know. And you’re always tryin’ to hog mommy. 


Dezi lays atop cat tree and Raena stands on cat tree house




Hog? I’s a sweet kitty girl, sissy. I’s no hog. I’s don’t even know what a hog is. Do we have a hog? I’s should ask mommy ‘bout that.  


          It’s a figger of speech Raena.  


Dezi lays atop cat tree




Oh, another one of those figgers that you make fun of me fur usin’.


          Not always Raena, only when you meow somethin’ stupid.  


Stupid?! Are you callin’ me stupid?! You know mommy hates that word. We’re not allowed to meow that ‘bout anypawdy. 


Raena lays in lap selfie




          See Raena? You always go jumpin’ to conclusions. Me didn’t say you were stupid, just some of the things you meow.  


I’s don’t think mommy makes that distinction sissy. She says we should never use the S word. She says it’s mean and disrespectful. 


          Whatever Raena, go be a tattle tale. 


Dezi lays on mommy's lap, selfie




Kittens sissy!!! Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or somethin’ this meownin’? 


          Me wasn’t even on the bed this meownin’ Raena. You hogged the whole thing and knocked me off. 


(Raena snickers to herself)  Ooooops, sorry sissy. That was an accident. I’s would never do that on purrpuss. 


          Me knows Raena. That’s the only reason you didn’t get the whacky paw of instruction. Me’s never seen a kitty sleep so sound. Girl, how many times have you fallen of the cat tree in your sleep? 


Dezi lays on chair arm and Raena on chair back




Sissy!!! You’re not s’posed to tell everypawdy things like that. I’s a kitty and I’s s’posed to be elegant and graceful at all times…even when I’s sleepin’. (Raena then meows under her breath) That’s why I’s like to sleep in mommy’s lap. She always makes sure I’s don’t fall. 


          Yep Raena, mommy will always take good care of us.  


Huh? You heard me? You weren’t s’posed to hear that. Anyways, all this meowin’ ‘bout naps had made me a bit sleepy. I’s gonna go get in mommy’s lap and take a nap. Maybe we can play later?.


Raena gets lap lovingI’s luvs you mommy. Purrrrrrrrrrrrr




Till the next time………………………………………………………Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

30 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: What Side of the Bed did You Wake Up On

  1. We had freezing rain for a bit, ten a dusting of snow…but its all melting again in our now bright sunshine!
    It isn’t as cold as we normally would expect in early Jan…hope we are not going to have a comeuppance, MOL!

    Sorry we are lax in our commenting these days…petcretary is having to learn a new routine, MOL!
    I, Pipo whapped Benji on his schnooter to let him know who was the boss around here, and since then he just avoids me, tee-hee! He does keep petcretary busy…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t ya just love it when we kitties pile up on you or against you. My mommy turns the heat down to about 65 degrees at night. I think it’s to lure me into sleeping on top of her or next to her at night. When she was a kid her dad would say “ If you’re cold put on a sweater”. And she did not grow up poor, but her parents did. No use on wasting power when you can add some clothes to your wardrobe! So my mommy is actually pretty comfortable with the temperatures in the daytime being 68 degrees or so. (She opens her window at work on cold days because everyone else wants it to be 72 degrees)

    Luvz Patzy and be glad you have electric blankness and pads. Of course you could start wearing sweaters also. MOL!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mommy’s been keepin’ the heater on 55. That’s just too cold with this concrete floor. And of course, mommy runs the fans year round. She can’t breathe without ’em. So, we’re glad to have the heat up. It takes the chill outta the air. We still like to cuddle with mommy any time we can. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


      1. 55 is a little bit colder than my mommy would like. She wants it about 68-69 but her boss wants it at 72 at work so she has to open her window. Everybody else is too hot at 72 but him. It what are you going to do? He says we can afford the heat but that’s not the point. We are too hot! He should dress warmer. But he’s the boss.

        At the same time he complains about how many paper clips and pens we go through at the office. Go figure!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Purriorities. Sounds like he might’ve gone thru somethin’ at some point in his life that had to do with not bein’ warm enuff. Guess you can wear less. MOL Big hugs

          Luvs ya’

          Raena and Dezi


          1. We can live with 55 but it takes more blankies and sweaters and is kind of nice at night. But we hate it when it is over 68 or so at work and during the day. Mommy has to open her window in her office but only her boss seems to want it at 72. He is a bit overweight too so I would think he would be warm. My mommy is about 15 pounds over what she wants to be (not really overweight) and she’s comfortable at 68. I thought people’s weight had something to do with their comfortable temperatures but I guess not.

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