Well dear furiends me didn’t get anyfin’ dun yesfurday. Mommy kuldn’t even hold hers head up or hers eyes open. And you all know me needs her to do da typin’. But weez here now and weez gunna be visitin’ you all. Weez’ll get caught up again afur long. Mommy had a house full of nurses/case managers on Monday and it weally took a lot out of her, but she’s better now. She’s been fightin’ off a cold and da doctor told her dat it wuz too soon fur antibiotics, so it’s been slow goin’. And it warmed up today. WooHoo, it’s 50 degwees. MOL   

Ifin you can’t see da video click here


ifin you can’t see da video click here.



Anyways me got a box fur meez Meow/Gotcha Day fwum meez pawsum furiends unkle and awnty Garth and Mary Beth and Gizmo, Sundance, Alley and da gang. Fank yous so much, we luv it all. And there wuz even a Christmas purresent fur mommy. Christmas you say? Isn’t it a bit early fur Christmas purresents? Well maybe, but awnty Mary Beth wanted mommy to be able to go ahead and stawt usin’ it, so she sent it now. Wiff all dat’s been goin’ on mommy hasn’t had da chance to get ‘em all put up, but her’s gunna do dat this weekend. Now back to me. MOL Me got a chirpy mouse on a stwing and a lot of da little mouseys. There wuz also this cool glitter ball wiff lights. Oh and member dat Santa suit mommy found at da dollaw store? Well awnty Mary Beth found it at hers store and it wuz in da wight size, so she sent it to me. And even sis Lexi got a turn at wearin’ it.

dw Lexi as Santa 2 dw Lexi as Santa

Sis Lexi’s neck is way smaller than meez neck so da minute hers took a step she stawted comin’ out da suit. Mommy had hers lay down weal quick so she kuld get a kupple fotos.


She dusn’t go wiff us to da nursin’ homes anymore cuz she dusn’t enjoy it. She got skeered when one of da old peeps stuck their teef out at hers. MOL Can you believe it? Dat dude just stuck out hims teef like we stick out ow tungs. And Lexi wuz sittin’ in hims lap just a purrin’ up a storm till hims did dat. Pawently da gwand kiddos like dat sort of fing. Mommy sez when hers wuz a kid she had an awnty dat did dat, and she fawt it wuz weally cool. But us kitties not find it nearly as amusin’ as da hooman peeps. So Lexi stays home now and mommy and me go and entertain da older folks. Anyways, we fawt you might like to see sum of da fotos of me in meez Christmas suit. Me luvs da little suit. Well, me dusn’t like da hat. Me dusn’t care fur any hat bein’ on meez head, but sis Lexi’s all ‘bout da hats. Hers dusn’t fuss a bit. Well dat’s ‘bout all fur now, so meez’ll get this posted and be wight over to visit wiff you.

 dw Dezi in Santa2 0dw Dezi as Santa hat

Till da nex time……………Be Blest!!!


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Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi