Thank You Furiends & Family

It’s Fanksgivin’!!!  Well it’s finally here.  Yous know what dat means? Dat Christmas is wight wound da corner. OMC  Me just luvs Christmas.  All da lights and……well, meez gettin’ way ahead of meez selff, so let’s come back to today. As you know weez been makin’ fankfullness postys all week cuz we ran acwoss a hop (dat we then lost and didn’t join or copy da badge) ‘bout shawin’ a fankfullness posty everyday till Fanksgivin’.  Me wants to say to all of you dat me weally purreciates yous twyin’ to help me find it again, but alas, we didn’t. But dat’s okay, cuz me found da one fur Fankin’ Blogville on Fanksgivin’ over at Madi’s home, and a Share yous Gwatitude dat runs fwu da 30ff and calls fur 1 posty over at da Kitty Cat Chronicles.  Well knowin’ mommy might likely furget again, and dat we wuz alweady postin’ those gwatefull postys, we gwabbed da badge and joined da hop. We wuz gunna post da badge on meez nex posty which wuz yesfurday. Did ya’ see a hop badge? Nope yous suwe didn’t. Cuz as usual mommy furgot again. In hers defense tho’ we wuz sum kinda ‘cited ‘bout da whole Chewy fing. So at this point meez hopin’ dat da blogosphere is not only gwatefull this time of year but also furgivin’.  



Share Gratitude kittycatchronicles

Anyways, todays hop is fur Fankin’ Blogville. There awe so many fur us to fank dat we kuldn’t pawssibly list you all. And knowin’ mommy she wuld furget sumpawdy. So we wuld very much like to giv a collective Fank you to all of you. Those of you hoo helped us figger out which way wuz up when we first stawted bloggin’.  And those of you hoo befuriended us in da beginnin’.  We literally only knew 2 bloggers when we got stawted. But here in blogville newcomers awen’t kept at a distance, they’re accepted like a long lost child. You all wrapped your virtual awms wound us and supported us and helped us and showed us such amazin’ kindness and luv. Fur dat we will always be fankful.   

 0dw Lexi sleeps on puter

I’z waitin’ on tommy turkey. when will

himz be redee, mommy?

As it is Fanksgivin’ we also wanna say a meowsy big Fank you too all ow Facebook furiends too. We wuz there afur here, and there awe so many wunnewful peeps hoo we luv sooo much. We wuz all set fur Fanksgivin’ as usual. A little poorer this year as mommy’s dwivin’ license had spired this year and hers didn’t know fur a kupple mumffs. So, almost $40.00 later, hers legal to dwive again. But ow car tags awe also due. Well weez not weally hav da munny wight now, so mommy’s waitin’ fur nex mumff and hope to get it wiffin da gwace pewiod.

Anyways, me wuz sayin’  dat we wuz all weady fur  ow nowmal Fanksgivin’ and today we got sum very sweet Fanksgivin’ cawds. A foo of meez fellow Cat Scouts sent us cawds and one of ow Facebook awnties sent us a cawd. Well in dat cawd there wuz a gift cawd fur us. Since awnty Ann just sent Lexi and me so many pawsum noms and mommy knew it wuld be okay, hers decided to spend a foo of da dollaws and get sumfin’ fur hers to eat and make ow Fanksgivin’ even better.  So mommy and me closed da puter and took off to da store and got da very last turkey tom lurkey da store had.  WooHoo weez eatin’ tommy turkey today.  Fank you so very much awnty Jennifer, gwand awnty Peggy, Moochie, Callie, smokey and Skittles.  Mommy’s always happy when weez got all we need, but yous made Lexi and meez day. Cuz weez happy mommy’s got sumfin’ too. And of course hers gunna share wiff us. 

 0dw dinner

What a day weez havin’.  We awe so twuly Blest.  Fank you Blogville and all of you dat make up this wunnewful place. We awe so gwateful to be here and be yous furiendss. And Fank you to all ow Facebook furinds and framily.  You hav been so good to us we kuld never twuly expwess ow gwatitude.  We luv all of you very much.  Happy Fanksgivin’ or Blest Fursday as we hav named if fur all ow furiends acwoss da pond. 

 0dw Dezi resting HappyFG

Tom turkey sure smells good mommy.

Till da nex time……………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi and mommy Audra