Buddy, Get Home

Well here we awe, anudder day and me still hasn’t gotten wound to visit evewypawdy yet. Mommy sez sumfin’ ‘bout a road and good intentions. Anyways, meez hopin’ after yous hear why me hasn’t made it by, yous will all furgiv me. And fur all of you hoo wanted to see more santa suit fotos, west assured yous haven’t seen da last of ‘em. Mommy wuz snap, snap, snappin’ away wiff da flashy box, and we haven’t even gotten close to time fur us to go to da nursin’ home. MOL Maybe mommy will member to take a camewa this year. She always furgets sumfin’, so meez not holdin’ meez bweaff, but weez can hope.

 0dw Dezi Santa

Anyways, back to why me didn’t get wound to visitin’ till pawfully late and so me hasn’t made it by lots of yous bloggys yet. So it all stawted after weez hit post yesfurday. Afur it even finished loadin’ da fone rang and a furiend hoo wuz goin’ fwu sum weally bad times wuz on da udder end. Of course mommy had to help in any way hers kuld. Turns out all hers kuld do wuz lissen, tell hers ow experience and purray. And twust me, weez gunna be purrayin’, fur them big time. After dat, mommy had to get da kitchen cleaned up so we kuld hav dinner when it wuz time. And then UPS came by. OMC wait’ll you see what hims bwought. But all of dat wuz nuffin’ weally, and not da weal weason we didn’t get wound to visitin’.

 0dw Dezi Santa play

It went sumfin’ like this: Mommy gave Lexi and me a foo tweats (those little shwimpies-yummy) and then sat down and pulled up ow email to stawt ow visits, and there wuz a bangin’ on da door. Me jumped outta mommys lap and ran to da door and mommy followed behind me and turned on da porch light as it wuz alweady dark and cold outside. And on da udder side of da door, wuz ow neighbor, Mr. W. Hims eyes wuz all red and hims had water dwops all down hims face even tho’ there wuz no rain in sight. Mommy opened da scween door and hims sed, “Please help me. Buddy has escaped.” Well weez posted fotos of Buddy and told yous stories ‘bout him afur, but just in case you wusn’t wound then, me will give yous a little rundown. Buddy be Mr. W’s kitty. Himms found Buddy hangin’ outside in da cold and snow shortly after me had come to live wiff mommy. Hims wuz a little kitty boy back then just like me, and Mr. W decided to take him in and give him a furever home. Now Mr. W is a bit gruff and not da most hygienic of hoomans, and duz like to twy to take advantage of mommy’s good nature and knowledge ‘bout kitties, but hims duz luv Buddy in hims own way. (he’s never had a cat afur) Well of course mommy sed okay. What, did yous fink mommy wuld say no? Purrlease, mommy wuld help anypawdy find there furry ifin it went missin’.

This is a foto of Buddy in hims home bein' a good boy.
This is a foto of Buddy in hims home bein’ a good boy.

Mommy put on hers shoes and heavy coat and gwabbed hers little flashlight and cane and out da door she went. Lexi and me stood at da door watchin’ her and Mr. W. Hims wuz whirlin’ wound in hims wheelchair lookin’ like a lost puppy hims selff. Mommy hollered and asked which way Buddy went. Mr. W sed hims had gone back towards da woods behind ow pawtments. Now unnewstand, ow woods awe home to at least 2 wild bobcats, skunks, possums, ducks, deer and only God knows what else. So Mommy held onto da rails outside and shown da flashlight back towards da woods and stawted hollerin’. “Buddy, Buddy, where are you? Get you’re hiney bo back up here.” And then she heard sumfin’ rustlin’ in da leaves. All da oaks awe losin’ their leaves here, so da gwound is covered in them. Mommy scanned da awea wiff da flashlight and sed again, “Buddy, Buddy, come here.” And then she caught sight of Buddy runnin’ up fwum da woods. Mr. W stopped whirlin’ and sat still, lookin’ on in amazement. Buddy stopped dead in hims twacks and looked at mommy. Mommy looked back at him and sed, “Buddy, get over here. I’m too old and it’s too cold for any of us to be out here.” Buddy stawted comin’ towards mommy and a caw passed by on da highway and backfired. It skeered hims big time and hims stawted runnin’ back towards da woods. Mommy hollered, “Buddy, get yourself back up here boy. There ain’t nothin’ in this world for you to be afraid of except me ifin you don’t get back here right now.” Meez can tell ya’, we saw Buddy appear outta nowhere and fast. Hims musta believed mommy. MOL Ifin hims only new, mommy’s all bawk and absolutely no bite. Dat wuz nuffin’ mowe than an empty fwet.

This be Buddy sleepin' on da bed.
This be Buddy sleepin’ on da bed.

Anyways, just afur hims reached mommy he turned and headed up towards Mr. W’s pawtment. So Mr. W. went towards home and mommy followed. Buddy stopped short tho’ and looked back at mommy. Mommy told him to get on home now and kep walkin’ towards him. He wuz nibblin’ on a little spwig of gween gwass he had found. Not much of dat wound here wight now. Mommy got wight nex to him and sed, “Honey, quit eatin’ that stuff, you’re daddy will grow you some grass, just get in the house. I’m cold and can’t stay out here much longer.” Well Buddy laid down and rolled over on his back. Mommy kuldn’t bend over so she gave a quick belly rub wiff hers cane and now Buddy wanted to play da gunna getcha’ game mommy plays wiff me. MOL Mommy plays it wiff Buddy sumtimes too. When Mr. W goes away, mommy always looks after Buddy, so hims fawt mommy wuz gunna play. But mommy wuz cold and not amused. So one last time mommy sed in hers stern pay attention now voice, “Buddy get your little hiney bo in that house right now!” And mommy told Mr. W to open the door, and Buddy ran straight in the house and right up into the window and meowed at mommy. 

Well Buddy back home and Mr. W back inside wiff him, mommy stawted back down to ow pawtment. Mind you mommys flashlight isn’t even big as hers hand, so she kuldn’t see much wiff it, and all of a sudden hers cane went down a hole. Mommy weebled and wobbled but she didn’t fall down. Whew Sis Lexi and me wuz sittin’ at da door meowin’ and hissin’ and holdin’ ow bweaff. Okay so we wusn’t holdin’ ow bweaff, but we wuz watchin’ and meowin’ and hissin’. Mommy hollered and told us she wuz fine and wuld be wight home. Well Lexi stood up on hers hind legs and stawted pawin’ at da door handle. Mommy hollered back, “Girls, don’t you dare. Stay in the house, I’ll be right there.” She pulled her cane outta da hole and kep on twudgin’ back to da house. Lexi finally quit pawin’ at da door handle, and when mommy got to da door we backed up and let her come inside. We boff luvved on mommy and then stawted hollewin’ fur ow dinner. Yep, sorry, dinner takes purrecedence over visitin’. Well, dat’s why we didn’t get to visit earlier, so weez awe very sorry and hope you furgiv us. We will be wound as soon as we can. 

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Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi