Blest Sunday Steps

Meowllo evewypawdy, meez back. Did you hav a good time wiff Lexi? Isn’t her just da bestest? Well me had a gweat time at da Cat Scout Jamboree, and meez patwol won da Kazoo playin’ contest. And guess what? Me and meez sweet Andy boff got purrmoted to da rank of Cougar. There wuz lots of purrmotions and lots of food and lots of fun. Ifin yous haven’t joined yet, whatcha’ waitin’ fur? Head on over and sign up now. There’s lots of gweat activities commin’ up. 

I'z luv minez nu steps.
I’z luv minez nu steps.

Well it be Blest Sunday again, and ow favowit posty of da week. We posted ow very special Fank you post last week, and told you dat we got da steps fur sis lexi, but we didn’t hav a chance to weally show them off or tell you ‘bout them. So we wanted to take today to do dat. We told you dat they wuz made by hand special fur Lexi and ow bed. And all dat be twu. We picked a set of steps dat we liked and talked wiff Mr. Mike Duffe da owner and cwaftsman of Duff-N-Stuff Pet Steps ‘bout sum specifics. Hims has sum steps in da average measurements, but member weez hav a hospital bed and it be taller than most beds. And we be much bigger than da average household kitty.

Ifin yous can’t see da video, purrlease click here.

So mommy talked wiff Mr. Mike ‘bout da measurements we needed and dat we wanted dat cool back so we kuld use it fur storage. And mommy got da household cawpet cuz it be softer and will hold up much longer wiff us usin’ it as a scwatcher first fing in da meownin’. And mommy also picked out da stain hers wanted fwum a very lawge list. Notice we sed stain and not paint. Know why? Cuz they awe made of REAL wood. Yep da real fing. Not pawticle board or fake wood or plastic. They be steps dat will hold up under way mowe than nowmal kitty use. And cuz they be REAL wood, they can even hold mommy. What we be sayin’ is dat you can weally custom make yous steps. Now we fink Mr. Mike kuld purrawlly make purretty much anyfin’ yous might need, so why don’t yous check out his store wight here. There’s all kinds of goodies.

Ifin yous can’t see da video purrlease click here.

Now back to ow special steps. We kuld hav never got these steps ifin not fur all of you. So we wanna say a meowsy big Fank you again fur givin’ in da fundraiser. We luv these steps. Mommy wishes her kuld move in da meownin’ so hers kuld take da fotos and videos of us puttin’ ‘em fwu it. You know, down da steps to get da chair and then back up da steps to get mommy. And then a scwatch or two and down halfway to da chair and so on. Neever one of us has jumped on da bed since we got them set up. Why shuld we? Those steps awe just pawsum. If yous wecall they came in 2 diffewent boxes so dat meant mommy had to put them togevver fur us, and so we fawt we wuld let her tell you ‘bout dat. So take it away mommy.

Me luvs sissy's new steps too.
Me luvs sissy’s new steps too.

Mommy: Thank you sweety. As Dezi said the steps did come in 2 separate boxes, and arrived a couple of days apart. There were no instructions but it was pretty self explanatory. There were 2 screws and 2 holes that matched up. Can’t get much simpler than that right?. MOL That’s what I thought. The first screw was pretty easy once I figured out how to prop the steps up, but the second was a bit harder to reach. I call them screws, but they didn’t actually have a head for a screwdriver, and not knowing much about tools I don’t know what the tool is called you should actually use. I finally used some large wire cutters because that’s all I have, and was able to tighten the screws in so that the steps are sturdy. I love them as much as the girls. And seeing the look of success on Lexi’s face when she gets on the bed by herself makes those steps priceless.  

 dw stairs

Fank you mommy. Weez sure do luv ‘em. As always we awe so extwemely blest. We hav each udder and all of you and these pawsum steps. We wuld like to ask you to continue to purray fur ow sweet furiend Nylablue and hers mommy Miss Sherri Ellen. There awe so many of ow furiends dat be sick, and so many hav gone to heaven lately dat sum days we don’t know if we wanna visit or read posts. But we do, and we want to know what is going on in yous lives. Dat’s pawt of what makes us all a furmily. Purrlease purray fur Brian and hims furmily. Hims sweet sisfur Sascha pawlogized yesfurday fur havin’ to ask fur mowe purrayers cuz they’ve all been fwu it lately. As much as we hate to hear dat yous not well, weez wuld hate you purrtendin’ all is well way mowe. We only hate hearin’ yous not well, cuz we wish nun of you ever had to be sick or in pain. Ow furiends da Meezers need purrayers, and Easy and his furmily and so many mowe. So what weez weally askin’ is dat you purray fur all da blogospere bloggers today. Just take a minute and purray fur ow fellow bloggers.  

 Dezi and Lexi SMALLEST PRAYERS - 2HEoW-1bB - normal

So till da nex time…………………Be BLest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi