Blest Sunday!!!

Well meowllo evewypawdy. It’s anudder Blest Sunday wound here. Hope yous is just as good.  As yous all know mommy’s been unpackin’ ow house this past week and she sez she’s makin’ headway. Not suwe zackly what dat means but me can tell ya’ there be a lot less boxes wound here. Hers stawted in da back and is movin’ furward so da livin’ room still looks kinda all packed up, but me reckons hers will get dat today. Hers did find sum mowe messes left by da movers and wuz suwe gwipin’ ‘bout dat, but all in all hers just glad to be seein’ evewyfin’ goin’ back in place.

Dat be mommys toes weez painted out. Hers dusn't want yous to see hers unpedicuwed toesies. MOL
Dat be mommys toes weez painted out. Hers dusn’t want yous to see hers unpawdicuwed toesies. MOL

Well as yous know lots has been goin’ on here lately. Course mommy sez weez keep her on hers toes all da time. Dat be pawt of da weason they be unpadicuwed. Nevew a dull moment in udder words. But weez of course gone fwu a little mowe than usual. And Lexi and me didn’t even hav anyfin’ to do wiff it. Not a fing. But fwu it all mommy has twied to let us keep up wiff ow activities as bestest hers kuld. And wecently we had a quest ovew at da Cat Scouts. And meez patwol led by Wally actually did vewy good. Ifin yous membew weez won da Cat Scout knowledge Bowl. Well at da end weez had a drawin’ and me won this weally cool emergency whistle. And guess what? Little secwet nummew one. It came in da mail this week. It is sooooo cool. Me finks it’s weally gunna come in handy on da nex quest. It’s also got a flashlight, magnifyin’ lens, compass, thermostat and a mirror so me can check to make suwe meez lookin’ good afur seein’ Andy. And then there be secwet nummew two. Do yous know what Den Master sent mommy? Mommy just cwied and cwied. Oh don’t worry, member this be Blest Sunday, so only tears of joy today. Mommy got a certificate of Appweciation fur extwaordinawy efforts in da service of Cat Scouts. Fank yous Den Master fur boff ow gifts. Weez luv ‘em. And yous will see just how much me luvs me whistle in da foto and video below.

 Ifin yous can’t see da video, click here.

Yeah yeah me knows. Yous wuz hopin’ da secwet wuz sumfin’ like mommys dun got da house put togedder or sumfin’ like dat wight? Well let me just tell yous this, ifin me and sis Lexi kuld type……well there wuld be no secwets at all. But since mommy duz da typin’ fur me then me can tell hers what to type all day and hers not gunna do it. But weez can tell ya’ anudder one. Well sort of. Weez got a package fwum ow sweet furiends ovew at da Katnip Lounge, and weez puttin’ tugedder a video to show ya’ this week. And weez even won a foo contests wound da blogosphere. One dat excited mommy so much weez kuldn’t even leave a comment. Mommy had to leave and go back. And then hers still kuld bawely type. And then there be one dat got me and Lexi all ‘cited and duin’ da happy dance. But weez’ll tell ya’ mowe ‘bout those when da purrizes get here. Awe weez blest or what? 

dw award

Then to top it off last night mommy and me wuz twyin’ to catch up on sum of ow reading and hers eyes wusn’t coopurratin’ weal good. Well they kep closin’ and hers head kep bobbin’. Anyways da puter dinged lettin’ mommy know weez had an email, and so weez went to check it out, and mommy read it to herselff at first and then started gigglin’. Me stawted pawin’ at mommys awm to tell me what wuz goin’ on, and then me saw little dwops of salty water wellin’ up in hers eyes and wollin’ down hers cheek. And then hers told me weez got an email fwum Nellie’s mommy dat sed hers wuz sendin’ us a gift cawd fwum amazon and weez wuz to use it to buy sumfin’ fwivolous. First of all mommy had to splain fwivolous to me and then me knew why, cuz anypawdy dat knows meez mommy knows dat weez not weally get to do dat. So a meowsy big fank yous Miss Barb and Nellie. Fanks fur makin’ meez mommy smile and fur yous wunnewful gift. This be a warity so mommy has to fink long and hawd ’bout what to get. MOL  

well I'z wandid to tayk a selfee, but diz wuz az good az it gawdid.
well I’z wandid to tayk a selfee, but diz wuz az good az it gawdid.

And anudder biggy dat be makin’ mommy smile and dat weez need to say a meowsy big fank yous fur is da fundraiser dat Savannah and Ms. Linda set up to help us out. Ifin yous not been by there and wuld like to check it out, yous can do so here. And weez wanna say  Fank Yous to

Helen and Denver Tabby,

Arlene Sphikas and

Rev. Marian Hale

fur yous donations. And weez fank yous all fur evewyfin’. All of yous gifts awe purreciated wegardless of da amount, and they awe all a huge help. Weez awe so blest to hav all of yous and to be a pawt of such a pawsum community. Animal peeps awe da most compassionate and genewous people on da planet. Weez know dat times be hawd fur all of yous and we know dat yous hav given fwum yous hearts. Da luv and suppowt and purrayers hav kep mommy and us stwong fwuout this ordeal and weez almost on da udder side of it now. Weez awe twuly Blest. And so awe you, cuz yous a pawt of dat same community and weez luv yous mowe than yous will evew know.

Lexi sez Thank  you - 2HEoW-1aY - normal

Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi

Caturday Unzipped

Da Weekend is finally here. It’s Caturday and meez gunna be joinin’ in on da Caturday Art Blog hop today, sponsewed by Athena. Yous know a blog hop is a gweat way to meet new peeps, kitties, doggies and udder wunnewful furiends. We purreciate yous sponsowin’ such a gweat hop. Me can’t wait fur meez Blest sunday posty cuz mommy sed me kuld weveal “a” secwet. Yep yous wead dat wight, meez gunna let yous in on one of da secwets weez hav. Yous know so many secwets me can’t hawdly keep up wiff ‘em all. Mommy sez weez gunna stawt wiff da smaller ones and move on to da lawger ones. But all of ‘em be good. Open-mouthed smile Anyways, today weez just gunna post sum artsy cool fotos and let mommy west and unpack sum mowe so maybe we can hav da house back by Munday. So ifin weez not get by yous bloggy, nevew fear, weez will get there soon. Cat face 

0dw Dezi unzippedpainted

 These be called Painted unzipped. Mommy

sed they grew on hers da mowe she looked at ’em.

0dw Lexi painted unzip

Hey weez wanna wemind yous dat ow latest awticle weez wrote fur da Daily Mews is out now and it’s a weally purrtant one ‘bout da Soft paws. Yous can read it by clicking here. And member yous can subscwibe to da mewsletter fur fwee and nevew miss an awticle again. There’s a little sumfin’ fur evewyone there. And wight now there be a contest goin’ on yous all might wanna check out here. It’s all ‘bout da holidays which awe fast approachin’.  


Weez also want to continue to fank Savannah and hers mommy Ms. Linda fur sponsowin’ a fundwaiser to help us get a purropurr chair fur mommy so hers can get off da floor and a new dwy mattwess and sum steps fur sis Lexi (and me, cuz yous know meez gunna use ‘em too). Weez can’t fank yous all enuff. Weez wanna fank da *Concerned Cats fur their donation, it is weally purreciated. Ifin yous wuld like to check it out yous can do so here. As yous know ow pawtment wuz flooded not once but twice in less than a mumff and as a wesult, sum of ow stuffs got damaged or in da case of mommys chair, it just bwoke all to pieces. Weez purreciate all da donations dat hav been given wegardless of da amount, they ALL help get us closer to da goal.

Dezi -Thank You - 2HEoW-1cs - normal

Weez wuld like to addwess sum of your suggestions, as they awe purreciated. A lot of yous hav mentioned weez kuld use boxes to help sis Lexi climb. And weez do when we can, but weez hav mumffly pawtment inspections and get in twubble fur havin’ boxes sittin’ wound. They awe considered a fire hazard and bug motel. And of course weez still hav da same purrawllem weez had wiff da cheap steps mommy had owiginally bought. We awe BIG girlys weighing in at 30 pounds EACH. Dat be 60 pounds of kitties. And when weez do zoomies and take a flying leap at da steps (boxes, etc.) yous hav to add 10-15 pounds to each of our weights due to inertia. Sis Lexi has needed help fur a foo years now, so mommy has twied evewyfin’ hers kuld fink of or find as an option, but da solution weally is good solid heavy duty steps. Fank you all again fur all yous help and fur da suggestions.

0Dezi hpurple hologram

Till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi