Service Cats: Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

Hey dearest furiends, are ya’ll ready fur the weekend and Mother’s day? I’s gotta tell ya’, I’s wanted to get mommy something, but nopawdy took bonito flakes, kittybelle kisses or purrs fur payment. This was always Dezi’s depawrtment. Who knew I’s needed something called a credit card?. They just don’t know what they’re missing. Oh well, I’s know mommy will luvs extra hugs and kittybelle kisses.

Raena lap selfie

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Love At the Shelter

Adoption Poem by mommy

It’s finally Furiday. And just days afur meez birffday. 2 days to be exact. Da month of November will be here in no time and then it’ll be Christmas. Mommy sez she be runnin’ a little behind getting’ things ready fur meez birffday party on da 2nd, so we purrobly won’t be around much this weekend. But weez’ll be here Monday to celebrate me turnin’ 6 years old. Me be feelin’ really good. Da supplements and change of food is workin’ and as purromissed we will be givin’ ya’ da 411 on it soon. Mommy wanted to make sure da steps we was takin’ was workin’ afur we posted and pawssibly caused sum of you to have da mis infurmation we had from da VET. Shame on da VET and good fur mommy bein’ da kind to research and learn fur herself.

Lexi's pretty sit pose with her gorgeious green eyes looking ip at me.
I’z so glad mommy adopted me.

Anyways, we did want to talk briefly today ‘bout da pawsumness an adopted kitty kuld bring to your life. As Cat month draws to a close, we want to remind peeps dat shelters and rescues are full of amazin’ furry purrers just lookin’ fur their furever home.

Love At the Shelter


Young and old and every age in between, kittens and cats abound at the shelter.

   White cats, black cats, tabby cats, patterned cats, they can all be found at the shelter.

Long hair cats and short hair cats you can find what you need.

   Needy cats, lap cats, independent kittys too; All hoping them, you’ll see.


Whether reaching through the bars or cowering in the back, a cage is no place for a kitty.

   No matter where you live, apartment, barn or house,     small town or even the city

You always have room for a furry little purrer, majestic hunter or sweet little house panther

   They’re seeking a home with a love of their own; all the   kitties at the shelter.


Are you looking for love? Do you feel all alone? Could you use a life helper?

   Look no further the answer just might be…at the                  shelter.

Unconditional love, entertainment and adventures, in return fur a home you’re due

   When you adopt  a kitten or cat, from…the shelter.

(Audra High-©2015)

Dezi playing with the over the door hanging mouse she got for her 6th birthday from aunty anonymous
Fank you fur ‘doptin’ me mommy. And fanks fur da pawsum toy awnty Anonymous.

Well we hope you enjoyed our little poem fur Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. And as always, weez joinin’ Rascal and Rocco fur da Pet Parade Blog Hop. Be sure and come by on Monday to celebrate da big day.

Till da next time…………………………..Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi   

Are They Bad? Pt. 3

Oh mommy weez sure awe havin’ sum bad stowms. Me dusn’t fink it’s ever gunna stop rainin’. It makes me feel so sad fur all those feral kitties we talked ‘bout. Cuz most of them never end up in da shelter or a furever home. At least those kitties in da shelter don’t have to be outside when da wedder be so bad.


No Dezi the shelter kitties don’t have to be out in the bad weather. But they’re just as sad.

Why mommy? What zactly is a shelter cat? Me knows it’s Adopt a Shelter Cat mumff, but me dusn’t know why.

dw Dezi178

Well sweety every year at this time shelters get over crowded because kitties are having babies, and a lot of them. A lot of those kitties are strays that haven’t been outside long enough to become feral yet, and some are brought in because their people don’t want them anymore.

Why would their people not want them anymore mommy? Are they bad kitties?

Oh honey no, they’re not bad kitties at all. Sometimes their people just get bored with them, or kitty gets sick and they can’t afford or don’t want to spend the money to help them. And sometimes a kitty will develop a bad habit like going potty outside the box. There are all kinds of reasons kitties end up in the shelter baby, but none of them are good reasons or the the kitties fault really. A kitty that’s sick or has behavior problems doesn’t have a very good chance of being adopted.

