Blest Sunday: Friends, Cat Caves And Cat Motels

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. Kittens, What a couple of weeks it’s been. We’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout all of ya’, and missin’ ya’ somethin’ terrible. As ya’ know, we missed postin’ last week. We hate to miss Blest Sundays, but let me tell ya’, our lives have been some kind of crazy. Matter of fact, you all may be wonderin’ why it is that it’s me takin’ the lead today, right? Well…

Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner

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Chatting Cats: Our Texas Adventure Wrap Up

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. We’re back to tell ya’ ‘bout the rest of our Texas adventure today. You can read pawrt 1 here. We wanted to say that peeps grieve differently, and fur us, havin’ a little fun takin’ ya’ll on our journey is very cathartic. (Raena looks at Dezi for approval) Okay sissy, I’s told ‘em, so let’s get back on the road and in the hotel.


Raena sits pretty profile



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Chatting Cats: Tell All Tuesday: Our Texas Adventure

Hey, is anypawdy out there? It’s me, RaenaBelle. It seems like we’ve been gone furever. I’s sure hope nopawdy furgot us.

Raena stands on cat tree



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All Good Things…

Well let me see where me left off da udder day. Oh yeah, sissy had eaten 2 packets of da new noms and we was in fur da night. Mommy cleaned up our dinner mess and crawled into da shower.. Yes of course sissy and me was wight there to help her when she needed it. Mommy kept lookin’ at da hooman pawdee box and finkin’ it looked pawfully small, but she didn’t fink much else till she twied to sit down and just kept on fallin’. OMC This was one of those teeny potties like they had put in our pawrtment after da flood. Later we found lots of peeps was talkin’ ‘bout da teeny hooman pawdee boxes. It never occurred to mommy to wequest a handicap room when makin’ da reservations cuz she knew she kuldn’t take hers wheelchair and beyond dat she didn’t fink. But mommy ‘cided we was in and unpacked and tired and so this was gunna be our room fur da duwation. So we all crawled into bed and Lexi chatted up mommy while givin’ hers a head massage. She was tellin’ mommy how happy she was to be there and how much fun we were gunna have. It was workin’ just like mommy had fawt it wuld. Da twip and bein’ away in a motel was puttin’ da pep wight back into Lexi. Happy Lexi, equals happy mommy and me.

dw4182cat tree Dezi

Meez here mr. paparazzi eat yous heart out.

Da next meownin’ came way to soon fur mommy, but she got up anyways and got weady to go down and have bwekky and take hers furst class. Mommy and me headed down and OMC they was servin’ bacon. Yep, it was piled so high me kuldn’t see da bottom of da pan. After bwekky we went to our class and then back in to visit da exhibition hall again. Mommy told them all ‘bout how sissy ate such a good dinner and not just dat, but this meownin’ she ate 2 of thoes pouches again. So da pawsum peeps fwum Weruva loaded us up wiff noms and told us to check wiff ‘em later. And then mommy let me take a turn on da big Cat twee. Da paparazzi luvved me. We had lunch and then went up to da room to take a small bweak. And mommy left me behind and gwabbed sis Lexi and they went back down fur anudder class. Mommy did da switcharoo sevewal times dat day so Lexi and me boff kuld have a turn. Specially cuz everytime mommy wuld leave Lexi in da room, she wuld follow mommy to da door and wanna go. After da class mommy and Lexi went to da exhibition hall and they was tellin’ da cat peeps all ‘bout how we got to come to BlogPaws and ‘bout poor Brian getting’ sick and all and she told us to take a kupple extwa goodies fur them. Weez sendin’ ‘em a box today wiff a little BlogPaws swag. Anyways, mommy and Lexi came back up wiff Ms. Ava and flat Christy Paws and Miss Emily and Sophie joined ‘em.

 dw Dezi in tree5

Now comes da pawrt dat we pawently need to splain. See weez be Service cats. Dat means we be twained to help mommy purrfurm daily tasks to continue livin’ independently. We awen’t Celebwacats. Altho’ weez fur sure wanna be, so weez be workin’ on our hostessin’ abilities. As Service cats we can be very furiendly and outgoin’ while out on duty, ifin mommy sez it be okay; but home (or our room) is ours. Weez not used to havin’ company or entertainin’ in our space. So Lexi did gweat when she visited wiff Sophie and flat Christy. Me on da udder hand…well me just hung UTB lissenin’ to everyfin’ goin’ on. Our guest stayed a while and then went back downstairs fur anudder class. Mommy decided to stay in da room wiff us cuz we had an innewview later on dat night and we was gunna be meetin’ awnty Mary fwum Facebook. Furiday night was a furee night. Meanin’ there was no classes, dinners or anyfin’ else. Awnty Mary bwought mommy sum much needed cokes and went to da innewview wiff mommy and me afur leavin’. It was so nice to meet awnty Mary, and this time sis Lexi lissened in UTB. Alone again, we came out to play wiff mommy and have dinner. Again, sissy ate a pouch and a can of da noms. Mommy was so happy to see sissy eatin’ so well. And sissy was also jumpin’ fwum chair to chair to bed in our room. Yep, da twip was duin’ everyfin’ it kuld to make sissy feel better.


Caturday came too fast fur us. This had all been a whirlwind and we just didn’t want it to end. Now me told ya’ there was a couple doggies dat purrawllu shuldn’t have been there cuz they weren’t da bestest behaved. They had lunged and growled and bawked at me and Lexi fwuout da day on Furiday. So it came time fur mommy to get weady to go down to da dinner and she ‘cided to go by hers selff. There wasn’t a lot of room at those tables fur our stwoller. But just as she was sayin’ goodbye and headin’ out sis Lexi ran to da door and wanted to go. Mommy told her she had to go in da stwoller ifin she was to go, and picked Lexi up and put her in da stwoller. lexi purromptly jumped out and gwabbed hers leash and ran fur da door. Again mommy told her she had to be in da stwoller and this time sissy dwopped da leash and went unner da bed. Ifin she kuldn’t go da way she wanted, she just didn’t wanna go at all. MOL Anyways da twip was so much fun fur all of us. But we awe glad to be home.

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And speakin’ of home… We wasn’t home more than a kupple of hours and sis Lexi was jumpin’ all over da cat twee and askin’ fur tweats. Mommy was so ‘cited she stawrted diggin’ fwu da swag bag to get her sum. And she gwabbed da camera and snapped a few fotos as well as a small video. Hope yous enjoy it, weez fwilled Lexi feels so good. Now weez workin’ on a small give away, so bear wiff us and weez’ll post dat soon.

 Ifin you can’t see da video, purrlease click BlogPaws: The Pep I needed.

Till da next time………………………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi