Sold Out

Happy Caturday.  So, how many of ya’ went out shoppin’ yesfurday?  Come on now tell da twuff.  MOL  Fur all me furiends acwoss da pond dat awen’t familiar wiff Black Furiday, let me splain.  Da day after Fanksgivin’ is posed to be da biggest shoppin’ day ever.  Wiff da bestest sales.  So good dat there awe peeps dat sleep in da pawkin’ lots in a line waitin’ fur da stores to open.  And then everypawdy duz a mad rush (literally) into da store to get 1 of those 5 toys/teevees/catputers/xBoxes/ or whatever it is dat everypawdy’s wantin’ this year.  Weez never had munny fur shoppin’ afur so mommy’s never been out on Black Furiday.  And even tho’ awnty Jennifer sent us a gift cawd da day afur Fanksgivin’, mommy sed no way wuz hers goin’ out there to fight wiff all those idiots.  Meez gotta tell ya’, me wuz sum kinda glad.  You know me duz like peeps, but me finks dat might be a little more than this little Service kitty kuld handle.  

 0dw Dezi neon glow

As usual mommy’s point and click art

in one of ow favowit colors, purrple.

Mommy had been gettin’ emails wiff da ads, and sed there wusn’t weally anyfin’ on sale anyways.  See dat’s da fing, maybe a long time ago there wuz weally sum gweat sales.  But nowadays there’s so much hype dat da stores don’t weally hav to make da sales all dat good, peeps just fink they be gettin’ a good deal cuz they get Black Furiday blinded.  Mommy did sum compawison shoppin’ last year and then again this year since she did get da ads ahead of time.  And let me tell ya’, they sent da same ad to us 4 times a day fur da last week.  They wuz twyin’ to hype mommy up, see.  So mommy found 1 catputer and 1 teevee dat wuz weally on sale.  You know da OMC gotta hav it and dat’s a steal sale.  Da nex item even close to it wuz a hundwed dollaws more and closer to it’s everyday purrice. But guess what?  It wuz sold out afur da ad even came out.  MOL  So there wuz all these peeps waitin’ in line fur sumfin’ they didn’t even hav da chance to get.  Hoomans will do sum cwazy fings fur a so called bargain. 

Now Let me tell ya’ meez mommy’s all ‘bout gettin’ a deal.  She can stwetch a dollaw so faw yous can see wight fwu it, but at least weez not waitin’ out in da cold gettin’ sick to do it.  But wait, it’s not over.  Cuz come Munday, it’s all gunna stawt again.  Only this time, it’s all gunna be online.  Servers awe gunna cwash and yous catputer’s gunna run slow.  There may even be sites yous can’ t load, and it’s all cuz it’s Cyber Munday.  Mommy sed weez might even take da day off and not even turn on da catputer at all.  So mommy counted ‘em, we got an average of 4 email ads per store today while black Furiday wuz goin’ on, and da last 2 had da ads fur Cyber Munday.  So mommy clicked on over to a kupple of ‘em, and half da stuffs wuz alweady sold out.  And yet again, da purrices wusn’t all dat good.  Stores hav gotten smawt and hav stawted raisin’ purrices wight afur da holidays and then they dwop da purrice by da amount they wuz raised or not even as much.  But da word sale in fwumt of it makes peeps fink they be gettin’ a deal.  Weally not so clever ifin yous watchin’ da purrices all da time.  So sum of yous out there got a good deal or two, but mostly everypawdy just fawt to get last mumffs purrices.  

 0dw Lexi hippy

Mommy calls this hippie Lexi

On a much cheerier note check out this pawsum foto Nellie and Miss Barb made fur us.  Is dat not just da cutest?  Fank yous so very much.  We just luv it!!!  And did we ever get stuffed on Fanksgivin’.  As fur yesfurday, sorry weez didn’t get much visitin’ dun, but weez’ll be back at it today.  Mommy wusn’t out shoppin’, hers wuz cleanin’ and welaxin’.  Me helped hers clean up and got sum more of dat nommy turkey.  And last night it wuz turkey sammiches fur dinner. MOL  No cookin’ at our house.  Weez gunna join Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop today so purrlease go and check out all da pawsum fotos wound da blogosphere. 


Fank you so much Nellie. Weez luv it!!!

Till da nex time…………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi