Blest Sunday: Blessings And Puzzle Selfies

MeOW-llo Furiends. X’cuse me fur just a minute. RaenaBelle, c’mon it’s time fur Blest Sunday.

Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner


          I’s comin’ sissy. Kittens, You sure are impatient today. What’s up? 


‘Nuffin’ Raena, me just wants to get our Blessings posted befur midnight. Ya’ know, some of our furiends have noticed a drastic difference in some of the fotos we’ve been postin’ lately. The color’s a little different. Well, that’s cuz mommy’s usin’ a different camera. A few years back when mommy’s furst and at the time only cheap digital camera broke, we were Blest with 2 amazin’ point and shoot cameras. As with anythin’ tech, the batteries furinally wore out and wouldn’t recharge anymore. Again, our furiends came to the rescue and sent us a couple of batteries fur one of the cameras so we could continue to take and post fotos. The other camera just sat unused. Until last week that is. We received 2 new batteries and a charger fur our other camera. We don’t know who sent ‘em, but we sure do ‘purreciate it. Fank you so much.  


Dezi lays in cat bed at foot of cat tree




          Yep sissy, now mommy’s twice as intrusive with the flashy box. She’s tryin’ to get the hang of it by usin’ both cameras. They work a bit differently, and the one we just got batteries fur takes better fotos in low light to no light conditions than the other one; which takes great fotos in fair to good lighting. Of course we’d luvs to have one of those really fancy cameras, but our point and shoots’ are really great at what they do. Anypawdy whose ever tried to capture the special nuances of us felines can tell ya’, it ain’t always the easiest thing to do. MOL  


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That’s true Raena, but me thinks mommy does a purretty good job…at least sometimes. We won’t count all the times she’s cut off our ears or tails or even heads. Anyways, in other mews, we got our car back from the mechanic on Furiday. A two day job turned into a week. It seems the more ya’ charge fur somethin’ the less ya’ pay attention to purromissed time tables.


          At least we got the car back sissy. And fanky fanks to awnty Cindy, we were able to get it fixed in the furst place.    


You’re right Raena. ‘Course, nuffin’s ever that simple with us, is it?. Since the car wasn’t runnin’ right and mommy knew drivin’ would only damage it further, she hadn’t gone out much since it broke. She hadn’t been to the grocery store at all this year. So, when she picked up the car, she decided to treat us to cheese sammiches. She had enuff to buy both bread and cheese at the same time cuz she had two months of food stamps saved up. 


Dezi lays on mat on box




          Happy to have the car back and share the cheese, mommy headed home. Less than a mile from the “ranch”, mommy saw the dreaded flashin’ lights in the rear view mirror. She knew she wasn’t speedin’ and fur sure had on her seatbelt, so she thought he must be headin’ on a call or somethin’. But, when she stopped at the stop sign and he stopped behind her, she got a huge knot in her belly. So she pulled over and this young pawliceman came to the door and asked fur her license and registration. She had to ask 4 times why he stopped her befur he furinally respawnded and told her that her brake light was out. While he went back to his car to run her infurmation, she tried callin’ the mechanic to see how much he’d charge to fix it. Guess what? He got paid by mommy and had closed up and left fur the weekend. Hmmmmpht  After what seemed like furever, the young cop came back with another young cop and handed mommy her license and registration and said nuffin’. He really must be new or somethin’.  


Raena checks out things




Well Raena, at least they didn’t give mommy a ticket. Me means, how is she s’posed to know the brake light was out? ‘Specially since she hadn’t been drivin’ much lately. So, mommy’s Givin’ Thanks that we have the car back and that she didn’t get a ticket fur the brake light bein’ out. Raena and me are grateful too. 



          Don’t furget the camera batteries sissy, we’re fanky fankful fur those too. And the cheese, I’s do luvs a little cheese nibble. I’s also fanky fankful fur the Pit’rPat treats mommy found the other day. They must’ve come as a small gift in one of toy or treat packages we received last year. Mommy purrobably thought we wouldn’t eat ‘em cuz they’re liver flavored; and we’ve turned our noses up at freeze dried liver more than once. But, since she found ‘em, she offured us a few. I’s luvs ‘em. I’s thought they were purretty tasty indeed. They claim to fureshen the breath. Mommy says, “We’ll see”. MOL 


Raena walks toward camera with squinted eyesC’mon mommy, put the camera down and give me some of those Pit’rPats.





Meow fur yourself Raena, me didn’t like ‘em. But, me luvs all our furiends. Ya’ll truly are one of the greatest Blessings in our lives. And no, we’re not meowin’ ‘bout green papars or gifts, we mean each of you just bein’ you. We’ve always said, you’re only a visitor here once. After that, we consider you family. And what a family we have. We luv each and every one of you. As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. And Thank you fur bein’ Blessings in ours.    


Dezi lays on cat mat on boxMe’s puzzle selfie




          I’s gonna run link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies sissy. Do you wanna play when I’s get back? 


Raena lays in lap selfieMine’s puzzle selfie




We’ll see Raena. We also wanted to share a new puzzle with ya’ll fur your enjoyment. Click here fur me’s puzzle and here fur Raena’s. Just click the little circle arrows in the lower left hand corner and you’re all set. ‘Member, you can change the number of pieces ifin you’d like. We like a challenge, but you can play with as few as 24 pieces.  


Till the next time……………………………………………..Be Blest!!!    


Dezi: Vibrant Blue   

Raena: Navy Blue




Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


Deztinee and RaenaBelle

21 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: Blessings And Puzzle Selfies

  1. Thank you for the puzzles. My eyes will get too strained with over 200 pieces so I am going to do them at 100. 🙂 I am glad your Mommy didn’t get a ticket. XO

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