A Chilly Blest Sunday

Meow Welcome to a chilly Blest Sunday. There Raena was meowin’ on ‘bout how warm it was and what nice weather we were havin’ and it went and froze up yesfurday.


 Raena lays on the floor in the meatloaf position


          Hey sissy. Don’t blame that on me. You were meowin’ ‘bout the warm weather too.


 Dezi sits on scratcher


Me wasn’t blamin’ ya’ Raena, me was just makin’ an observation.


          Well, maybe next time your observations shouldn’t sound like accusations. Don’t you think I’s soundin’ smart usin’ all these big words?


 Dezi and Raena on the Liberty Cat Tree


Yeah, Sure Raena, whatever. Did you enjoy your play date with Simon the fluff tail


 Raena profile from the back of the chair

Mommy furgot to ask ifin we could borrow a foto, so go over to

Brian’s and check out that cutey Simon.


          (Raena blushes and coyly tucks her chin against her chest. She slow blinks and quietly meows)

          Yes, I’s did. You know he has a pawsum home over at Brian’s place, but like you, Brian and his sisfurs aren’t all that innerested in playin’ like us young’uns. And since Simon’s sisfur’s a little shy, she doesn’t wanna romp and stomp and zoomie thru the house either. That’s somethin’ peeps should remember when bringin’ a new kitty home. You know I’s sure that just like mommy, Simon’s pawrents put a lot of thought into these things too. When ya’ bring a kitten into a house with older kitties, the humans are gonna need to purrvide some extra playtime fur the young’uns, cuz the older kitties might not be able/want to keep up.



Dezi and Raena playing patty cake
You’ve all been waitin’ to see our furst game of patty cake foto. Sorry it’s not da bestest, but here it is.


You’re right Raena. Mommy’s really glad we have several of those automated toys cuz her arms tire out long befur you do. That reminds me ‘bout an email we got. As you all know, mommy has us microchipped even tho’ we’re basically inside only kitties. We highly recommend microchipping your pets. You just never know what might happen. Anyways, our chips are registered with a company called PetLink. It’s really convenient, and you can add pets any time, even ifin their chips originated from another company. You can update information easily online or by callin’ them. And right now they’re offerin’ a special off their normal price of $19.99. Use the code ADDPET and get 50% off. This ain’t a sponsored post and we’re not getting’ anythin’ fur meowin’ ‘bout this, we just think this is really purrtant. No matter where your pet is registered, purrlease keep the infurmation up to date.


 PetLink.net logo


          That’s pawsum advice sissy. There’s no point in microchipping your pet ifin you’re not gonna keep the infurmation up to date. You fur sure don’t wanna think ‘bout what could happen to your beluvved furry ifin they were to get lost and your contact infurmation was out of date and you couldn’t be found.


(Raena and Dezi shake their heads and shiver all over)


Oh Raena, me’s so glad mommy sets a reminder fur every 6 months to check our account and make sure all the numbers are good. She also regularly updates what foods we eat, our favorite treats, and our fotos. We are blest to have a mommy who luvs us so much.


 Dezi bathes in front of the fireplace with the nip nanner in reach

 Notice me’s Nip Nanner is right there. Me can have a quick

bath and then play.



          We sure are. And we’re also blest to have so many pawsum furiends. Mommy was just talkin’ to one last night, who called themselves our “reader”. We purreciate all our readers, but mommy reminded this purrson that they’re not just our reader, they’re also our furiend. Furiends are those who luv ya’ no matter. Just cuz ya’ ain’t met in the face to face or fur to fur doesn’t make you any less of a furiend. You know, we blab all right here in the open and several of ya’ meow and chat back and forth with us thru the comments and some via email. Either way, you get to know more ‘bout us and us ‘bout you. And isn’t that what furiends do?


 Dezi, lays on the back of the chair for a npa while the house is being cleaned.


It is Raena. And we are fur sure blest in that depawrtment. We’re just blest all ‘round. Fank you all fur bein’ a pawrt of our lives. We want to remind you all to take a minute today and everyday to give fanks fur the blessings in your lives. We’re joinin’ the Kitties Blue fur Sunday Selfies even tho’ we don’t do a lot of selfies. It’s just a fun blog hop ya’ might wanna check out.

Raena enjoys a LumaSoothe treatment

 Check it out. Don’t you wonder what’s goin’ on?


Dezi enjoys a LumaSoothe treatment while laying in mommy's lap

We thought we’d use our selfies to give ya’ a little look at

somethin’ pawsum we’ve got comin’ up fur ya’ll. 


