Celebration Time

WooHoo It’s July!!! Weez got big plans fur all of ya’ this mumff. Weez gunna be talkin’ ‘bout da diffewences tween Service Animals, Therapy Animals and Companion Animals in our Service Animal Series. And weez eeven gunna tell ya’ sum more of our twainin’ stories. And then we have sum gweat plans wiff sum of our furiends dat weez gunna keep unnew rap fur a little bit longer. Weez enterin’ purrawlly da loudest week of da year here in da U.S. cuz peeps all over be celebwatin’ da 4ff of July wiff fire boomers. Most everywhere it’s illegal to set these fings off in town, but peeps do it anyways, and most of us cats don’t like it one bit. Weez even have sum doggy furiends dat not like ‘em, so there’s gunna be purrlenty of hidin’ goin’ on this week. And since sum peeps not know how to tell time, there’s purrrawlly gunna be a lot of HBO words spoken by a lot of our hoomans when they can’t get any sleep. MOL


dw Dezi1385
Weez been duin’ a lot of playin’. Specially when da innewrnet was out Monday.

Now Dezi youz noe mommy duzunt uze HBO werdz. She kin tell a purrsun off wivowt ebber uzin’ one ov doez werdz.



Yep, sissy me knows, but a lot of peeps do use ‘em. Anyways, lots of good fings comin’ up this mumff. Weez even lookin’ to move our bloggy so we can make a few dollaws. Ifin yous have a good web host you can wecommend, let us know. You know mommy’s not very techy so we fink she’s in over hers head just a bit here, but we learned so much at Blogpaws weez wanna put sum of those lessons in action.


I’z had a liddull chat wiv mommy.

And weez got sum VET billz weez need too pay off. And mower too kumm in da footcher. Eeben doe I’z feelin’ reel good rite now I’z will habz too see da VET on an ongoezin’ bayziz. And ibin weez gunna chaynj VETs din weez gunna habz too habz green payperz up frunt. Soz Dezi’z rite, weez gawt lawtz ov feengz kummin’ up.


And mommy and me has to get better at those twitter chats. MOL Yous shulda seen us last night. OMC Tweets was flyin’ everywhere and me and mommy was twyin’ wiff all our might to keep up, but OMC da Trout Town Tabbies might just be wight…Birds be too fast fur mommys old mind. MOL Sissy and me have been extwa chatty lately, and mommy even made a little video of her and sissy havin’ a conversation. Hope yous enjoy it. And member to keep yous pets safe durin’ this Celebration time.


ifin yous can’t see da video, click here to watch.


Till da next time………………….Be Blest!!!


And Keep Playin’!!!

Dezi = Blue

Lexi = Green



Luv and Hugs and Kitty Kisses


Dezi and Lexi