Blest Sunday

Anudder Blest Sunday, and it is a blessin’ weez here.  Oh it’s nuffin’ serious, least dat’s what mommy sez.  See ow catputer duz this fing called updatin’ on Caturdays. Mommy sez all ‘puters do it, it’s a necessary evil.  She sez pawt of it happens when sumfin’s workin’ too good.  Da developers panic and get togedder and cweate an update dat makes everyfin’ mess up so yous hav to buy sumfin’,  or install sumfin’ els.  And mommy has changed da day, times, method and anyfin’ els hers can change to make dat updatin’ smoother so it won’t interfere wiff ow visitin’ and stuffs and nun of it worked.  It still duz its updates when it wants too.  Weez always watchin’ these shows ‘bout catputers comin’ to life and finkin’ fur themselves and twyin’ to delete da hoomans, and finkin’ it’s all fiction.  Well mommy sez wake up; it’s alweady happened.  MOL  And to top it off, in da last year since we got ow pawsum camewas mommy has taken so many fotos of us dat ow storage is on overload.  In udder words weez runnin’ slow as molasses in winter wound here. 

Sis Lexi be turkey beggin'. Dat means she's twyin; to get mommy to giv hers sum more of dat turkey off hers plate. MOL
Sis Lexi be turkey beggin’. Dat means she’s twyin; to get mommy to giv hers sum more of dat turkey off hers plate. MOL

Well a foo weeks ago mommy got one of those fings called a fumm dwive to move ow fotos too and clear up sum space/memowy so ow ‘puter can get back on twack.  Hers just not had much time to get it dun.  So yesfurday in da middle of all da updatin’ and fureezin’ mouseys mommy decided to do sum cleanin of hers own in ow foto folders.  OMC Now dat’s a lot of work.  Took most of yesfurday, but hers made it all da way fwu……Wanna guess how many folders her got dun?  No? Well let me tell ya’, 1 folder dat’s how many, just 1.  And on top of all dat hers needs to get out da leaf blower and make sum headway in da plethewa of leaves all over ow porch and walkway.  Yous oughtta see mommy and da leaf blower.  OMC What a sight.  MOL  Weez’ll tell ya a little story ‘bout mommy and da leaf blower this week.  We can all use a good laff once in a while. 

 0dw Leaves1 0dw leaves2

So anyways to ow Blessings.  Updates, at least this Caturdays’ awe dun and over wiff.  Now ifin weez kuld only get McAfee to behave so well.  MOL  Mommy got one whole foto folder cleaned up and uploaded 50 more fotos.  MOL  And we sure hope you all had a wunnewful Fanksgivin’ and weekend.  In da little bit of visitin’ we got to do yesfurday we saw dat a foo of you actually bwaved da crowds and went shoppin’ on Furiday.  Firstly weez so glad yous not got twampled and made it back alive and unscathed.  MOL  Sure hope yous got sum weally good deals.  An fur everypawdy els, don’t furget Cyber Monday stawts in a foo hours.  At least what hasn’t alweady stawted.  Weez been gettin’ da emails since yesfurday tellin’ us all ‘bout it.  Meez fankful dat mommy didn’t wanna go out shoppin’ and ‘stead stayed home wiff us.  Weez also fankful dat all ow furiends had so much to be fankfull fur.  While readin’ da Fank Blogville postys of those of you hoo purrticipated we laffed and cwied tears of joy.  It’s so heartwarmin’ to know so many hav so much luv.  We weally wish fur those of you dat be sick and hurtin’, dat we kuld fix it fur ya’ and make you all better.  But dat not be in ow power so we will purray and ask God to help you.  We know He can.  We awe as usual so fankful fur all of you ow dear furiends.  Blogville is one big extended furmily and we awe so purrivileged to be a pawt of it. 

Meez takin' lessons on turkey beggin'. See how intently me be watchin' sis Lexi? MOL
Meez takin’ lessons on turkey beggin’. See how intently me be watchin’ sis Lexi? MOL

Till  da nex time…………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi     

Sold Out

Happy Caturday.  So, how many of ya’ went out shoppin’ yesfurday?  Come on now tell da twuff.  MOL  Fur all me furiends acwoss da pond dat awen’t familiar wiff Black Furiday, let me splain.  Da day after Fanksgivin’ is posed to be da biggest shoppin’ day ever.  Wiff da bestest sales.  So good dat there awe peeps dat sleep in da pawkin’ lots in a line waitin’ fur da stores to open.  And then everypawdy duz a mad rush (literally) into da store to get 1 of those 5 toys/teevees/catputers/xBoxes/ or whatever it is dat everypawdy’s wantin’ this year.  Weez never had munny fur shoppin’ afur so mommy’s never been out on Black Furiday.  And even tho’ awnty Jennifer sent us a gift cawd da day afur Fanksgivin’, mommy sed no way wuz hers goin’ out there to fight wiff all those idiots.  Meez gotta tell ya’, me wuz sum kinda glad.  You know me duz like peeps, but me finks dat might be a little more than this little Service kitty kuld handle.  

