Chatting Cats: Tell All Tuesday: Our Texas Adventure

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. It seems like we’ve been gone furever. I’s sure hope nopawdy furgot us.

Raena stands on cat tree




          Raena, nopawdy furgot us. We told everypawdy why we takin’ time off and our amazin’ furiends kept us in their purrayers.  


Fanky fank goodness they did sissy, or things might have turned out way different. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit back fur the tale of the first day of our trip. Ya’ know, we don’t travel away from home very offen, so makin’ plans is really stressful. Mommy would start to make a reservation and befur she could click enter, the price would change. And, mommy bein’ the respawnsible bargain hunter she is, was tellin’ the computer that she wasn’t payin’ more just cuz the clock hands moved a minute. There oughtta be a law against peeps doin’ those kinds of things. Anyways, she finally got our reservations made and got us packed up so we could head out Friday. She couldn’t believe how the price fur a rental car varied so much over just a few hours.  


Parking lot and sidewalk post jackhammerThat pile of rubble was our sidewalk and parking lot the night befur we left.




          Yeah Raena, it’s kind’a crazy. She was able to rent a car from Friday to Monday fur less than it would’a cost fur just 2 days. And, she got a motel room fur two nights fur the price of one. 


Pile of rubble that was parking lot and sidewalk



And what a room we had, sissy. Let’s get back to that tho’. I’s wanna meow ‘bout that car. Ya’ know, our car’s kind’a old. The only fancy thing ‘bout our car is us. Y, The car we took on our trip didn’t even have a key. The nice man at the rental place handed mommy this thing he called a fob and said so long as it was on her purrson, all she had to do was push a button and the car would start. It had touch screens and cameras and all kinds of new wave ‘lectrical stuffs. Mommy said the car updated ‘bout as much as our computer. Anyways, while mommy was tryin’ to get the car loaded so we could leave, the workers here were tearin’ up the pawrkin’ lot and sidewalks with a jack hammer. I’s don’t think I’s ever heard anythin’ louder. 


Best Western Seminole BathroomOur hotel bathroom




          Yep Raena, and nopawdy spoke a lick of English. We were a little freaked out, so mommy was yellin’, “Habla Ingles?, Habla Ingles?” Finally one man came over and asked mommy what she wanted. She told him to give us a few minutes to get loaded and then they could have at it. He relayed somethin’ to the workers and they all sat down unner the old oak tree and had a little siesta.  


Best Western Seminole TubThere was even a nice cool loungin’ spot in the tub.




Sure nuff sissy. It was the craziest thing. Anyways, we finally maneuvered ‘round all the holes and broken cement in the pawrkin’ lot and got on the road. That’s when the real fun started. Mommy had checked just ‘bout every map app includin’ the online ones fur directions and kept gettin’ purretty much the same thing, almost a 7 hour trip. ‘Course, she’d furgotten to print out any of those instructions, so she just asked our smarty pants fone to take us to our destination. Mr. Smarty pants fone annouced our trip was gonna take 5 hours and 10 minutes and to continue straight on the road we were on fur 31 miles.   


Raena peeks around the corner with laser eyesCheck out the size of that bed.




          Yeah Raena, me’s purretty sure mommy freaked out a bit then. That’s almost a 2 hour difference in our trip. But, since she didn’t have any paper directions, she had to take smarty pants fone’s word fur it, and off we went. 


And that’s when mommy started tryin’ to set the cruise control. I’s think she must’ve pushed every button on the dashboard and the steerin’ wheel. A hunnerd miles later and a welcome to Texas announcement from google, mommy finally pushed the right combination of buttons and we were cruisin’ down the road at a stealthy 75mph. Until that is, our furst detour. Yep, that 2 hour difference was finally rearin’ it’s ugly head. Y, At one point, ‘stead of drivin’ on the nice 4 lane divided highway, we were trudgin’ thru some back woods unpaved muddy path; only to be redirected back to said highway 5 miles down the way.  


          Now that was crazy Raena. But, it wasn’t gonna be the last time our smarty pants fone sent us on some wild goose chase. Me’s thinkin’ mr. smarty pants ain’t as smart as he thinks he is.  


Dezi lays on hotel bed




I’s agree sissy. Did you hear him tell mommy he couldn’t take fotos in the car? There was this bootyful scene unfoldin’ befur our very eyes and mommy wanted to get a foto of it, but mr. smarty pants fone said he didn’t take fotos in the car. Maybe that’s why we ended up in the middle of some farmer’s cotton field. When we finally pulled up to our motel, we all had to pee somethin’ fierce. Don’t tell mommy, but I’s purretty sure she piddled in her panties a bit. Anyways, she got us checked into our hotel and started unloadin’ us and our luggage. She just ‘bout gave out when these nice men asked ifin they could help her. Turns out, there was a tennis tournament in town and these men were coaches from Las Vegas.  


Raena walks thru hotel room




          Yep Raena, everypawdy was so nice and helpful. Anyways, mommy got us all set up and headed out to try to find somethin’ to eat. And, to pick up some deodorant cuz she furgot to pack hers. The funeral home was already closed, but mommy saw some of her family members in the pawrkin’ lot. A cousin was gonna be in charge of playin’ the music fur the service on her ipad, so mommy whooped into the pawrkin’ lot to give her the flash drive with mommy’s music on it. And then she went over to the Taco Bell to pick up some dollar tacos to bring back to our room and eat.  


Dezi plays on hotel bed




Mmmmmm Sissy, I’s luvs me some tacos. Mine’s allergies kicked into high gear so I’s couldn’t smell anythin’, but they sure were tasty.  


          Yeah Raena, you made a little piggy of yourself on this trip. You were eatin’ everythin’ in sight. You even ate half of me’s dinner.  


I’s thought you were thru sissy. You’d already hopped up into the window to look out, and I’s was still hungry. I’s think our room might’ve been bigger than our ‘pawrtment. The bed fur sure was.  


Raena sits pretty on hotel bed




          Yeah Raena, it was definitely invitin’. Mommy was exhausted, so after dinner, we all crawled in bed and called it a day.   


Dezi walks on table by bed




And that was just day one of our amazin’ adventure. Come back tomorrow fur the rest of the story. I’s think I’s might need another nap sissy, what ‘bout you?   


Till the next time……………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!  


Raena: Navy Blue 

Dezi: Vibrant Blue


Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  


RaenaBelle and Deztinee 



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11 thoughts on “Chatting Cats: Tell All Tuesday: Our Texas Adventure

  1. Meow meow Raena Belle an Dezi mee has to tell you LadyMew laffed when wee red yore Meowy hollered inn Spahish…that iss furry funny! At leest THE workmen tooked a see-es-tah so you were not scared….so much noise iss terryfyin!
    Yore ferst day/nite was purrty inn-terstin…what a lovelee room! Wee can hardlee wiat fore next bloggie!
    purrsss BellaDharma

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