Chatting Cats: A Mewsy Tuesday

Hey everypawdy, it’s me, RaenaBelle. I’s gotta tell ya’, motel, hotel, whatever livin’ ain’t fur everypawdy. But, I’s gotta say, it ain’t all that bad either. Y, We’ve had sun puddles the likes I’s never seen at home. Mommy says we don’t have ‘em at home cuz of the way our ‘pawrtment sits and those nasty old oak trees that cover everythin’. Even sissy’s enjoyed a few and stretched out all spread eagle like.


Raena bathes tongue out in sun puddle


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Blest Sunday: Late Resurrection and Birthday Blessings

Meow-llo Dear Amazin’ furiends. It’s Blest Sunday, so we had to paw in. Not only is it Blest Sunday, but it’s also Resurrection Sunday. That’s a very special day at our house.


Resurrection Sunday Card


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We’ve Got Sun Puddles

Da fire boomers stawrted last night and da neighborhood garwage band kept everypawdy up half da night. They fink they be weally good but da garwaage is da only place they can get a gig.

 dw Dezi bathes on tree

Dezi dear…


Yes mommy?


Did you know that July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month?


Me didn’t mommy, but me was so glad to find dat out cuz hydwation be weally purrtant fur us kitties. Weally it be purrtant fur all animals and hoomans too. Me be getting’ weally ‘cited bout our educational posties this mumff cuz sum of them come wiff pawsum give aways fur you all, our dear sweet furiends. Just you wait and see what’s comin’ up.


 dw Dezi lays on house1

It’s finally summer and weez feelin’ da humid heat left behind fwum da mumff of rain we had. But we do have sunpuddles so dat’s nice. And of course we be sittin’ in da house unner centwal air conditionin’. Me wanted to go fur a stwoll yesfurday so mmommy got me all fixed up and in da stwoller. She kept sayin’ fings like, “honey, it’s too hot fur this”, and “Are you sure you want to go out in that heat?” But me just kept mewin’ yes, so out da door we went. OMC Me musta’ been cwazy, cuz we didn’t even get off da porch and me wanted to come back in. Mommy was wight…it was H O T hot. We hope you all be havin’ sum warm dwy wedder and sunpuddles to enjoy all yous own.


dw Lexi on cat tree68
Meow, Dat sun iz brite. But I’z lubbin’ it!


As most of ya’ know last mumff was adopt a shelter cat mumff, and lots of kitties found furever homes. Dat’s da good news. But just cuz June be over dusn’t mean dat there awen’t still kitties in need of homes and savin’, cuz there awe. Ms. Katie Kat has those cute little black kitties dat still need to find homes of their own and so many more. We fink everyday be a gweat day to adopt a kitty and save a life. After all when yous adopt yous savin’ 2 lives; da kitty yous bwing home and da one comin’ in and takin’ dat empty cage or open spot in a foster home. One of our pawsum furiends even sed yous savin’ 3 lives, and da 3rd be yous own. Cuz everypawdy knows us kitties have da ability to save you fwum depwession, lonliness, boredom and so many udder fings. And weez got gweat purrs. Purrlease share posties featurin’ adoptable pets. Yous just never know who might see dat posty and find their beloved anipal.

 dw Dezi Top Queen2

Meez gunna be celebwatin’ July da 4ff this weekend at Cat Scouts along wiff July Meowdays. We do have a gweat time over there and there’s still time fur you to join in da fun, so ifin yous been finkinn’ ‘bout joinin’ up, don’t wait. Click on over now and join up. Meez gotta sign off fur now cuz mommy has to go to da office fur lease wenewal stuffs. Da manager dun messed fings up again and needs mommy to wesign sum fings. This kuld get innewestin’ cuz mommy be runnin’ low on coffee, and you know how crazy she gets wiffout hers coffee fix. MOL


So till da next time……………….Be Blest!!!



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi