Tinsel, Mistletoe and a Pine, Oh My

It’s finally Furiday again. Hope you all had a great week. We have a furiend who is retiring and today is her last day. We would like to say, Happy retirement awnty Ann, now you have all the time in the world to look after your kitties. Now ifin you’re scratching your head and thinking something’s different, then you would be right. Me is using human speak today. What does that usualy mean? An educational posty. And you would be right. Earlier in the month we wrote a posty ‘bout the human foods that are toxic to cats, and promised a post on plants. well with the holidays that are fast approaching us, we thought we better get that post out, cause no doubt lots of you just might be bringing death thru the front door. 

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So in todays post we’re going to cover some of the plants that are dangerous for your furry family members. Please note this is not in any way a complete list and if you think your kitty has eaten a plant he/she shouldn’t have, go to the VET ASAP as it could mean the difference between life and death. As we researched this subject so that we could give you the best information we realized that if we were to include every plant that is toxic we would have a post that no one would read because of the length. So we decided to list the seasons plants and provide you with a few links so that you could check any plants you were wondering about yourself. So let’s get started.

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At this time of year so many homes are setting the mood by bringing in seasonal plants. Hollies, Amaryllis, Tulips and Poinsettias are among the more popular plants to adorn tables and fireplace mantles. However one bite of any of these plants could cause a major upset to your cat. Causing, vomiting, diarrhea and gas. And while no one of those alone will cause death, there are issues secondary to these symptoms that could lead to death. Dehydration is the biggest threat here. Most cats don’t drink enough as it is.


The next group damages a cats organs such as the Kidneys,heart, liver, etc.. The beloved Lily is in this group. All parts of the lily are toxic and you should seek medical attention right away. We all know that if a cats organs get damaged they are at an increased risk of having other problems or dying.

In the last group we find Mistletoe. It looks so unassuming hanging over doorways enticing people to give a little kiss. But the plants in this group cause certain death.  You can find photos of those plants that are toxic to cats here. And you can find a printable list here. The first site also includes plants that are toxic to all household pets. 


Now to the biggest “plant” in your house at Christmas, the tree. Most of you worry about the tree being pulled over, knocked down, and climbed. And yes, all those are possibilities with cats. But there is a greater risk to the health of your furry family member from drinking the water your live tree is standing in. Please cover the tree base/stand so that your cat can’t drink the water. There are all kinds of dangerous deadly toxins in the water. And don’t forget the tinsel and dangly decorations. Tinsel can cause a serious blockage and the dangly decorations usually made so thinly that they will shatter with the least amount of pressure can cut or puncture the intestinal tract if swallowed and cause death. Or at the very least some very expensive damage to your cats insides.  Remember to use a little caution and common sense when planning your holiday festivities and it will be lots of fun for you and your furry family members. And always remember if you suspect your cat has been poisoned got to the VET. Don’t wait and see, a cat’s system can crash in a matter of minutes and cause irreparable damage. Now let’s get ready for Thanksgiving which is only one week away.

Till da next time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi