Chatting Cats: Our Texas Adventure Wrap Up

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. We’re back to tell ya’ ‘bout the rest of our Texas adventure today. You can read pawrt 1 here. We wanted to say that peeps grieve differently, and fur us, havin’ a little fun takin’ ya’ll on our journey is very cathartic. (Raena looks at Dezi for approval) Okay sissy, I’s told ‘em, so let’s get back on the road and in the hotel.


Raena sits pretty profile




          Ifin we believed in such things Raena, me would think you were channelin’ me’s sis Lexi. That girl luvved to travel, and it seems so do you.


Oh yes sissy, travelin’ is so much fun. Anyways, we left off yesfurday with all of us crawlin’ into that ginormous bed to cuddle and sleep. The funeral was on Caturday, so when we woke up, mommy got ready and practiced her song. She wanted to try to sing it without cryin’, but was purretty sure that wasn’t gonna happen. At some point mommy’s sister called and told her they were meetin’ at the funeral home and one of the cousins was askin’ fur mommy. 


Raena looks in carrierC’mon mommy, put me in here and nopawdy will know I’s there.




          Yep Raena, then mommy sat down to decide how she was gonna handle the day. Seems most everypawdy there is ‘lergic to kitties, and our presence has been one of the reasons mommy’s not welcome, so tryin’ not to stress anypawdy out, mommy decided she’d wing it and leave both of us at the hotel. She purrayed really hard to be okay and not have any passin’ out spells while she was gone. 


Dezi rolls on bed Sure mommy, me will hang out here and play with the tickle pickle. Be careful.




I’s thought she was wrong and chased her out the hotel room door. Mommy started cryin’ but she picked me up and put me back in the room and said she had to go without us, but that she’d be back really soon.  


Raena looks out window from chairRaena lookin’ out the window from the chair




          Yep, and ya’ sat right there by that door waitin’ fur her the whole time.


I’s missed her. And I’s worried, what ifin she needed us?. Fanky fankfully, she wasn’t gone very long and she said everythin’ was okay. The service was durin’ the middle of the day, and that’s usually when mommy’s at her bestest. I’s was just glad to see her. She seemed purretty happy to see us too. So much so, that she took both of us on the elevator to get some ice. 


          That elevator was really cool Raena. Me could’a rode that ride a few more times. Anyways, we all just relaxed fur the rest of the day and got ready to come back home.  


Dezi sits on bedside tableWhoa…What’s that on the wall?




And, mommy checked the computer maps fur the bestest way to go. She said we weren’t trustin’ mr. Smarty pants fone again. The next meownin’ we got all packed up and headed out. The furst thing that happened is mommy got lost and had to ask mr. smarty pants fone fur directions back to the highway. MOL  ‘Course, she started ignorin’ him after that. Everytime he’d mouth off and tell her to turn off the main highway, she’d just ignore him and keep on drivin’.  


View from the car of the texas landscapeYou can see furever here, but what I’s don’t see is any pawtty boxes. Altho’…MOL




          Yeah, till we all started hollerin’ we needed to pee. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. So, mommy decided we’d get off at the very next town and find pawtties fur all of us. 73 miles later, mr. smarty pants fone had us goin’ in circles lookin’ fur the pet store. 


Dezi sits on table by bed looking down




I’s don’t know who gives these smarty pants fones their directions sissy, but they sure do need an update. It’s a wonder we didn’t flood the car. Fanky fankfully, we all made it to the facilities. We looked around fur a few minutes and then mommy bought us a couple of surprises. I’s can’t wait to see what she got us. She said it was somethin’ to do with our Service Cat Furiday postys.  


          Yeah Raena, she had to put ‘em in our little keep it frozen bag awnty Cindy had sent us, so me’s thinkin’ it’s somethin’ good to eat.   


Ya’ reckon sissy? I’s can’t wait. I’s do luvs to eat ya’ know.  


Raena eats dinner at hotelI’s never miss a meal ifin I’s can help it.




          Yeah Raena, we know. (Dezi shakes her head) Me doesn’t know how you stay so skinny. You can sure pack away those groceries girl. Anyways, the store didn’t have a very big kitty section, so we didn’t spend much time there befur we headed out and back to the highway to come on home. No sooner had google announced our welcome to Oklahoma he also announced there was a speed trap ahead.  


Now that was funny sissy. The speed limit drops by 10mph the minute ya’ cross the invisible state line. Mommy had the cruise control set, so she immediately pumped the brakes, unnecessarily of course, and started scannin’ the area lookin’ fur that old smokey bear. She says that’s what they used to call pawlicemen back in the day. Anyways, we never saw the speed trap and arrived safely back home befur dark. The pawrkin’ lot and sidewalks looked just like they did when we left.  


Raena sits with paw up on perch




          It was still good to be home Raena. Besides, me was gettin’ a bit hungry. Ya’ know they don’t have drive thru’s fur kitties. Why do ya’ think that is?  


I’s don’t know sissy, but that does give me a good idea. Maybe, we could start a franchise of kitty drive thru’s. We could sell pizza slices, tacos and micesicles. Y, We’d be rich!!!   


          (Dezi slaps her paw to her forehead and rolls her eyes) Oh Kittens, She’s at it again.  


Dezi lays in wheelchair watching Raena inside the strollerI’s ready to go again mommy.




We better wrap this up sissy. I’s got lots of things to check out fur our kitty drive thru franchise. Hey, did mommy ‘member to bring our tickle pickle back home?


Till the next time…………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue  

Dezi: Vibrant Blue




Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


RaenaBelle and Deztinee

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