 0dw Dezi neon glow

As usual mommy’s point and click art

in one of ow favowit colors, purrple.

Mommy had been gettin’ emails wiff da ads, and sed there wusn’t weally anyfin’ on sale anyways.  See dat’s da fing, maybe a long time ago there wuz weally sum gweat sales.  But nowadays there’s so much hype dat da stores don’t weally hav to make da sales all dat good, peeps just fink they be gettin’ a good deal cuz they get Black Furiday blinded.  Mommy did sum compawison shoppin’ last year and then again this year since she did get da ads ahead of time.  And let me tell ya’, they sent da same ad to us 4 times a day fur da last week.  They wuz twyin’ to hype mommy up, see.  So mommy found 1 catputer and 1 teevee dat wuz weally on sale.  You know da OMC gotta hav it and dat’s a steal sale.  Da nex item even close to it wuz a hundwed dollaws more and closer to it’s everyday purrice. But guess what?  It wuz sold out afur da ad even came out.  MOL  So there wuz all these peeps waitin’ in line fur sumfin’ they didn’t even hav da chance to get.  Hoomans will do sum cwazy fings fur a so called bargain. 

Now Let me tell ya’ meez mommy’s all ‘bout gettin’ a deal.  She can stwetch a dollaw so faw yous can see wight fwu it, but at least weez not waitin’ out in da cold gettin’ sick to do it.  But wait, it’s not over.  Cuz come Munday, it’s all gunna stawt again.  Only this time, it’s all gunna be online.  Servers awe gunna cwash and yous catputer’s gunna run slow.  There may even be sites yous can’ t load, and it’s all cuz it’s Cyber Munday.  Mommy sed weez might even take da day off and not even turn on da catputer at all.  So mommy counted ‘em, we got an average of 4 email ads per store today while black Furiday wuz goin’ on, and da last 2 had da ads fur Cyber Munday.  So mommy clicked on over to a kupple of ‘em, and half da stuffs wuz alweady sold out.  And yet again, da purrices wusn’t all dat good.  Stores hav gotten smawt and hav stawted raisin’ purrices wight afur da holidays and then they dwop da purrice by da amount they wuz raised or not even as much.  But da word sale in fwumt of it makes peeps fink they be gettin’ a deal.  Weally not so clever ifin yous watchin’ da purrices all da time.  So sum of yous out there got a good deal or two, but mostly everypawdy just fawt to get last mumffs purrices.  

 0dw Lexi hippy

Mommy calls this hippie Lexi

On a much cheerier note check out this pawsum foto Nellie and Miss Barb made fur us.  Is dat not just da cutest?  Fank yous so very much.  We just luv it!!!  And did we ever get stuffed on Fanksgivin’.  As fur yesfurday, sorry weez didn’t get much visitin’ dun, but weez’ll be back at it today.  Mommy wusn’t out shoppin’, hers wuz cleanin’ and welaxin’.  Me helped hers clean up and got sum more of dat nommy turkey.  And last night it wuz turkey sammiches fur dinner. MOL  No cookin’ at our house.  Weez gunna join Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop today so purrlease go and check out all da pawsum fotos wound da blogosphere. 


Fank you so much Nellie. Weez luv it!!!

Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi

Thank You Furiends & Family

It’s Fanksgivin’!!!  Well it’s finally here.  Yous know what dat means? Dat Christmas is wight wound da corner. OMC  Me just luvs Christmas.  All da lights and……well, meez gettin’ way ahead of meez selff, so let’s come back to today. As you know weez been makin’ fankfullness postys all week cuz we ran acwoss a hop (dat we then lost and didn’t join or copy da badge) ‘bout shawin’ a fankfullness posty everyday till Fanksgivin’.  Me wants to say to all of you dat me weally purreciates yous twyin’ to help me find it again, but alas, we didn’t. But dat’s okay, cuz me found da one fur Fankin’ Blogville on Fanksgivin’ over at Madi’s home, and a Share yous Gwatitude dat runs fwu da 30ff and calls fur 1 posty over at da Kitty Cat Chronicles.  Well knowin’ mommy might likely furget again, and dat we wuz alweady postin’ those gwatefull postys, we gwabbed da badge and joined da hop. We wuz gunna post da badge on meez nex posty which wuz yesfurday. Did ya’ see a hop badge? Nope yous suwe didn’t. Cuz as usual mommy furgot again. In hers defense tho’ we wuz sum kinda ‘cited ‘bout da whole Chewy fing. So at this point meez hopin’ dat da blogosphere is not only gwatefull this time of year but also furgivin’.  



Share Gratitude kittycatchronicles

Anyways, todays hop is fur Fankin’ Blogville. There awe so many fur us to fank dat we kuldn’t pawssibly list you all. And knowin’ mommy she wuld furget sumpawdy. So we wuld very much like to giv a collective Fank you to all of you. Those of you hoo helped us figger out which way wuz up when we first stawted bloggin’.  And those of you hoo befuriended us in da beginnin’.  We literally only knew 2 bloggers when we got stawted. But here in blogville newcomers awen’t kept at a distance, they’re accepted like a long lost child. You all wrapped your virtual awms wound us and supported us and helped us and showed us such amazin’ kindness and luv. Fur dat we will always be fankful.   

 0dw Lexi sleeps on puter

I’z waitin’ on tommy turkey. when will

himz be redee, mommy?

As it is Fanksgivin’ we also wanna say a meowsy big Fank you too all ow Facebook furiends too. We wuz there afur here, and there awe so many wunnewful peeps hoo we luv sooo much. We wuz all set fur Fanksgivin’ as usual. A little poorer this year as mommy’s dwivin’ license had spired this year and hers didn’t know fur a kupple mumffs. So, almost $40.00 later, hers legal to dwive again. But ow car tags awe also due. Well weez not weally hav da munny wight now, so mommy’s waitin’ fur nex mumff and hope to get it wiffin da gwace pewiod.

Anyways, me wuz sayin’  dat we wuz all weady fur  ow nowmal Fanksgivin’ and today we got sum very sweet Fanksgivin’ cawds. A foo of meez fellow Cat Scouts sent us cawds and one of ow Facebook awnties sent us a cawd. Well in dat cawd there wuz a gift cawd fur us. Since awnty Ann just sent Lexi and me so many pawsum noms and mommy knew it wuld be okay, hers decided to spend a foo of da dollaws and get sumfin’ fur hers to eat and make ow Fanksgivin’ even better.  So mommy and me closed da puter and took off to da store and got da very last turkey tom lurkey da store had.  WooHoo weez eatin’ tommy turkey today.  Fank you so very much awnty Jennifer, gwand awnty Peggy, Moochie, Callie, smokey and Skittles.  Mommy’s always happy when weez got all we need, but yous made Lexi and meez day. Cuz weez happy mommy’s got sumfin’ too. And of course hers gunna share wiff us. 

 0dw dinner

What a day weez havin’.  We awe so twuly Blest.  Fank you Blogville and all of you dat make up this wunnewful place. We awe so gwateful to be here and be yous furiendss. And Fank you to all ow Facebook furinds and framily.  You hav been so good to us we kuld never twuly expwess ow gwatitude.  We luv all of you very much.  Happy Fanksgivin’ or Blest Fursday as we hav named if fur all ow furiends acwoss da pond. 

 0dw Dezi resting HappyFG

Tom turkey sure smells good mommy.

Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra

OMC Kitty Dance Happy

OMC OMC OMC Can you tell weez be weally ‘cited? Well we awe. Weez been duin’ da happy kitty dance since yesfurday. It kinda stawted out like any udder day. Well it did get cold on us again. (Yucky) Anyways back to da happy. So you all know we got a whole house full of Chewy boxes da udder day. Four to be exact. You know it cuz we posted ‘bout it. One of ow pawsum Facebook awnty’s sent them, and so we also posted on Facebook ‘bout it. And… well wait me needs to back up just a little. See we luv Weez been shoppin’ there since afur we had a blog or even wuz on Facebook. We only got a “local” (45 minutes away) pet store a kupple years ago. So shoppin’ fwu da mail wuz sumfin’ mommy wuz used too. Da puter just makes it so much easier. (sumtimes too easy-MOL) Ow local store has purrawlems wiff bugs. You know, worms and weevils and moths and so many more. They get in da food and litter and tweats and everyfin’. OMC Well you can bet mommy wusn’t gunna feed us dat kinda stuffs, nor wuz she puttin’ dat in ow pawdee boxes. So she went in search of a place to get our supplies dat had a good purrice, good shippin; rates and a good reputation.

Me wuz sittin' in da stwoller waitin' fur mommy to fix dinner. Weally me wanted to go fur a stwoll. MOL

Me wuz sittin’ in da stwoller waitin’ fur mommy to fix dinner. Weally me wanted to go fur a stwoll. MOL Mommy leaves it unzipped and we lay in it all da time.

And……there wuz Chewy. They carried all ow noms, and ow litter, and of course ow tweats and so much more. And what do you know, their purrices wuz better than da “local” store. And shipping? Well let me tell you. They hav a very weasonable flat rate shippin’ charge and it’s furee ifin yous order is $49.00 or more, and they offered autoship. Well dat wuz it. Chewy wuz ow new supplies/pet store. And mommy just luvs ‘autoship’. Dat means she can set up an order of da fings we use constantly and hav them ship out wight afur we run out so we never run out. And anytime she needs to add sumfin’ to it or take sumfin’ away she can wiff da click of a button or a fone call. Or in da case of like now when awnty Ann sent us all dat pawsum food and litter, mommy can even delay a shipment wiff just anudder click of da button or fone call. And you all know meez mommy’s a night owl, but dat dusn’t matter, Chewy reps awe always there. And they awe just da nicest peeps. You can tell they all hav furries at home. Yous can check ’em out here.


So yous all wunnewin’ why in da world awe we writin’ a posty on Chewy wight? After all, lots of you alweady know ‘bout them. Well dat’s where ow todays Fankfull comes in. See since comin’ to da blogosphere and seein’ all da weview postys and such, weez wanted to do just dat owselves. After all, we luv twyin’ new stuffs. But just how duz one get in on dat? Well this is where ow wecent posty comes in. There wuz a comment fwum Chewy on ow Facebook posty and they wuz so sweet and also sed, ifin we needed anyfin’ let ‘em know. Hmmmmmm Mommy fawt.

Whatcha' duin' in da strowller Dezi? Itz time fur dinner.

Whatcha’ duin’ in da strowller Dezi? Itz time fur dinner.

Well, meez mommy’s one of those dat finks and then acts. So mommy calls up customer service and talks to a very nice young lady hoo gives hers an email addwess. Knowin’ me wuz alweady behind in meez visitin’ mommy sed she wuld help me visit a little afur hers got down to business. And yous know what happened? Outta da first 5 blogs we visited 2 of them wuz reviewin’ sum yummy noms fur Chewy. Sum of da noms weez been wantin’ to twy by da way. MOL So me told mommy to tell ‘em weez need to learn how to get hooked up like they awe. And do yous know what happened then? Miss Jan fwum da Funny Farm sent us an email addwess wiff a name attached. OMC Awe yous kiddin’ me? Fank yous so much Miss Jan. so of course mommy halted everyfin’ and shot over an email. Wiffin 5 minutes we heard back fwum ‘em. They checked us out and looked at ow pages and stuff and sed we wuz a gweat match. Well emails back and forff and yous now readin’ da blog of da newest weviewer. WooHoo We wuz so ‘cited weez been duin’ da happy kitty dance ever since.

 0dw Dezi and Lexi Give Thanks

Ifin dat’s not sumfin’ to be fankful fur me dusn’t know what is. So in continuin’ ow week of fankfullness, weez addin’ this posty. And weez fankin’ Miss Jan, and Chewy. We awe so BLEST!!! What a Fanksgivin’ weez havin’, and what a Meow/Gotchaday mumff meez havin’. You know me kulda made fank ya’ postys all mumff and still not hav covered all da blessings we hav.

 000dw Lexi Happy TG

Well tomowwo be Fanksgivin’ here in da U.S., and so sis Lexi, mommy and me wuld like to wish you all a Happy Fanksgivin’. Fur those of you not celebwatin’, hoo liv in udder countwies, we still wanna wish you blessings. As we say all da time, yous don’t need a day set aside to giv fanks fur yous blessings, yous can and shuld do it everyday. Cuz everyday is a Blessing.

 000dw Dezi Happy TG

Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!

Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra