Da Dangers Of Poison

Meoweek furiends when we stardid da blog we never meant tu post da same fing here as we did on facebook. But tunite we feel we must. Dis post will be pawt of dat education we talked about. We hav/had a furiend on da SMC named Jace. Hims wus 8 munfs old when hims went tu heaven last week. He wus in good healf and as we sed, vewy young. Him wus also an indoor kitty who wus only allowed outside on a leash wif hims daddy hoo wached him like a hawk.  Hims suddenly skweamed and den died. So hims furmily took hims body tu da VET tu twy tu find out what hapund. Tuday dey got those answers.

You see Jace’s neighbors used DECON tu kill mice in der home. DECON works by bein’ ingested by da mouse and den da mouse drinkin’ water and den it’s insides turnin’ tu cement. Dis dusn’t hapun immediately tho’. Afur da mouse dies it can twavel tu anudder home/yard/territory and be consumed by a pwedator’ your cat or wildlife. Once ingested da pwedator is now subject tu 2nd hand poisonin’ as hapund wif Jace. Da mouse entered Jace’s home and nopawdy wus da wiser. Jace did what most cats du and purrtected hims home and killed and ate da mouse. Him died of a stwoke frum da poison. Purrlease, Purrlease, Purrlease watch your kitty’s. You may not be da one usin’ da poison, and it may not hav been intended fur your kitty, but it can kill just da same. Til da nex time

Wif Much Luv, 😦


ImageMeez luvs you all. good nite.

Dezi Luvs da Fone

OMC Meez stardid tellin’ you all ’bout da fings sis Lexi and meez do as service cats but didn’t tell you ’bout how we learnd tu do dem. So me fawt tunite me wuld share a bit ’bout our twainin’; more specifically, meez twainin’. MOL It is Dezi’z World after all, rite?. Well ifin you read meez story ’bout how me came to liv wif mommy den you know me been here since me wuz 4 weeks old. So, mommy stardid twainin’ meez vewy yung. Fur callin’ da 911 mommy wuld put me little paws on da nummers and pwess down and den luv on me or giv me a tweat and lots of pwaise, and den wepeat da pwocess over and over until me kuld  do it me self. You know me liked talkin’ on da fone so much dat mommy has tu hide da fone ifin she duzn’t wanna answer it cuz me will twy tu answer it ever time it rings. 😀 

Reminds meez ’bout dis one time when we had just got up fur da meownin’ and we wuz all in da pawdee room and da fone stardid ringin’. Well mommy wuz, well you can guess what mommy wuz doin’ and me looked toward da bedroom (and da fone) and den back at mommy (hoo can wead minds) and took off. Mommy wuz sittin’ der hollerin’, “Dezi, honey, leave the phone alone. Sweety, don’t answer that phone.” Did me listen?? No of course not me just kep runnin’ fur da fone and den meez got it and pawed da gween button. Fur doze of you hoo don’t hav colored buttons on your fones, dat’s da answer button. Den meez carried it bak tu da pawdee room and mommy. Mommy wuz still hollerin’ fur me not tu answer it when me got it tu her, and den meez laid it down just out of heer reach, and pawed da red button. Again, fur doze of you wifout colored buttons, dat means meez hung up on dem. MOL Mommy didn’t get mad, her just laughed. Anyway, Til da nex time,     

Wif Much Luv, 😀


ImageMeez just chillin’

ImageMeez wishin you a blessed Sunday.

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Getting Started

OMC Blog shmlog. MOL Well we hav told you how Lexi and meez got our start in life and kame tu liv wif mommy. Hoo by da way, we luv very much!!!  But sumtimes she can be a bit…well anyway we stardid dis blog fur meez and den mommy sez, “Well hunny I don’t know what tu tell here.” So we right nuffin. Now me sez dat’s just not fair. See, sis Lexi has a facebook page where she tells a bit of our story every night, so what about meez??? Ifin me only had thumms meez kuld write fur meself. After all meez drives da wheelchair fur mommy, dials da fone, me givs great massages and all sorts of fings. But alas me stuck waitin’ on mommy. 

Purrlease stay wif meez as we will be tryin’ a few different fings out here. Let me know how you like them and we will find a direction fur meez blog tugedder.

So we had a really bad wind storm last nite and me didn’t like it at all. When it wuz time fur bed mommy wuz lookin’ all over fur me, cuz usually meez is in hers lap all evenin’ but not last nite. Mommy had da flashlite out and all. She looked under da bed and in da shower and under da bed steps. Under da table and ever where, but no Dezi. MOL Finally she looked under da chest where meez hide when da lawn krew is here. And yes, there me wuz. 😀 Moi kame out and looked at mommy like, ‘what? meez didn’t hear you callin’.’ Think she bought it cuz she luved on me and tu bed we went. Til da nex time.

Wif Much Luv,



Lexi Grows Intu a Feisty Kitten

So Lexi came to live with mommy who was a foster mommy fur kitty’s without mommy’s. Two weeks in one of da kitty’s went to heaven. She had suffered brain damage due to da mommy bein’ dead befur she was born and bein’ deprived of oxygen. Lexi, (whose name at dat time was Lana), was just going to be another in a long line of kitty’s dat mommy raised and den found good homes fur. From da beginnin’ tho’ Lexi always wanted to be held and luvved more than anything else. Even when it was time to eat she would rather snuggle with mommy. (mommy didn’t know it but Lexi was stealin’ mommy’s heart). When Lexi and her brofur Cade (the only other kitty to survive their harrowin’ birth) was old ’nuff, mommy took them to da adoption fair. Cade luvved it and he got adopted dat first time. He went to live with a wunnerful family. But Lexi hated it!! She didn’t like all da people and lil’ humans pawin’ at her. So when they returned home, Lexi told da resident cats she didn’t want to go and live anywhere else. Devon (the oldest resident cat) said, “dat’s da way it is kid. Mommy gives you da best start ever and then sends you off to a wunnerful furever home.” Lexi meowed bak to him, ” I’z wanna stay here with you and Lucky (mommy’s other service kitty at da time). I’z want this to be minez furever home and mommy to be minez.” Devon just shrugged and told her dat wasn’t gonna happen and laid down to take a catnap. Bein’ so upset and blaming Devon and Lucky fur da reason she couldn’t stay with mommy she attacked them bof with claws and teefies and pulled out fur and drew blood. Both da boys ran straight to mommy and she cleaned them all up includin’ Lexi; and then sat down wif Lexi to have a talk about her future. Devon said to her as he ran off, “Now you’ve done it. You in trubble now.” Mommy held Lexi and looked at her and said, “What am I gonna do with you lil’ one? You can’t go to a new home actin’ like this,” and mommy cried. Mommy then called da rescue her was with and told them dat Lexi was fightin’ and drawin’ blood so she couldn’t let her be adopted. Da kitty’s could only hear mommy’s side of da call, but dey heard her say, “Absolutely Not!!!!! I raised her from birth and I can’t kill her. She can live with me and the boys, they know to avoid her,” and she hung up da fone. Then she went and piicked up Lexi (den Lana) and said to her, ” Sweetheart you are gonna live with me and the boys furever. I’m going to love you furever and from dis day forward your name will be Laramie Alexandra and we will call you ‘Lexi’. you’re gonna have to get along with the boys tho. And you will learn to be a service cat fur me.”            

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ImageLexi at 3 weeks