Spreading the Light and Love Monday

Happy Munday to you all. Yes, sis Lexi has lots of stowwies to tell’ ‘bout me, da same as me has lots to tell ‘bout her. And da twuff is, dat weez weally do get along well and luv each udder vewy much. Anyways, lots of yous enjoyed da stowwy sis Lexi told yous yesfurday, and weez weally glad yous did. And yep weez did jump ahead in puttin’ up da pawsum header dat Miss Ann made fur us. But we don’t celebwate halloween, and we felt so blest fur hers to hav chosen us to benefit fwum hers amazin’ talents. Me will tell ya’ when we opened ow email and saw whet she had dun, we wuz so happy we did da happy kitty dance and mommy did………well, mommy had da happy tears. Anyways, weez just wanted to be able to use da header as long as pawssible so dat’s why we jumped da gun. Smile 


Now, weez been givin’ sum mighty special awards as of late and so we fawt we wuld take today to post them. First me wants to fank Little Binky and Nylablue fur this pawsum Gold Blog award. It suwe is purretty and weez be so honored to hav wecieved it. Da nex award is just gawjus and is da Butterfly Light award. Again, we awe so honored to hav wecieved this award. We fink all da blogs awe deservin’ as you all spwead da light in yous little corner. Wegardless of the content of yous blog, yous spwead a little light and cheer wiff evewy posty. Sum of you post fur fun and make us laff and sum of you post fur education and weez all learn a little sumfin’. Mommy sez da day weez stop learnin’ is da day we stop bein’ useful, cuz nopawdy knows evewyfin’ and weez shuld be learnin’ till da day we die. So we we passin’ these awards along to all of you. As we sed, we fink yous all deserve them. As wiff all awards just make a posty and link back to us and nominate those you find deservin’.


And don’t furget Oct. 30ff is National Black Cat day. Maybe ifin weez can flood social media wiff enuff pawsitives ‘bout those gawjus black kitties we can dispel all da myffs and ignowance ‘bout black cats and in duin’ so make it just dat much safer fur them at this time of year.


We wuld also like to fank Anonymous fur their donation to ow fundraiser. All of you awe gweatly purreciated and all yous gifts mean da world to us. Yous can find da fundraiser here.

 0dw Lexi golden glow

Now dat mommy be feelin’ a bit better, hers gunna be finishin’ up wound da house so dat me will hav zoomie space galore fur meez Meowday/Birffday. We did get asked why we celebwate all mumff long, and da answer be vewy simple; Mommy adores us. Smile And meez Meowday is da November da 1st and mommy dusn’t get paid till da 3rd, and sis Lexi’s Meowday is April 29ff and by then mommy’s outta munny. So a long time ago hers decided to celbwate all mumff long. On ow special day, weez get special noms, and then da rest of da mumff weez get extwa tweats and luvvin’ and playin’ and all those fings we get evewyday, just mowe of ‘em.

0dw golden sketch Dezi

Till da nex time………………Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi