F is fur Fantabulous

Hmmmmmm Fantabulous, is dat a word? Oh, Meowllo evewypawdy, hope yous had a gweat Monday. Let me tell ya’ we finally went to bed fwum Sunday at 7 am Monday meownin’. And then we wuz back up at 9 cuz mommy had hers mumffly doctows pointment. So it wuz a busy day as always and then when we got home mommy cwashed. Her kuldn’t even answer da emails cuz she kuldn’t keep hers eyes open. This wuz pawtly cuz she took da day off Sunday to spend wiff us and so she wuz up late duin’ da wesearch fur ow posty yesfurday. Dat bein’ sed, weez gunna lightin’ da load fur her today and post a fwivolous fun posty. Wecently meez sweet furiends Shoko and Kali fwum da Canadian Cats had their fotos dwawn by a pawsum awtist, Thomas Dalsgaard Clausen, wiff a bloggy here. Well we went over to tell him what a gweat job hims did and he wuz askin’ ifin me wanted meez foto dun. Well of course me did, and mommy fur sure did. So, what do ya’ fink? Da furst foto is da owiginal we sent hims. Me finks it’s gweat and weez be vewy impurressed. We fink hims caught meez essence purrfectly. Hims sed it wuz dictator like. Do ya’ fink dat sounds like me? Purrawlly when it comes to da pawdee box fur sure. MOL A meowsy big fank ya’ fur dwawin’ me. Now head on ovew to One Drawing Daily and check out his udder pawsum works.  And meez still twyin’ to keep up wiff da bloggin’ A to Z challenge.


dw Dezi 3971


dw Dezi pen drawingthomasdalsgaardclausen4-15

And till da next time……………………………….Be Blest!!!


Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses 

Dezi and Lexi



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