And we wanna remind everypawdy ‘bout mommy’s fundraiser here. Not much is happenin’ there, but we’re still tryin’ to raise the money. Mommy’s also written to a couple of shows and peeps that sometimes donate these types of services. We’ve not heard back from any of them yet, but we do have our paws crossed. And we got a pledge from an awnty Anonymous fur a thousand dollars ifin we could get the rest. In other words ifin we get all the money and only lack $1000.00, she’ll donate it to get mommy the work she needs. Yeah, you know mommy did a lot of cryin’ over that one. We are so fankful fur that offur. You can also donate directly to our Paypal account without any fees. Our paypal email address is: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com. We wanna say a meowsy big Fank You to Erin (check out the little Tuxie Pricess’s bloggy, she’s a real cutey) and awnty Julie fur their recent donations. Erin said, “Every little bit means a little bit less is needed.” She’s so right. So ifin you can help, we sure would purreciate it. We’d also purreciate shares and purrayers.


Anyways, we’re gonna get outta here now and see ‘bout playin’ some. Maybe Simon, can come back fur another play date with Raena. We hope the weather warms up again soon, but it is still winter so you never know. MOL  Here’s purrayin’ ya’ll have a pawsumly blest Sunday.


Till the next time…………………………………..Be Blest!!!


Dezi:Vibrant Blue  

Raena: Navy Blue



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle   

Mewsy Wednesday

Meow mommy. Me luvs you verrrrry much.

 Dezi lays on the arm of the chair looking back at mommy


     I love you to baby. Are you ready to write your post?


 Aerogarden with add buttons illuminated

It’s hard to tell, but the indicator lights are lit up sayin’ to add

water and nutrients. It’s really cool.


Me sure is. Me has so much to tell everypawdy. Furst up is our pawsum AeroGarden. The dill is really getting’ big, altho’ you did furget to take fotos. And you even used some of that fresh basil in your pasta gravy the other day. Was it good mommy?



 Aerogarden control panel


     It sure was Dezi. And it was so cool to be able to just pinch off what I needed and have it keep on growing. I can’t wait to be eatin’ salads.


Is that what you planted when you cleaned out the AeroGarden earlier this week? 


     Yes it is honey. I potted up the basil and dill and put in our lettuce pods. According to the instruction sheet I should be able to start eating salads in about three to four weeks.


 AeroGarden with new pods


Me can’t wait to see it mommy. How are you gonna keep sis Raena out of it?


     Well Dezi, I hope at this point, the new has worn off for both of you and ya’ll will let my lettuce grow without bothering it.


 Dezi poses by the AeroGarden


Me? Me didn’t take off with the pod caps or try to pull the pods out of the base; that was all Raena’s doin’.


     Yes honey, I know. But you had your turn at it too. Don’t blame everything on your sisfur. 


 Raena oversees the AeroGarden


          You tell her mommy. At least I’s didn’t try to eat it all up.




 Dezi pats Raena on the head

(Dezi glares at Raena) Me didn’t try to eat it all up. You take that back!!! 



     Now girls, let’s not fight. Peace and love. Remember, peace and love are better than sour pusses. Neither of you hurt the garden, so it’s all good.


          (Raena drops her head and coyly twists from side to side) I’s sorry sissy. I’s didn’t mean it. 


Dezi and Raena chat while laying on the chair

Fanks Raena. Me’s sorry too. Anyways, we’re still bein’ cautious, but optimistic. Mommy’s new helper started on Monday, and things went really well. The worker’s s’posed to work 3 days a week. Today will be the second day, so we’ve got our paws crossed that they show up. We’ll tell you all ‘bout them on Furiday, either way. Anyways, Raena was so fascinated by the whole thing, that she stayed close to mommy and watched it all. Our cat tree got quite the cleanin’. Let me tell ya’, it hasn’t been this clean since the day it came into the house. All our toys got stacked up so the floor could be vacuumed too. 


 Raena checks out her toys while stacked up


          Yeah, I’s got a little worried they was gonna stay stacked up. So I’s had to see ifin I’s could still play with ‘em in a pile like that. Fankfully, mommy put them all back on the floor after the cleanin’ was done. Whew!!! 


 Raena plays with her toys in a stack

Oh Raena, mommy wouldn’t make you play with your toys from a stack. But you are gonna have to learn to stay outta the way.


          Why sissy? I’s might can help. 


Help? With what? You can’t push the vacuum or the mop. And as floofy as your tail is, swooshin’ it from side to side doesn’t actually mean you’re dustn’. It’s more like you’re scatterin’ all those allergens and dust in the air so none of us can breathe.


 Raena watches worker clean the cat tree

Hey, do you need some help there?



          Well sissy, at least I’s tryin’.


     Alright girls, be nice. 


          Sorry mommy. 


Me’s sorry too mommy. Guess we better wrap it up and get ready. What time are they s’posed to be here?


 Raena profile from the back of the chair

          1 o’clock sissy. But what difference does it make; it’s not like we can tell time?. Well, lessen you’re talkin’ ‘bout tummy time. I’s fur sure know when it’s meal time and treat time. Speakin’ of treats, ya’ reckon we could meow mommy into a few now? 


 Dezi lap selfie


Good one Raena, but me doubts it. Come on, let’s go play and take a nap befur it gets too noisy to do so. And don’t furget, we have the fundraiser up (click here) to help mommy get her dental work. We did wanna say, that it seems a lot of peeps got hung up on the cost fur the cleanin’. Mommy didn’t include that in the cost fur the fundraiser cuz she didn’t plan on havin’ it done in the furst place at least not at that office at that price. She just wants to get rid of the painful teeths and infection they’re causing and get the partials so she can still talk and eat and smile with her mouth open again (she’ll be losing most of her bottom teeth). You can also donate directly to our PayPal by using our email address: lexi.dezi@yahoo.com.


Till the next time………………………………….Be Blest!!!


Dezi: Vibrant Blue 

Raena: Navy Blue 

Mommy A: Black


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Deztinee and RaenaBelle   

A Special Blest Sunday

Meowllo and welcome to a very special Blest Sunday. We have so many blessings in our lives one post just isn’t enough. But we’ll try. First me wants to say fank you all fur participating in our Blest Sunday postathon. We decided to host this event at the Tabby Cat Club, but thought it should be shared by any blogger who would like to post their many blessings. And it just so happened to fall on the same day that we were going to post after the fundraiser’s end. Things couldn’t have aligned better if we had tried. You may have also noticed this post is being written in human speak. It’s because we want everybody to be able to read every word.

 0dw Dezi selfie BS

We are also participating in Sunday Selfies

with our friends the Kitties Blue.

As most of you know by now we’ve only been in social media for about a year now. But in that year we have met so many wonderful people from all over the world. And we have made so many friends. We are so truly blest. Guess we’ll go back to when this all started. Through no fault of our own, our apartment flooded back in July. Not once, but twice, and management kept giving us the run around about repairing and replacing the floors. During all this, mommy’s only sitting recliner broke. Our mattress which is all foam got wet. And so there mommy was sitting on the wet dirty carpet and sleeping in the wet bed. Well, back when we first got our computer we started a facebook page and belonged to a cat group where we made tons of wonderful friends. The cat group site shut down so we all migrated to facebook, and kept in touch.

 0dw Lexi selfie BS

While mommy was fighting with management trying to get our apartment fixed one of our awesum friends Mary Beth, who we call awnty; was rallying our facebook friends to try to raise some money so we could get mommy a new recliner. She asked for our paypal address and before we knew it our friends started putting monies in our account. And some sent food for us and for mommy, and some sent clothes, and others sent toys and/or treats. All the while they were praying for us and mommy. We can’t thank you all enough for what you did for us. Just know that you all hold a special place in our hearts.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just a few of the gifts we received.

Another month passed and mommy was still fighting with management trying to get our apartment fixed up, and Miss Linda sent us an email. Conversations back and forth and finally Miss Linda said it would be great if mommy could get a lift chair and we could replace the wet mattress. Mommy agreed, but didn’t see how that was possible. And Miss Linda said she would like to sponsor a fundraiser for us and add to the list steps for Lexi to help her out. So the fundraiser was started. The first of the money that came in was transferred to us and put with what we already had in our paypal account and a chair for mommy was ordered. By this time we were finally back in our apartment and the floors had been replaced and several other improvements had been attempted. (all have been completed at this time) The fundraiser ended early when all funds were raised and exceeded. The final total was $1,952.00. We can’t begin to express our gratitude to everyone who donated. You all gave from your heart and we are so honored to have been the recipients of your love and kindness. Every gift mattered and every gift was precious to us. We watched the fundraiser everyday and mommy would read the names to us and the comments that were made and she would cry tears of happiness and humility. There was a little confusion at one point over the fees, but after much research and a few phone calls we can tell you that the fees WERE NOT charged to us or Miss Linda. The best way to explain is that it’s kind of like using an out of network ATM. The person using the card is charged a fee. But that fee isn’t taken out of the amount they withdraw, it’s charged to their account. So, the final total that You Caring showed is the amount that was deposited into the pay pal account for us.

 dw chair


Well first of all you already know that we were able to get a chair for mommy. And we all love it. It was special made just for her. And we got a new and dry mattress for the bed. It arrived Saturday. So we’re going to be sleeping in a dry bed again. WooHoo And we got a set of steps ordered fur sis Lexi, and the top half got here yesterday. They are being specially made just for her and our bed. Of course you will be seeing lots more of them in the future.

 If you can’t see the video, please click here to watch on youtube.com

There was also some of you that gave and specified something different. We were so touched by the special friends that gave us their treat money so we could hav a new toy. Mommy ordered us a nip nana cause it’s one of our favorites. And we love it!!! And mommy was given a gift card and told to buy something frivolous with it. She hasn’t yet, but now that all the stress is over and everything’s finally set right, mommy will turn her thoughts to frivolity and make a decision about what to buy. Of course we’ll let you know what she got when she gets it. 

We have been so humbled by the love and support we’ve received during all of this. We never expected the depth of generosity we received, but are eternally grateful. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate but is all we know to say. You’re all so dear to us. And we pray God’s blessings for you. Every prayer, kind and uplifting word and monetary donation are appreciated. We have been alone for such a very long time, but you all have shown us we are no longer alone. Our family has grown exponentially and we are thrilled and honored to welcome you to our family. Our Facebook friends, Blogging friends and Cat scouts all supported us and we hope that we can in some way make you all proud to know us and be a part of our extended family. We are so Blest and so very grateful to be a part of such an awesome community. From the bottom of our hearts…………THANK YOU!!! 

LnD Thank you - 2HEoW-1cM - normal

Till the next time……………………Be Blest!!!


Love and Hugs and Kisses

Dezi, Lexi and mommy Audra

It’s Finally Here!!!

Dezi: WooHoo It’s finally here!!! It’s meez Meowday!!! Me be 5 years old today. (Dezi does the happy kitty dance and takes off down the hall for some zoomies) 

 Dezi Happy Birthdays - 2HEoW-1cC - normal

Lexi: Meowllo eberpawdee, welkum too sis Deziz partee. I’z relee glad youz kuld awl kumm bi tooday. Mommy and me lubz Dezi a hole bunchez, and weez soz purrowd of her. Az mozt of youz noze, Deziz bin habbin sum pawdee box ishuze. It awl stardid when owr furmer nayberz skeered herz and din abter da fludz da floor staynk ob dog pee soz she went too uzin’ da floor.  Well let me tell youz how it goze. Dezi will stand at da pawdee box room door and skweek at mommy. Ibin mommy gitz up and goze bak der she will uze da pawdee box. Ibin mommy duzn’t git bak der, she uzez da floor. Soz mommyz bin kinda wachin’ hers in da pawdee box and notizt dat da jumbow box iz a little too small fur Dezi. Soz weez gawdid herz (and me ob korz) a nu jigantik pawdee box fur herz Meowday. Awltho’ afur weez filled it wiff litter weez filled it wiff nip fur herz Birffday Partee. Derz awlzo bagz and a skoop soz beez shur and tayk sum home wiff youz. Weez awlzo gawdid lawtz of treetz, soz tayk youz faybrit wiff youz.  And help youz selv too da pizza.  And din reelax on da Liberty Tree hand mayd by Cat Tree Steve at Fandango Cat Furniture. Hiya’ Andy, glad youz kuld mayk it too Deziz partee.

000dezi's party YAY

Dig in and help yous selff


000Andy liberty tree

Andy hangin’ out on the Liberty Tree.

Dezi: Fank yous all fur comin’ to meez virtual pawty. Wait’ll yous all hear ‘bout meez date wiff Andy. It wuz pawsum. Fank yous Lexi and mommy fur puttin’ togedder this pawsum pawty fur me. Meez luvs yous boff sooooo vewy much. Meez hit da jackpot when me got da two of you. And lookit da pawsum Meowday cawds me got. Dat Sammy and  Miss Pam awe so fawtful. And meez good furiends Timmy Tomcat, daddy Mr. Pete  and furmily awe amazin’. Me also got a gweat cawd fwum meez adowable furiend Nylablue and hers amazin’ mommy Miss Sheri Ellen. Meez such a blest kitty girl.  


Happy Birthday Dezi

Dezi'z 5th Meow Day card frum NB  & SE

And we wanna say a meowsy big Fank Yous to Anonymous fur donatin’ to ow fundraiser. When mommy wead yous words hers had da leaky eyes. Yous gift put us over ow original goal. Course yous knew dat cuz yous sed fur mommy to get sumfin’ special wiff it. Weez weally purreciate you and evewyone of yous dat has given, shared, and purrayed. What a wunnewful way to end meez Meowday pawty.

DnL A gift of love - 2HEoW-1cD - normal

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi