Blest Sunday: Lexi: A Life Forever Changed

Hi everyone, Mommy A here. Friday was Rainbow Bridge Remembrance day. I had intended to share about the profound relationship Lexi and I had and the way she changed my life forever. While I don’t believe in a rainbow bridge, I do believe in heaven and every day I think of and remember Lexi. So, I hope you’ll allow me to share what a Blessing Lexi was today.


Lexi lays on scratcher Blest Sunday


It all started back in March of 1999. I was trying to come to terms with the fact that my disabilities from the car accident a few years earlier were permanent. I was trying to find ways to be useful, and also trying to distract myself from the sinking depression that was consuming me. I had all these dreams of having a career, seeing more of the world, getting married and settling down, and now none of that seemed as if it was in my future.


I stopped by the pet store on my way home from school one afternoon and a rescue group was set up there showing animals. Naturally, I had to stop and pet the kitties. My kitty wouldn’t care so long as he left with a new toy, so no harm no foul. While talking with them, the rescue reps of course, I learned they needed foster homes for abandoned kittens. That had been my specialty years ago, and I thought it might be nice to get involved, so I signed up. Almost immediately they called me to foster three little male kitties. I called them the April Fool’s boys because it was estimated they were born around the first of April. Anyways, I was also helping man the adoption events at the pet store where I’d first signed up. I could have never known how my life was going to be forever changed that cool April 29th of 1999 when I gathered up the April Fools boys and headed to the pet store for the big adoption event weekend.

Lucky Lucciano baby
Lucky Lucciano, one of the April Fool’s boys that became a foster fail.




We’d only been there about an hour when I heard my name on the speaker system of the store and saw a woman running towards me with a shoe box. The woman told me how her dog had just killed a cat in their backyard and how that while shaking the cat, babies were being thrown across her yard. She said she grabbed them up, put them in the shoe box and headed for the pet store where she’d seen me bottle feeding the week before. She took the top off the box to reveal three tiny little black kittens. By this time, I had been joined by the rescues head “cat lady”. She made the determinations of which cats were rescued and which were not. She looked into the box and said, “Oh, they’re black. We don’t take black cats.” I stood there for a moment dumbfounded and then took the shoebox from the traumatized woman and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of them.” I thanked her and sent her on her way before telling the rescue organization that I was taking these kittens with or without their help. Reluctantly, they agreed and Lexi’s story began.


Lexi and littermates in shoe box
Lexi and her littermates in that shoe box




Of course, I was just fostering her. I never intended to actually keep her. She was tiny and had pronounced features. She didn’t do well at adoption events where people were constantly poking their fingers in the cage at her and passing her around from one person to another. She responded by becoming a bit aggressive towards the other cats. She drew blood more than once in our household, and because of that I thought she should be adopted to a home where she would be the one and only. She loved spending time with me and I thought she’d make a great lap cat for someone looking for just that. But, because of her aggression, the rescues’ “cat lady” decided she shouldn’t be adopted out and should be put to sleep. Wellllllllll, THAT wasn’t happening!!! So, I took her out of the rescues care and adopted her myself. Seems that had been Lexi’s plan all along. We had a little chat about how I loved her and that she would be with me forever, and sealed it with a name change. She had been Lana, now she would be Laramie Alexandra, or Lexi for short. She immediately started getting along with the other cats; although her favorite place to be remained anywhere I was.



Lexi and Lucky play with each other
Lexi and Lucky playing together happily. You’d never know she had once drawn blood and caused him to fear her.




She didn’t even notice when her littermates were adopted and no longer a part of our home, she only had eyes for me. At night, she curled up around my head and massaged me to sleep; something she did right up to the end. Anytime I would sit down, she was there to jump in my lap and purr and chat. Before long, I realized I was looking forward to waking in the morning. I looked forward to relaxing and having my evening chats with Lexi. The depression that consumed me just a few months earlier, had taken a back seat to this little black tabby that almost didn’t get the chance to live. People said I saved her life. The truth is, she saved mine. 


Young teenager Lexi
A 6 month old Lexi laying on the couch waiting for me to sit down so she’d have my lap.




You can also watch on youtube here.


Our lives weren’t easy. I was still disabled and we were still poor. I still had bouts of depression, but Lexi didn’t care and she was always there. When I’d cry, she’d reach up with her paw and wipe the tears away. She would wake from a dead sleep if she heard me crying and come running to wipe those tears away. She’d rub her head against mine and purr loudly as if to say, “It’s going to be okay. I love you.” We moved numerous time throughout her lifetime, but she was never phased by the change at all. In fact, she loved taking trips, so long as I was there with her. She didn’t see my faults. She didn’t see my shortcomings. She needed me. She wanted me. She relied on me. And for someone who felt worthless, she was the reason I wanted to live and be better. Truth be told, I needed her probably more than she needed me. 


Lexi rides in her travel carrier home from BlogPaws Nashville
Lexi loved to travel







Yes, I trained Lexi to be my service cat, and she was amazing. She was smart and seemed to sense the need before I had it. But she was so much more than that. We had an almost symbiotic relationship. We understood each other with just a look. You won’t find a being more empathetic than an animal, cats in particular. They don’t judge or care what color you are or how much money you have.


L:exi lays in lap




Cats have gotten a bad rep through the years. They’ve been called aloof and loners, destroyers of furniture and curtains. But, that’s not true. The more positive interaction you have with your cat, the deeper and more rewarding your relationship will be. Understanding a cat’s needs and providing a few key enrichment items such as scratchers and a little training, will result in a happy home for both human and feline.


Lexi lays on nip mat




My life was forever changed all those years ago when a wee kitten who almost didn’t have the chance to live collided with mine. I had been questioning why I didn’t die in that car wreck. Why was I still alive when nobody wanted or needed me? What was the purpose? When Lexi entered my life, I didn’t have time for self pity anymore, and depression always took a back seat to the joy she brought to every day. Her fight to survive and live in spite of the overwhelming odds of her birth, made me appreciate the life I had been given. This is one of the reasons we celebrate each week here with a Blest Sunday post. I miss her terribly. I remember her every day. The lessons she taught me about unconditional love will be with me forever. As I look to the heavens and remember her sweet face I say, “I love you Lexi. Thank you for saving and loving me!” 


Lexi sleeps on mommy A's hand, selfie
Lexi, Forever Loved and Remembered.




As we do each week, we’d like to remind you to take a minute today and every day to Give Thanks for the Blessings in your lives. Thank you for being Blessings in ours. 


Till the next time……………………………………………………..Be Blest!!!




Love and Hugs and KittyBelle Kisses


Mommy A, Deztinee and RaenaBelle

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