Lucky’s Silence Cost…

Meowllo everybody Lexi here and in charge for one more day. Dezi will be coming back from all the fun at the Cat Scout Jamboree today, so I’m going to wrap up our series on UTI’s. I saved Lucky’s story for today because I wanted you all to have a better understanding of this horrid disease, and we needed to prepare ourselves to relive it in writing.

Time fur sum Caturday Art.
Time fur sum Caturday Art.

Lucky was born on April 1st in 1999. He was 28 days older than me. And of course from a completely different litter, mother and father. Mommy rescued him and his 2 brothers when they were 2 weeks old. He was a feisty little kitten and took to mommy right away. And when I came into the picture we became inseparable. He was a great helper for mommy, and another rather large boy. He was a flame point Siamese and very chatty. He and mommy would carry on conversations for hours at a time. And he was a huge mommy’s boy. He would follow mommy everywhere. Altho’ I love to sit in mommy’s lap, Lucky wasn’t big on lap laying. But he would always squeeze into the chair or whatever mommy was sitting on so he could be close to her. We moved with mommy quite a few times in our lives till we ended up where we are now. And he was a happy kitty who just enjoyed life.

 dw Lucky and Lexi3

We both had yearly checkups at the vet and always left with a good report. That’s why his death came as such a shock to us. Let me just say Lucky and me loved to eat. We never wanted to miss a meal. And anytime we didn’t feel good, we wanted mommy to hold us and pray over us which is not typical cat behavior. Normally when a cat is unwell it will hide. Not us tho’, mommy just says it’s because of our unique bonds. So one night 10 years ago December 22 mommy started getting our dinner together and called for us as she always did. Naturally I came running and sat watching mommy prepare our dinner. But Lucky didn’t come to the kitchen. Mommy called and called to him and nothing. Not even a meow. Member I said he wuz really chatty. So mommy told me to wait a minute and she went to look for Lucky.

 dw Lexi and Lucky2

In the bedroom under mommy’s jewelry box Lucky lay. Mommy asked him if he was hungry, which always elicited a loud deep meow. But not this time. He just looked up at her. So mommy reached down and gave him a pat on his head and picked up all 36 pounds of him and carried him to the kitchen. Once there she sat him down and went back to preparin’ our dinner. There was a box in the floor that we had been playing in. Mommy looked over and Lucky was trying to balance on the edge. He made no sound and had no expression that said something was wrong. So mommy brought us our plates. Lucky ate a couple of bites but continued to go to the box and try to balance on it. After a few times, finally he left a drop of urine in the box. Only it wasn’t urine he left, but blood. Mommy had been a vet tech a very long time ago and when she saw the blood she panicked. She grabbed the phone and Lucky and called the VET who said to bring him in immediately.

 dw Lucky and Lexi

Once they arrived at the VETs office Lucky and mommy were rushed to a room and tests began as well as questions. The typical ones, you know, How long has he been straining? How many times a day does he use the litter box. What size were the clumps in the litter box, has he gone outside the box and, has he been yowling?. Unfortunately mommy’s answers were, “this was the first time I noticed anything was wrong. He ate fine this morning and had a great litter box deposit.”  Lucky was poked and palpated and x-rayed and finally the VET came back and said he had a complete blockage. It appeared as tho’ he had scar tissue that had developed over the years and it had almost completely closed his urethra. Mommy begged the VET to fix him and was told he really needed surgery but that couldn’t be done until he was stabilized. She wanted to put a catheter in and let him release the toxins in his bladder and hope they hadn’t already traveled throughout his urinary tract which could end up causing liver failure. Our VET at the time new mommy’s financial situation and so she developed a course of action that required mommy to take Lucky home and watch his catheter and force him to drink water. She wouldn’t discuss payment arrangements with mommy. She said she wanted to try the catheter and see what happens. She told mommy that she couldn’t afford the surgery nor could she afford to leave him at the clinic because they were going to be charging holiday rates for any animal in the clinic until after the new year. At that time mommy had never really dealt with this type of thing before and had no idea how serious it was, much less that it could be deadly. And the VET wasn’t actually giving her any other options.  

 dw Lucky and Lexi2

Assuming our VET had Lucky’s best interest at heart and was trying to help mommy out, she didn’t argue. She brought Lucky back home with his catheter and instructions to put newspaper in the litter box and bring him back in the next day. They were going to be closed for Christmas on the 24th and 25th. Lucky seemed miserable but never once cried out. The next day December 23rd mommy and Lucky again went off to the VET. Not much had changed, and the vet sent mommy and Lucky home once more with instructions to force feed and force water into him. Mommy pleaded with the Vet for something else to help him. She just kept saying there had to be something they could do to help him and take away the pain. The vet told mommy she didn’t have the money for those kinds of treatments and that’s why people in her situation shouldn’t have animals. Mommy cried and cried and tried to force Lucky to eat and drink and we prayed and prayed over him so that he wouldn’t be in pain and he would get better. Mommy called around to other VETs but being the Christmas holidays they had all closed and weren’t seeing new patients on an emergency basis. And mommy new she didn’t have the money if one had actually said yes. I know my mommy, and she woulda gone even without the money if one had said yes. But according to “everyone” we were seeing the best VET for cats in town.

 dw Lexi and Lucky

And then at 3:22 a.m. on December 25th Lucky crawled from mommy’s lap to the litter box and collapsed and died. Following his death mommy researched like crazy and learned everything she could about this horrible illness. She could never find an explanation for why Lucky had scar tissue in the first place, Nor could she determine when if ever he had been stricken with a UTI in the past. How could every VET we had ever seen not have known this? Lucky’s death left us with no answers, only questions. It also almost destroyed mommy because all she could hear over and over again, was the VETs words that people in her situation (poverty stricken) shouldn’t have animals. It wasn’t the first time mommy had been told this, and most certainly wouldn’t be the last. So mommy blamed herself for Lucky’s demise.

 Goodbyes are not ForeverLucky - 2HEoW-16I - normal

Of course we found a new VET after that and mommy did make it as did I, but we were both lost for a very long time. We still miss Lucky but are so grateful that he is no longer in pain, and awaits us in heaven. And mommy named UTI’s the Silent Killer. They can happen to any animal at any time, for no apparent reason. And they can go from mild to deadly in just a few short hours. So again we say to you, if you suspect your cat or other animal is sick or having trouble eliminating/urinating, DON’T WAIT!!! GO TO THE VETRANARIAN ASAP!!! It could mean the difference between life and death. Lucky’s silence cost mommy a piece of her heart, but it cost him his life. 

 A note to my family from Heaven - 2HEoW-12y - normal

We had hoped to have tried this by now, but we’ve had a lot of other things going on and haven’t had the chance. We would be remiss if we didn’t tell you about it tho’. There is a new litter on the market that claims to be able to alert you to problems with a cats urinary tract. And if you order right now, you can get a 1 month supply (14 pounds) for free, just pay $4.95 shipping and handling. Mommy says that if you’ve ever gone through this before, there is no price to high to pay for an early warning. If you’re interested in the Perfect Litter, you may order it here and try it for yourself. We truly hope that we have helped someone and their beloved furry to avoid going thru what we had to with Lucky. Thank you all for reading the blog while Dezi was gone. I know she misses all of you and will be glad to be posting again. We are joining Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. You can see lots of other great photos around today. Have a great Caturday.

And we have a favor to ask of you. Our sweet furiend Nylablue has come to a turning point and isn’t doing well at all. We would ask you to purray fur her and her mommy Miss Sherri Ellen. Fank you.

Till the next time……………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Lexi and Cat Scout Dezi