Special Days!!!

Well furiends meez is way behind in meez visitin’.  But meez will get by yous blog soon, me purrawmisses.    As meez told yous yesfuwday, tuday is meez mommys Meowday/Birthday.  And ifin yous wead meez blog any, den yous know wees don’t hav much in da way of munny.  So in da past mommy has always twied tu sav ’nuff munny tu go tu da golden awches and get a buwgew fuw all of us tu shawe.  Da stowe is ’bout 45 miles away, so hers has tu hav ’nuff gas tu get der and home tu.  Is kinda a twadition dat got stawted a long time ago cuz of sumfin’ mommy and Shad did.  Maybe ifin yous awe innewested meez will tell da stowwy sumtime.  Anyways, wees don’t always get tu du it, but dis yeaw, mommy got a Walmawt gift cawd (also in da same town 45 miles away) and hers hadn’t gone tu da big town yet dis munff so hers hadn’t used da gas.  


Happy Meowday Mommy!!! Weees Luv yous verrrrrry much.
Happy Meowday Mommy!!! Weees Luv yous verrrrrry much.

So yesfuwday when wees wus visitin’ mommy just ‘cided wees wuld go tu town.  Da weddew wus faiwly nice and not tu hot (wees need fweon in da caw so dat da a/c will get cool)  so wees piled intu da stwollew and hopped intu da caw and wees wus off.   While wees wus at da Walmawt it stawted tu stowm, so wees just waited it out.  Wees didn’t get in any huwwy tu get home as wees wus all tugeddew.  Not suwe da stwollew is meant fuw boff of us tu occupy it at da same time, but wees did. MOL   Anyyways, mommy bawt a couple fings and den wetuwned dem fuw gween papew munny, and wees wus off again.  

Mommy bawt a buwgew and had dem add sum bacon so wees kuld twy it out and sum fwies.  And Oh My Catness, dat bacon wus soooooo yummy.  Der wus 3 pieces, one fuw each of us.  Meez gotta tell yous tho’ meez kulda ate lots mowe den one.  Yous kittys dat get it all da time….yous be sum lucky kittys fuw suwe.     Anyways wees had a meowsy good time just hangin out tugeddew.  And tuday wees gunna giv mommy lots and lots of extwa luv and purrs. Happy Meowday mommy, wees luv yous vewy much!!!!!    Wees made a cawd fuw mommy, and sum of meez wunnewful furiends also sent mommy cawds.  Hope yous enjoy seein’ ’em.      


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Meez also weceived anuddew awawd. Dis awawd be fwum meez furiend Shrimp ovew at da Hairball Express.  Fank yous so much Shrimp fuw nominatin’ meez fuw da “Wonderful Team Member Readership” awawd.  Now meez posed tu nominate 15 of meez furiends.  Dis be da pawt meez not likes cuz meez dusn’t like choosin’ ‘tween meez furiends.  So ifin yous wuld like dis awawd, purrlease take it, and hewe’s meez  nominees:

award from Shrimp hairball express 

1. Nickel fwum 5PurrCents,  

2. Travis fwum Lone Star Cats,  

3.  Flynn fwum Eric and Flynn’s Adventures,  

4.  Nylablue fwum Nylablue &SherriEllen’s Purrfect Pad,  5.  Winter fwum Winter Blue Angel  

6.  Shoko and Kali fwum The Canadian Cats,  

7.  Cats at the Bar,  

8.  Roxy and Tigerlino fwum Purrfect Kitties,  

9.  Cinco and Manna fwum Playful Kitty,  

10.  Brian fwum Brian’s Home,  

11.  Marty fwum Manx MNews,  

12. Fozziemum  fwum Fozzie.M,  

13.  All of The Florida Furkids  fwum Friends Furever,  

14.  Wally, Ernie and Zoey: The Island cats, 

15.  Zorro fwum The Swiss Cats              

Meez knows dat meez missed a lot of yous, and so,  YOU’s nominated.    


Til da nex time…Hav a pawsum Day!!!!  

And don’t fuwget, tumowwo is “shoppin’ wound da wowld.”   Don’t fuwget tu post yous pwices and link back tu Bacons’ blog.


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses ♥♥♥  

 ♦ Dezi and Lexi ♦



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