A Special Blest Sunday

Meowllo and welcome to a very special Blest Sunday. We have so many blessings in our lives one post just isn’t enough. But we’ll try. First me wants to say fank you all fur participating in our Blest Sunday postathon. We decided to host this event at the Tabby Cat Club, but thought it should be shared by any blogger who would like to post their many blessings. And it just so happened to fall on the same day that we were going to post after the fundraiser’s end. Things couldn’t have aligned better if we had tried. You may have also noticed this post is being written in human speak. It’s because we want everybody to be able to read every word.

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We are also participating in Sunday Selfies

with our friends the Kitties Blue.

As most of you know by now we’ve only been in social media for about a year now. But in that year we have met so many wonderful people from all over the world. And we have made so many friends. We are so truly blest. Guess we’ll go back to when this all started. Through no fault of our own, our apartment flooded back in July. Not once, but twice, and management kept giving us the run around about repairing and replacing the floors. During all this, mommy’s only sitting recliner broke. Our mattress which is all foam got wet. And so there mommy was sitting on the wet dirty carpet and sleeping in the wet bed. Well, back when we first got our computer we started a facebook page and belonged to a cat group where we made tons of wonderful friends. The cat group site shut down so we all migrated to facebook, and kept in touch.

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While mommy was fighting with management trying to get our apartment fixed one of our awesum friends Mary Beth, who we call awnty; was rallying our facebook friends to try to raise some money so we could get mommy a new recliner. She asked for our paypal address and before we knew it our friends started putting monies in our account. And some sent food for us and for mommy, and some sent clothes, and others sent toys and/or treats. All the while they were praying for us and mommy. We can’t thank you all enough for what you did for us. Just know that you all hold a special place in our hearts.

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Just a few of the gifts we received.

Another month passed and mommy was still fighting with management trying to get our apartment fixed up, and Miss Linda sent us an email. Conversations back and forth and finally Miss Linda said it would be great if mommy could get a lift chair and we could replace the wet mattress. Mommy agreed, but didn’t see how that was possible. And Miss Linda said she would like to sponsor a fundraiser for us and add to the list steps for Lexi to help her out. So the fundraiser was started. The first of the money that came in was transferred to us and put with what we already had in our paypal account and a chair for mommy was ordered. By this time we were finally back in our apartment and the floors had been replaced and several other improvements had been attempted. (all have been completed at this time) The fundraiser ended early when all funds were raised and exceeded. The final total was $1,952.00. We can’t begin to express our gratitude to everyone who donated. You all gave from your heart and we are so honored to have been the recipients of your love and kindness. Every gift mattered and every gift was precious to us. We watched the fundraiser everyday and mommy would read the names to us and the comments that were made and she would cry tears of happiness and humility. There was a little confusion at one point over the fees, but after much research and a few phone calls we can tell you that the fees WERE NOT charged to us or Miss Linda. The best way to explain is that it’s kind of like using an out of network ATM. The person using the card is charged a fee. But that fee isn’t taken out of the amount they withdraw, it’s charged to their account. So, the final total that You Caring showed is the amount that was deposited into the pay pal account for us.

 dw chair


Well first of all you already know that we were able to get a chair for mommy. And we all love it. It was special made just for her. And we got a new and dry mattress for the bed. It arrived Saturday. So we’re going to be sleeping in a dry bed again. WooHoo And we got a set of steps ordered fur sis Lexi, and the top half got here yesterday. They are being specially made just for her and our bed. Of course you will be seeing lots more of them in the future.

 If you can’t see the video, please click here to watch on youtube.com

There was also some of you that gave and specified something different. We were so touched by the special friends that gave us their treat money so we could hav a new toy. Mommy ordered us a nip nana cause it’s one of our favorites. And we love it!!! And mommy was given a gift card and told to buy something frivolous with it. She hasn’t yet, but now that all the stress is over and everything’s finally set right, mommy will turn her thoughts to frivolity and make a decision about what to buy. Of course we’ll let you know what she got when she gets it. 

We have been so humbled by the love and support we’ve received during all of this. We never expected the depth of generosity we received, but are eternally grateful. Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate but is all we know to say. You’re all so dear to us. And we pray God’s blessings for you. Every prayer, kind and uplifting word and monetary donation are appreciated. We have been alone for such a very long time, but you all have shown us we are no longer alone. Our family has grown exponentially and we are thrilled and honored to welcome you to our family. Our Facebook friends, Blogging friends and Cat scouts all supported us and we hope that we can in some way make you all proud to know us and be a part of our extended family. We are so Blest and so very grateful to be a part of such an awesome community. From the bottom of our hearts…………THANK YOU!!! 

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Till the next time……………………Be Blest!!!


Love and Hugs and Kisses

Dezi, Lexi and mommy Audra