Blest Sunday: A Pawsome Week of Blessings

C’mon RaenaBelle. Hurry up mommy, we need you to type fur us. It’s Blest Sunday, and everypawdy purrobably thinks we fell off the face of the earth. We’ve been MIA since last Wednesday. Kittens!!! (Dezi tries to corral Raena and push mommy to the computer)

Dezi and Raena lay on cat tree with Blest Sunday banner




          Calm down sissy, we’re comin’. Everypawdy knows we’re out of sorts and away from home. Besides, it’s not like we went missin’ by choice. You know how mommy feels ‘bout bein’ on the computer durin’ the storms. And trust me, those were some purretty fierce storms we had. While you were hidin’ UTB (under the bed), tornadoes and high winds and golf ball sized hail and rain were fallin’ all ‘round us. The power kept flickerin’ and the hotel staff was beatin’ on everypawdy’s doors tellin’ us to go down stairs. ‘Course, we didn’t go cuz mommy would never leave one of us behind. 


Raena stands on stroller handles




Yeah Raena, those sure sounded like some serious storms. Me’s so grateful that mommy didn’t leave me behind. Me would’a been scared all by me’s self in this strange place. We’re so Blest to have a mommy who luvs us so much.


Dezi sits pretty on floor




          Sure ‘nuff sissy. I’s tried to watch the storms. I’s never seen a tornado befur. But mommy kept hollerin’ at me to get outta the window. She said bein’ in the window durin’ storms isn’t safe.   


Raena looks out window at stormNow just where is that tornado mommy?




Hmmmmpht  Me don’t know ‘bout you sometimes Raena. Why would you wanna watch the storms anyways? As ifin that wasn’t enuff, mommy woke up the next day and couldn’t see anythin’. She kind’a freaked out. Fankfully, her insurance paid fur an eye exam. By the time she got there, she could see a little again, but everythin’ was really blurry. The doctor didn’t know zactly what caused it, but told her that her left eye was really really bad. Cuz of the side effects of some of her medicines, he recommended a contact fur her left eye and gave her one to try fur a month. 


Raena looks up at window from floor Is this far enuff mommy?




          Yep, mommy says it seems to be helpin’. But the mommy pawrt containers by the bathroom sink just keep growin’. Now she has to take out her teethies and her eye befur bed every night. What’s next I’s wonder? MOL


Raena sits pretty selfie




There’s no tellin’ Raena. But you do know that ain’t mommy’s eye, it’s just a lens, right? Anyways, how did mommy’s check up ‘pointment go with her doctor?  


Dezi bathes on hotel bed with tongue out




          Well sissy, her feetsies were goin’ down, but the doctor said they were still a little swollen and increased the dosage of her water pill. Mommy isn’t on board fur an increase, but she says her feetsies are feelin’ much better, and that’s what counts. Cuz of the storms, we weren’t able to go shoppin’; but mommy purromissed this week was s’posed to be okay weather wise, so we’d paint the town red one day. I’s don’t care nuffin’ ‘bout paintin’, I’s just wanna find a purrize fur our scavenger hunt winner. I’s gettin’ so x’cited.  


Me too Raena, me thinks this might be one of the funnest things we’ve ever done.   


          Hey sissy, did you know today’s Cinco de Mayo? Mommy had a coupon fur a free taco from the Taco Bell, so grabbed it in celebration. I’s hopped in the bag and mommy laffed and laffed. She said, “who needs a chihuahua?” I’s not sure what that meant, but the bag was huuuuuuuge.  


Raena sits in taco bell bag selfie




Yeah, me didn’t get it either Raena, but you did look funny peerin’ over the edge of that bag. Anyways, we’ve had so many Blessings this week, me’s not sure we can count ‘em all. The tornadoes didn’t get us, the hail didn’t hurt us and the storms passed without floodin’ us out completely.  


Raena sits in toco bell bag




          And mommy’s feelin’ better and can see again sissy, that’s a pawsum Blessing. And we even got to visit a lot of our furiends befur the weather turned on us. So, all in all, it was a great week don’t ya’ think?  


Dezi lays pretty on the bed selfie




You’re right Raena, it was a furtastic week. Take your selfie and link us up with the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies while me closes us out. As we do each week, we’d like to remind everypawdy to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks fur the Blessings in your lives. Thank you so much fur bein’ Blessings in ours.  


Till the next time……………………………………………………Be Blest!!!  


Dezi: Vibrant Blue   

Raena: Navy Blue


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Deztinee and RaenaBelle  

25 thoughts on “Blest Sunday: A Pawsome Week of Blessings

  1. RaenaBelle you look totally cute in that paper taco sack! Tee hee hee.

    Mom says maybe it was all the “atmospheric pressure” from the storms that was messing with your momma’s eye. My mom is blind as a bat without her lenses.

    I wish you all could move to ORE Gon where there are no tornados or hurricanes and we don’t get any of that golf ball sized hail, not that I know of anyway. It rains a lot in the winter and spring, but it is nice and dry in the summer. It is very green here, too. Oh we would have so much fun if you lived next door to me and momma! Luvs and hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would be pawsum Valentine. But, we have to have somewhere to stay while mommy finds a place to live and such where ever we go. Ifin ya’ know of anywhere, let us know. Big hugs

      Luvs ya’

      Raena and Dezi


  2. Awww, that is an extra cute selfie there, and probably the best taco ever. Now that shot is taken you can justifiably say you let the cat out of the bag! MOL
    Purrs that your mom’s eyes and leg get better very soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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