Hugging, Cuddling, And…

Meowllo everypawdy, hope you’re havin’ a great weekend. Me doesn’t normally post on Caturday’s but me couldn’t pass up postin’ today. It’s Hug Your Cat Day. Bein’ da luvver me is, me had to post a big hug fur all of ya’. Me’s givin’ lots of hugs to mommy. So c’mon, get real close and let me give ya’ a hug. 

 Dezi sitting on cat tree with paw out for a big hug

Till da next time…………………………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Lovin’ Mommy

Meowllo everypawdy hope yous all luvvin’ and huggin’ on yous kitties and doggies and bunnies and piggies and well you get da idea. Today is Hug Yous Cat Day. But we fink everypawdy needs lots of hugs every day. So go ahead and have a hug. (Dezi wraps paws and arms around computer screen) As you know mommy isn’t very good at selfies and she didn’t buy one of those selfie sticks we read ‘bout afur BlogPaws, but rest assured weez getting’ lots and lots of hugs. Weez a little late getting’ our posty out today cuz pawently mommy didn’t finish getting’ all rested up and just fell asleep last night afur we kuld write meez posty. And ifin weez bein’ honest, so did Lexi and me. MOL So we fawt dat stead of floodin’ you wiff BlogPaws posties till yous sick of ‘em we wuld stwetch ‘em out and fwo in a few udder posties in tween ‘em. But stay tuned cuz our next post will be all ‘bout da car twip. We know lots of ya’ be wunnerin’ how dat went. So hang on to yous hats and come back fur dat wevealin’ post. 

 0dw Dezi gettin luv3

Weez keepin’ it short and sweet today cuz mommy has hers wegular mumffly doctors pointment so weez gunna be busy, busy. We did get ‘bout half way caught up wiff visitin’ yesfurday, so ifin weez didn’t make it by yous place, hold on, weez comin’. Weez also postin’ at da Tabby Cat Club today, so head on over there to see more huggin’ and luvvin’ goin’ on. And ifin yous a pawsum tabby what not be a member yet, check out da sidebar there and join up. 

 dw Lexi lap3949

Till da next time……………………………………..Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses  

Dezi and Lexi


OMC Wees Almost Furgot!!! Big Hugs

Meweek furiends as yous know mommy is me typist.  Meeez paws awe just tu fluffy fuw da little letters on da keyboard.  So meez was dictatin’ tu mommy and hers was typin’ away when a bannew came acwoss da top of da ‘puter.  Was a new email.  And dat email was ’bout huggin’.  And meez suddenly membewed dat tuday is Hug Yous Cat Day!!!  Can yous believ it?? A whole day just fuw huggin’ yous cat.  Dat means Lexi and meez awe in fuw like a billion gazillion hugs tuday.  Not dat wees mind. Wees luv mommy hugs.  And wees havin a huggin’ pawty ovew at da Tabby Cat Club tuday.  


Now wees ‘posed tu be postin’  fotos of mommy huggin us ovew at da TCC.  Purrawlem is mommy’s no fotogwafew and hers even worse at selfies.   So  hewe wees wus, huggin and luvin’ and mommy twyin’ tu take fotos wiff one hand. MOL  Da first foto was mommys chin and meez ears.  Da nex foto was mommys elbow and meez paw.  Da nex foto…..well let’s just say neevew of us was in it.  No need tu descwibe what wus.  MOL   So da fotos dat follow is da bestest meez mommy kuld manage.  Yous gotta luv hers tho’ at least she’s twied.  MOL  By da way, wees much happiew den wees look.  Wees wus boff purrin’ up a stowm as mommy held us and twied tu take a foto.  Also membew dis is National Adopt a Shelter Cat munff. And ifin yous wun by Brian’s Home yous can see da purrettiest little kitty girly dat needs a fuwevew home.  

Meez much happiew den meez looks.
Meez much happiew den meez looks.


I'z lubz mommyz hugz.
I’z lubz mommyz hugz.

 Til da nex time……….Hav a Pawsum Day!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥        

  ♦ Dezi and Lexi ♦