Cassidy at
Cassidy at

OMC Mommy do you mean me kuld have been a shelter kitty when me waz peein’ on da floor stead of da box?

No baby you were never at risk of bein’ a shelter kitty. I knew there was a reason you were doing that and I am/was willing to do whatever it takes/took to fix that. You’re my baby girl and there’s no way you will ever be a shelter kitty, so don’t worry your pretty little head about that.


Fank you mommy. But ifin a kitty goes to da shelter cuz they be havin’ purrawllems how awe they ever gunna get a furever home? Me wuld be terrified to be in a cage wiff all da stwange peeps and sounds. And wiffout meez sissy and you me purrawlly wuldn’t be very furiendly eever. Nopawdy wuld want me wuld they mommy?

Parker at
Parker at

Well baby, sometimes there are wonderful rescue groups that will take a chance on kitties that are scared and have problems and they take them home to live with foster parents where the kitties can get help and hopefully find forever homes.

Like me and sissy wight mommy?

Well sort of honey. You and your sister were rescued before you ever went to a shelter. But yes, if those rescue groups hadn’t been there y’all would have gone to shelters.

Princess Peach
Princess Peach

What happens to da kitties dat don’t get lucky enuff to get a foster home mommy?

Sometimes they do okay in the cages until someone comes along and adopts them. And some shelters are doing wonderful things and making cat rooms so the kitties don’t have to be in a cage all the time. They’re realizing that kitties don’t do well in cages.

But what about those kitties dat not do well in a cage and isn’t in one of those pawsum shelters?

Oh Dezi, (hugs Dezi and holds her close) sometimes those kitties are euthanized. And sometimes they do get lucky and somebody does take a chance on them. Your friend Ms. Layla just brought home such a kitty.

Dat’s Radish, isn’t it mommy? (wipes tears from mommys eyes with paw)

Yes it is. Radish is a prime example of a wonderful kitty that didn’t do well in a cage. He was older, scared and struck out and would bite people. And he was sick too, so he didn’t ever stand a chance. But with social media today a lot more kitties get a chance than ever before. That’s why it’s so important for us to share those kitties and posts.

Faulkner at
Faulkner at

Like when we see one of our furiends make a posty wiff a kitty needin’ a home. We share da posty and purray fur dat kitty and all da kitties wight mommy?

That’s right baby. You just never know who might be reading your posts and see the kitty for them in one of those posts.

What else can we do to help those kitties find luvvin’ furever homes?

Tricia at
Tricia at

Well we can volunteer, donate money and supplies, and share, share, share. Shelters are always in need of supplies and funds. There’s always something you can do to help. Spay and neuter your own pets and commit to them for their entire life, and not just when they’re cute little kitties or puppies, but also when they’re older and can’t get around as well. As a society we tend to want to adopt the younger kitties, puppies, even babies. But older pets are just as wonderful.

Like sissy wight? She’s da bestest.

Sis Lexi today at 16 years old. She's still got it.
Sis Lexi today at 16 years old. She’s still got it.

Yes baby she is the bestest. Remember to adopt and not shop. And next time, take a look at the older kitties available before you make your decision. And get involved in some way. You can check this website to Find a shelter in your area.

Fank you fur tellin’ me ‘bout da shelter kitties mommy. Me sure hopes and purrays lots of kitties get adopted by luvvin’ mommys and daddys not only this mumff but every mumff. And we want to fank all of you who volunteer and give tirelessly of yous time to help da kitties in shelters and on da stweets. And to all of you foster mommys and daddys, fanks fur takin’ da time and givin’ a second chance to those kitties dat society sez awen’t purrfect. Member, shelter kitties awen’t bad. Adopt, Adopt, Adopt!!!

dw Dezi selfie

Me will be havin’ a give away this weekend, so me sure hopes yous’ll stop by and enter. And if you missed Pt. 1 or Pt. 2 of our Adopt a Shelter Cat Mumff postys, you can read them here and here. And keep us in yous purrayers. Weez goin’ to da VET today.

Till da next time…………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 


Dezi and Lexi


Dezi = Blue

Mommy = Black

A Feral Conversation Pt. 2

Mommy, mommy! Pick me up mommy, me wants to sit in yous lap. (Dezi gets up in mommy’s lap and settle’s in and lays down) Mommy, will you tell me more about da feral kitties?

Yes dear I will.. What do you say we brush your beautiful fur while I tell you the story?

dw Dezi in lap cu

Do we have to mommy?

Yes Dezi we do.

Okay, but me wants extwa tweats after. You was gunna tell me how da ferals survive and how we can help.

Yes dear I was. And we’ll see about those extra treats. That’s something the feral kitties don’t get, so you need to be thankful you do. Anyways, as I told you yesterday most ferals never get to know what a forever home with love and security is. And in the past their only hope was to live a short life, reproducing and fighting and going hungry day in and day out.

Dat’s just pawful mommy. Why do hoomans have to be so mean?

feral cat shutterstock feral cats eat

I don’t know my love. But not all humans are. Today there are a lot of feral colonies that are thriving. They have good humans looking after them. And these people make sure there is food and water and even sometimes shelters available for the times when it’s too cold or too hot. They work tirelessly to get the kitties in the colony spayed and neutered so they can quit having more and more babies. And they find those that can be part of a family and help them find a forever home off the streets. You know your friend Marg?

Oh yes mommy we luv Ms. Marg and all hers kitties and udder animals too.

Borrowed from Marg's Animals.  Little Bit is one of the lucky ferals now living the good life inside his forever home.
Borrowed from Marg’s Animals. Little Bit is one of the lucky ferals now living the good life inside his forever home.

Yes we do Dezi. Well a lot of Ms. Margs kitties were and are feral.

Me didn’t wealize dat mommy. they all seem so pawtastic.

They are Dezi. Being feral doesn’t mean the kitty is bad, it just means that they’re afraid. There are a lot of feral kitties finding homes these days because of the wonderful people that work with them. You can recognize a “kept colony” by the tipped ears. When they get one altered, the doctor cuts a little tip of the ear while they’re sedated so that everyone knows this kitty can’t make or have babies and belongs to a colony. It doesn’t hurt the kitty at all, and it’s a sign to all who see it. The kitties are then returned to their colony to live out their lives. This is called TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) A lot of the people that take care of these colonies do it on their own. Some have formed rescues and have helpers. And for those of us who don’t have a colony near by we can help educate people about the ferals in their community. And donate. They can always use food and supplies and money. Altho’ a lot of vets will volunteer their time to work with the ferals, a lot of them still charge at least a small fee.

Is dat why yous told our town to chill and to twap da ferals in da community?

dw Lexi3960p

Yes honey it was. Unfortunately our community is very backward and they aren’t open to having a feral colony here, but that doesn’t mean we stop educating them. We keep trying to teach them every chance we get. And we try to educate people on how to be better pet parents so that the kitties don’t end up outside in the first place.

What did they do wiff those kitties mommy?

Well sweety I’m not sure, but I imagine it didn’t turn out well. No kitty belongs in a shelter cage, but ferals really don’t stand a chance of being adopted from a shelter.

Dat makes me so sad mommy. Me wishes every kitty kuld have a home wiff luv like me and sissy have.

I do too Dezi, but until people stand up and take responsibility for the animals in their lives there will always be the need for shelters and rescues and volunteers. These are just a few of the organiztions near us. Feral Friends, Ft. Worth Ferals, and here’s one at a local university. SMU Ferals If you are looking for a feral group in your area or need help with a feral colony of your own, please click here and choose your state to find the nearest organization. And remember, rescues and shelters always need donations. You my dear and your sister need to eat everyday and so do the ferals.

dw Dezi178

Those are sum gweat linkies mommy. Me sure hopes dat more peeps learns dat feral kitties awen’t bad and just need help and patience.

Me too sweety, me too.

Purrlease join us again fur our continuing tale fur Adopt a Shelter Cat Mumff. Ifin you missed Pt. 1, click here. And help however, whenever you can.

Till da next time………………..Be Blest!!!

(Dezi: Blue

Mommy: Black)


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi