FIP: To Soon for Goodbyes

Alweady it’s Tuesday. Fanks fur readin’ meez stowwy ‘bout da black cats yesfurday. And purrlease member to keep all yous fur babies safe this holiday season and evewyday of da year. Me has to say anudder sad. Meez wunnewful furiends fwum Texas Travis and Crockett lost their big bwofur Maurice yesfurday to FIP. Dat is a nasty disease dat occurs in us kitties. FIP be da end wesult of an infection wiff feline coronavirus. It is mowe offen seen in yunger kitties, undew da age of 3. Altho’ not always, and Maurice wuz one of da exceptions. Many cats wiff FIP or da coronavirus will nevew get sick or show symptoms. They can live long hellffy lives. But ifin da disease duz show up and cause symptoms it can take a kitty down in no time. Maurice went fwum a happy go lucky hellffy Texas mancat in a mumff to misewy and just a shell of hims former selff. Weez of course fawt hims wuz just as handsum cuz hims wuz ow furiend and weez only see yous all wiff eyes of luv. Ifin yous not unnewstand dat, it means weez not see yous fawlts, weez only see da booty and yous heart. We shall twuly miss hims. We had gotten so used to seein’ hims and hims bwofurs lookin’ all fetchin’, and now Travis and Crocket and their hoomans be alone and sad. Weez awe purrayin’ fur them and hope yous will all go by and pay yous wespects. Just click on their names. 


Meez wuld like to tell yous a bit mowe ‘bout this howwible disease called FIP. As me sed earlier, not evewy kitty wiff da coronavirus will get FIP or evew become ill. And not all kitties wiff FIP awe symptomatic. There be 2 major forms of this disease, Wet and Dry. Altho a kitty may purrsent wiff symptoms of boff. Let me just say here dat as wiff most kitty diseases weez not hav nearly as much infurmation as weez shuld. This be mostly blamed on cat pawents cuz they be less likely to take kitties to da vet. Well let me just tell ya’, meez mommy’s no scientist or doctow, so quit blamin’ da pawents and get on wiff yous studyin’ men and women of science. Us kitties need sum tweatments and cures and purropurr tests like ya’ hav fur ow canine counterpawts. 

Meez purrayin' fur ya' Travis and furmily.
Meez purrayin’ fur ya’ Travis and furmily.

Okay me got a little sidetwacked there, so me will get back to FIP now. There be a gweat awticle listin’ all da symptoms and givin’ yous sum genewal infurmation ‘bout FIP here. But purrlease ifin yous suspect yous kitty might be sick, take him or her to da VET ASAP! Did yous know dat such a howwid disease can’t weally even be diagnosed? There’s not a test fur a live kitty to determine whedder or not they be infected. Oh yous can test fur da coronavitus, but member just cuz yous get a pawsitiv wesult there it dusn’t mean dat da kitty has FIP or dat they won’t liv a long hellffy happy life. After a kitty passes they can then take tissue samples and such to test and determine ifin it wuz FIP, but what good duz dat do yous now? And there be no cure fur FIP. Not one pill, liquid, shot or nuffin’. And there be no weal tweatments. Kitties wiff da wet form go downhill much faster than those wiff da dwy form. Although when da disease duz show up, and da kitty becomes symptomatic, deff is imminent.

I'z purrayin' fur ya' too Travis and furmily.
I’z purrayin’ fur ya’ too Travis and furmily.

As fur purrventin’ this pawful disease, keepin’ yous kitty indoors and only bwingin’ in housemates dat be negative fur da coronavirus awe da bestest way. Oh there’s a vaccine alwight, but it’s given as a spway up da nose and is only good ifin yous kitty gets it afur they’ve been exposed naturally to da coronavirus. Ifin yous hav multiple kitties and one comes down wiff FIP then unless da housemates also be littermates there’s weally no gweater risk dat evewypawdy might get it. Suwe da housemates hav been exposed to da coronavirus as well, but yous weally not got a lot to worry ‘bout. Altho’ a good conversation wiff yous vet ifin yous weally worried might be helpful. Weez hav just skimmed da surface of this howwible desease here today, but weez do hope yous learned sumfin’ fwum it. Yes it’s skeery but unless and until a kitty becomes symptomatic they can luv and purr and be da purrfect furry furiend.

As me sed earlier, Maurice’s furmily is heartbwoken ovew his sudden decline and twip to heaven. And nuffin’ weez can say will make them feel better. But weez will miss hims and weez know dat now hims be in a faw better place where hims no longer sick but hellffy and happy and awaitin’ da time hims wejoins hims furmily. Goodbye Maurice, weez will miss yous.

 Dezi and Lexi SMALLEST PRAYERS - 2HEoW-1bB - normal

Weez also wanted to pawlogize ifin weez didn’t get to yous bloggy to visit. Weez had a pawful storm yesfurday. It actually stawted wound 4:30 in da meownin’ and woke us all up. Ah come on, meez a little fwaid of da wain, wha’d’ya’ fink me did at da sound of hail. Meez gotta tell ya’ da skies looked bootyful. Da sun wuz shinin’ and no signs of wain anywhere. When suddenly there wuz a wumblin’ in da heavens and then all hail (yes me means hail) came floodin’ down. Those fings sounded like they wuz da size of basketballs meez tellin’ ya’. Bangin’ against da roof and da windows and wain fallin’ wight behind ‘em. Mommy had sum sewious awfur-itis issues yesfurday and weally got wound slow. Hers didn’t get much unpacked, so hers gunna be duin’ a little dubble time today cuz………da fwidge’s posed to be here tomowwo, Wednesday da 8ff. Least dat’s what da management veep told us when hims ordered it. And weez got an email earlier dat sed one of da purrizes we won is gunna be here today. WooHoo weez can’t wait. So hopefully weez’ll be tellin’ ya’ all ‘bout it in meez nex posty.

 0dw Dezi lookin' smart

Weez wuld also like to fank Savannah and hers mommy Ms. Linda fur sponsewin’ a fundwaiser fur us, and weez wanna continue to say fank yous to all those hoo hav donated. Weez luv yous all and purreciate all yous hav dun fur us fwum da words of encouragement, purrayers and gween papers. Yous hav all helped us in one way or anudder. Ifin yous wanna take a look at da fundraiser yous can do so here.

So, till da nex time…………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses

Dezi and Lexi