Service Cats: Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Hey dearest furiends, are ya’ll ready fur the weekend and Mother’s day? I’s gotta tell ya’, I’s wanted to get mommy something, but nopawdy took bonito flakes, kittybelle kisses or purrs fur payment. This was always Dezi’s depawrtment. Who knew I’s needed something called a credit card?. They just don’t know what they’re missing. Oh well, I’s know mommy will luvs extra hugs and kittybelle kisses.

Raena lap selfie

Anyways, you all came here today to hear about our surprise, didn’t you? As you know, we went to the city last week. Mommy purposely made me leave out some of the details of our trip cuz she’s overly cautious and a bit trigger shy at this point. You know, a person can only deal with so many losses and letdowns befur they start to lose faith that things are going to work out. As ya’ know, we’ve been looking fur me a new brofur, a new furry helper fur mommy, and not having a lot of luck. So, about a month ago mommy decided she would volunteer to foster some bottle babies. She figured it would help both of us . You know, keep our minds occupied and maybe even lead to finding mine’s new brofur. What’s that they say about the road to hell? We don’t have any cat rescues in our area, so mommy called all those closest to us but they all said we lived to far away from their home base to be fosters. And, it seemed everytime the shelter would list a litter needing fostering, they were scooped up befur we could even get ahold of anypawdy.

Raena standing by chair looking up

Well mommy, just keep calling and checking with them.

So, let’s go back in time to last Wednesday. It was a dreary day, overcast, gray, and a bit chilly. It had been storming, thundering, lightning, and pouring rain fur over 24 hours straight. We were under a severe flood watch. Since we don’t get to town very often, mommy had actually ordered a few groceries from Wally World to pick up befur we headed home. When we left the hospital, we still had an hour befur we could pick up our groceries, so mommy decided that we’d go out to the shelter and just check and see if they had any litters that needed to be fostered. It is kitten season after all; and, we live in an area that is still behind the times on the whole spaying and neutering benefits.

Raena's profile sitting in the stroller outside

The shelter has apparently changed quite a few of their pawlicies since the last time mommy dealt with them. However, they still have problems with keeping kitties healthy when they come into the shelter. As mommy perused the cages, most of the kitties showed signs of URI’s in varying degrees. Anyways, there was a very purretty mommy kitty with 6 babies that they wanted to get into a foster home. But, mommy said an adult cat and 6 kittens was too much fur our little apartment, and the babies were most likely going to make it since they had a mommy. Mommy’s specialty is bottle babies. Those poor babes who don’t have a kitty mommy. Not everypawdy can actually handle those litters, so mommy said we’d pass. There was another litter that was 5 weeks old, but again, they would be okay in most any foster home, so again, mommy said we’d pass. Mommy’s heart was feeling a little sad. Once again, she was feeling let down.

Of course, like any kitty luvver, mommy couldn’t leave without saying hey to all the other kitties waiting at the shelter fur their furever homes. So, she headed to the nursery to visit said kitties. Sneezy, wheezy, dirty pawed kitties were reaching out from every which way and meowing at the top of their lungs fur attention. And yes, mommy had to luvs on each and every one of them. She just can’t help herself ya’ know? She came to the very end of the row of cages and saw these two adorable kittens playing with each other, and one kitten crouched in the litter box at the back. You couldn’t see anything but ears and eyes. The poor kitten looked terrified. Mommy looked in and spoke softly, “Hey sweetheart, come here.

Zebby nestled under mommy A's chin at shelter

One scared kitty.

She looked on as the kitten crouched even lower in the litterbox. More determined than ever, mommy opened the cage and slowly slipped her hand into it. As she did, the scared kitten jumped right out of the litterbox and ran straight to mommy’s waiting hand. She could now see the blue band around the kittens neck, signaling that it was a male. Mommy scooped him up and as she drew him out of the cage, he latched onto her shirt and climbed up under her chin and started purring. Each time mommy would try to pull him down, he would scurry back up and nestle under her chin again. Ifin you’re thinking mommy was smitten, you’re right. But, the last time mommy tried to adopt a kitty from the shelter, they wanted her to pay and pick the kitten up a month later. That was one of the reasons mommy had decided fostering would be a good way to find a kitten. Once it was in our house…well, you understand, right?

Mommy A's hand behind Zebby to show his size

Mommy A’s hand to show size

Well, one of those pawlicy changes was the adoption process. Seems you now take kitty home the same day. Ifin it isn’t yet altered, you sign a contract that says you’ll bring said kitty back fur their surgery once they’re old enough or weigh enough, 2 pounds. Mommy was purretty excited. BUT, I kept telling mommy to look at the sign on the cage she just pulled that fuzzy kitten from. HE HAS COOTIES!!! Sure ‘nuff, there it was in black and white, COOTIES. Okay, so maybe it actually said Eye Drops, but it’s the same thing. He’s sick!!! Mommy wasn’t listening to reason anymore. She said that cootie infected tommy boy was meant to come home with us. At the front desk, we were given some paperwork that said he and his littermates had been surrendered the day befur cuz they weren’t wanted. I’s thought mommy was gonna cry right then and there. They also listed his birth date as 3/14/2021, making him 6 1/2 weeks old. Mommy says there’s no way he’s that old. She’s guessing the litter was about 4 1/2 weeks old.

Zebby lays in mommy A's lap on his first day home

Zebby at home on day 1.

New kitten in hand…literally, we headed out. Naturally, mommy called the V-E-T. She wanted to stop in fur a health check and meds befur bringing him into the house. But, Drs. Stabby and Grabby were swamped and couldn’t fit us in. Mommy called around and couldn’t get in to see any V-E-Ts that day. So, we headed home and mommy decided we’d not say anything until we were sure he was gonna make it. The next day, she called the closest V-E-T and they said they could work him in. As expected, the V-E-T agreed, he was closer to 4 1/2 or 5 weeks old, and he had a respiratory infection. He was running a fever and had mucky eyes. He got an antibiotic shot that made him scream and mommy jump, antibiotics to bring home and eye salve fur their muck. He’s doing much better, so mommy says, he’s gonna make it and we can now let the cat out of the bag. So, without further adieu…

Zebby stares at the camera from mommy A's lap

          Is it finally my turn? (Raena rolls her eyes) Hi, my name’s Zebadee Rayden, but mommy just calls me Zebby. She says Zebadee means gift from Jehova God, and Rayden, aka Raiyden taken from the name of the Japanese thunder god, literally means thunder and lightning. She says since it was storming so bad the day we met, she had to incorporate that somehow. I’s don’t really understand all that stuffs, but I’s telling ya’, I’s sure am happy to have a furever home where I’s wanted and luvved. And, have you seen that fluffy, purretty girlcat called Raena. I’s can’t wait till I’s big enough and well enough to play with my new sisfur. Right now tho’, I’s really enjoying spending time getting to know my new mommy. I’s can’t believe out of all the kitties vying fur her attention that day, this scared little kitty boy was the lucky one. When she came to my cage, my heart almost stopped. She walked away at furst and I’s wanted to meow fur her to come back, but I’s was too afraid. When she did come back, I’s just froze, hoping she’d see me. And, when she stuck her hand in my cage, I hurried to get to her befur one of my rambunctious littermates could. Somehow, I’s just knew that if I’s could get to her everything would be okay.

Zebby lays in mommy A's lap looking cute

          Kittens!!! I’s never could’ve imagined how wonderful things would really be. I’s mean, you should see all the toys and trees and scratchers in my new furever home. And RaenaBelle says I’s have lots of out of this world amazing furiends, awnties, and uncles. I’s mean, I’s went from unwanted to totally Blest over night. Could my life get any better?

     We’re happy you’re here Zebby. Aren’t we Raena?

Sure mommy, happy, happy. (Raena rolls her eyes and huffs) I’s can’t wait fur his floofy hiney to start helping out around here. You know, he’s gotta earn his keep and all. And, I’s sure everypawdy can’t wait to hear some great training stories. He looks a bit daft after all.

Raena and Zebby meet face to face for the first time

That’s mine’s lap dude. Do you still have cooties?

     Be nice baby. I’m sure he’ll do just fine. And, I know you’re going to help him learn just like Dezi did with you.

Raena lays in mommy's lap, full body

Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyways, that’s the big surprise. We could still use a few purrayers ifin ya’ll don’t mind. Now, we gotta get outta here cuz Mrs. N’s coming home today so mommy’s got lots to do. I’s know Spook and Jubal will be happy to have their mommy back. And, I’s’ll be glad to spend more time at home. I’s missed a few naps during this whole thing. We’re linking up with Comedy Plus fur Feline Friday and wishing you all a pawtastic weekend.

Till the next time……………………………………………………………….Be Blest!!!

Luvs and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

RaenaBelle and Zebadee  


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  1. Raena, Momma and I loved reading this and how Zebby came to be your new brofur. It’s an exciting time for your momma and you, as well as for Zebby. Luvs and hugs.


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